Boost Customer Loyalty and Sales with GrowWave

Boost Customer Loyalty and Sales with GrowWave

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Social Login Feature
  3. Backend Overview
  4. Rewards Feature
  5. Referral Program
  6. VIP Tiers
  7. Reviews Feature
  8. Wishlist Functionality
  9. Instagram UGC
  10. Customer Sections
  11. Settings
  12. Conclusion


Hello everyone! My name is Aika, and I am the Sales Manager here at GrowWay. Today, I want to share with you how GrowWave can boost your customer loyalty and grow your sales. In this article, we will dive into the various features of GrowWave and explain how they work from both the customer's and your perspective.

Social Login Feature

The social login feature is designed to make the sign-up process easy for customers by eliminating the need to manually enter information. Customers can simply choose their preferred social network, such as Gmail, and log in to your Shopify store with a few clicks. This seamless process saves time and effort for both you and your customers.

Backend Overview

Now, let's take a closer look at the GrowWave admin panel. Split into separate sections, we have five main features: rewards, reviews, wishlist, Instagram UGC, and social login. Each section provides unique benefits to enhance your customer's experience and drive sales.

Rewards Feature

With the rewards feature, you can incentivize your customers to engage with your store and earn points for completing various actions. There are multiple ways to display rewards on your store, including a widget that shows available rewards, VIP tier and point balances, and additional ways to earn points. You can also create a separate page for your rewards program, allowing for a more detailed presentation.

Referral Program

The referral program is a powerful tool to encourage your customers to share your store with their friends and family. By offering rewards for successful referrals, you can tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing and expand your customer base. You can customize the referral program to suit your brand, selecting the type of reward and the criteria for eligibility.

VIP Tiers

The VIP tiers feature allows you to create multiple tiers for your loyal customers, granting them exclusive benefits and rewards based on their engagement and spending habits. By setting criteria such as points earned, purchases made, and spend amounts, you can define different levels of VIP status. This strategy promotes customer retention and encourages repeat purchases.

Reviews Feature

Building social proof is crucial for gaining customer trust and boosting sales. The reviews feature in GrowWave provides various ways to display product and site reviews. Customers can leave reviews with photos, and you have the option to verify their purchase status. With the ability to edit reviews and switch between verified and non-verified status, you have complete control over your review section.

Wishlist Functionality

The wishlist feature allows customers to create personalized lists of their favorite items. By adding a wishlist button to your collection page, customers can easily keep track of items they want to purchase later. The wishlist is accessible from a separate tab, where customers can also share their wishlist with friends and family. You can customize the appearance of the wishlist button to match your store's design.

Instagram UGC

Instagram user-generated content (UGC) is a powerful tool to showcase your products and engage with your audience. GrowWave helps you create a shoppable gallery directly on your store from your Instagram page. Customers can browse through your Instagram posts and make purchases with just a few clicks. The backend allows you to connect your Facebook business account, create galleries, and customize the layout.

Customer Sections

The customer section in GrowWave provides valuable insights into the activities and behavior of your customers. You can view their order history, track their activity on your store, and analyze data through the analytics section. Additionally, you can set up notification center to send reminders for wishlist items, rewards, and reviews.


In the settings section, you have full control over the configuration of GrowWave. You can customize the points system, set up VIP tiers, define earning rules and redemption options, and manage integrations with other apps. This flexibility allows you to tailor GrowWave to meet your specific needs and goals.


Congratulations! You now have a comprehensive understanding of the features and benefits of GrowWave. By utilizing the social login feature, rewards system, referral program, VIP tiers, reviews functionality, wishlist options, and Instagram UGC, you can enhance customer loyalty, drive sales, and create a remarkable shopping experience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to boost your business with GrowWave. Book a demo with us today and let us help you take your store to the next level.


  • Streamline the sign-up process with the social login feature, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Utilize the backend admin panel to manage rewards, reviews, wishlist, Instagram UGC, and social login.
  • Incentivize customer engagement with the rewards feature, offering various ways to earn points and redeem rewards.
  • Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing with a customizable referral program.
  • Implement VIP tiers to reward loyal customers and provide exclusive benefits based on their engagement and spending habits.
  • Build trust and showcase social proof with the comprehensive reviews feature, allowing for verified and customizable customer feedback.
  • Enable customers to create personalized wishlists and share them with friends and family.
  • Leverage Instagram UGC to create a shoppable gallery on your store, increasing customer engagement and sales.
  • Gain valuable insights into customer behavior through the customer sections, including order history and analytics.
  • Customize and tailor GrowWave to fit your specific needs and goals with extensive settings options.


Q: Can I customize the appearance of the rewards widget on my store? A: Yes, you can customize the design and color scheme of the rewards widget to match your store's branding.

Q: Can I set my own criteria for VIP tiers? A: Absolutely! You have full control over the criteria for VIP tiers, allowing you to define the parameters that best suit your business.

Q: Can customers leave reviews without making a purchase? A: Yes, customers can leave reviews on your store, whether they have made a purchase or not. However, you have the option to mark reviews as verified if the customer has made a purchase.

Q: Can customers share their wishlists with friends and family? A: Yes, customers can share their wishlists through various channels, including email and social media.

Q: Can I customize the layout of the Instagram UGC gallery? A: Yes, you can customize the layout and appearance of the Instagram UGC gallery to match your store's design.

Q: Can I export data from GrowWave for further analysis? A: Yes, you can export data from GrowWave, including rewards, reviews, and Instagram engagement, for in-depth analysis.

Q: Can I integrate GrowWave with other apps I use for my store? A: Yes, GrowWave offers integration capabilities, allowing you to connect with other apps and streamline your workflow.

Q: Is there a way to automate notifications for wishlist items, rewards, and reviews? A: Yes, you can set up the notification center to automatically send reminders and notifications to your customers for wishlist items, rewards, and reviews.

Q: Can I use GrowWave even if I don't want to use all the features? A: Absolutely! You can activate or deactivate specific features of GrowWave based on your preferences and needs.

Q: How can I book a demo with GrowWave? A: You can click on the provided link to book a demo with our team. We would be happy to guide you through the features and benefits of GrowWave.

Remember, GrowWave is here to help you enhance customer loyalty, boost sales, and create a remarkable shopping experience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your store to the next level!

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