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Add a competitor's store and generate the most accurate sales report in an hour.

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Any Shopify

Just type in any shopify store and get monitoring right away.

Live Sale

Get the real-time sales from competitor stores.

15-day Report

A 15-day monitoring report is available for each TRACK.

Monitor competitors with shopify store sales tracker with 80.5% accuracy

To be successful in e-commerce, it's often necessary to keep track of your competitors' sales and be clear about your own. With PPSPY, you can get a report of your competitors' sales with just one click! PPSPY uses powerful artificial intelligence to provide you with reliable estimated sales. This sales result achieves over 80.5% accuracy. Make your free dropship sales tracker more profitable.

Shopify sales tracker is a shopify sales checker as well as a shopify revenue checker. can provide data support for your dropshipping business. You will get a 15 day sales report. You can view and download this sales report to help you understand your competitors perfectly. Advanced users can monitor multiple competitors in bulk. Check out our pricing page for more information.

How to track your competitor from shopify store:

How to track

Sign up a ppspy account

Sign up for a ppspy account in just a few simple steps and get a free tracking store credit.

How to track

Add shopify store link

Very easy and quick way to add competitors.

How to track

Check store sales and revenue

In just a few moments, an up-to-date, real-time sales report will be available for viewing and downloading at any time.

What is Shopify Sales Tracker ?

No.1 shopify store sales tracker & shopify sales tracker spy

Uncovering the numbers behind the store is now possible

Before using a sales tracker, it was difficult to determine the profitability of a store, but not anymore.

You can now track any store over time with a sales tracker and receive frequent daily sales updates.

Let your competitors' sales data leak out in front of you.

Keep a close eye on your competitors' sales performance to spot changes before they happen.

Sales data can reveal a lot of useful information, giving you the insight you need to seize the best opportunities.

Email reminder

Once a report is generated and the report is closed, a reminder email will be sent from ppspy and the latest report data can be viewed on the email.

You can also turn it on or off to control whether the email is sent or not to avoid interruptions.

Pros of sales tracker

Learning about other sellers' products is not only interesting, but also helpful in growing your own business.

Most accurate data

Solves sales issues with the latest version of shopify, providing accurate data not available in competing products.

Use AI and big data

With the addition of AI and big data, the predictions come out more reliable and credible.

More scientific data reporting

Expert data reporting, data presentation and downloadable reports for a no-brainer view of your data.

200,000 + Sales Report

With 100,000+ users, and over 200,000+ monitoring reports, it has stood the test of time and strength.

Excluding fake sales stores

Through our unique algorithms and data accumulation, we have gained the ability to distinguish most of the fake sales stores from the fake sales.

User-friendly Interface

Providing the best user experience data page with smooth data and user-friendly interface, everything becomes so easy.

Frequently asked questions about Sales Tracker

What is shopify store sales tracker?
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Shopify store sales tracker is a tool that can be used to monitor the sales and revenues of competitor's stores, just fill in the competitor's store LINK and get a 15-day report of competitor's store sales. You can view the report and download this report to analyze your competitors and at the same time get a quick overview of your competitor's winning product so you can expand your sales.

Is shopify sales tracker for free?
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Shopify sales tracker is free. All you need to do is sign up for a ppspy account and you can monitor a shopify store for free. Upgrade the premium version to get more number of monitored stores, check our pricing for details.

Is shopify sales tracker difficult to use?
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No, shopify sales tracker is very simple to use. You simply need to fill in a store address and equal a few moments to get the report data.

Is it possible to monitor any shopify store?
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Yes, it can. Basically most shopify stores can be monitored. As long as the number of products in the store you are monitoring is not higher than 20,000 products, it is easy to monitor.

Can it monitor stores on other systems, not just shopify. For example Woocommerce, wix stores.
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No, shopify sales checker is only support shopify's store, not other stores.

How long is each trace valid for?
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A 15-day report is available for each tracking, so each monitoring can be maintained for 15 days, after which the monitoring will be automatically terminated. Of course you can monitor it again after you end the monitoring.

Can I download the monitoring report? How long will the monitoring history and records be kept?
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Yes, you can download the monitoring report at any time as long as it has generated data. Every monitoring report and data, we will keep it permanently and will not empty any of your data and reports. So you don't have to worry about data loss.

Does shopify sales checker check product sales?
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I'm sorry to tell you that until September 2023, it was possible to monitor product sales, but as of September, shopify has made adjustments to remove the interface for monitoring sales. Currently, there is no way to monitor specific shopify product sales.

What they say about PPSPY

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" I really love sales tracker so much, provides the most accurate data to me, both sales and revenue. i compared other sales tracker, after shopify's tweak, all the original sales tracker failed, only ppspy's is still accurate, they fix the tweak, and now it's The most accurate shopify store sales tracker in the world. "

Judith Black
CEO of Workcation
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" The best and easiest to use sales tracker! I have tried tons of other sales trackers on the market and have been sorely disappointed. With PPSPY, I haven't had any problems monitoring my competitors. It has everything I need in one place and more to amaze me, I hope ppspy continues to level up . "

Judith Black
CEO of Workcation
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" PPSPY is an excellent shopify spy tool with the best shopify data features I've ever seen.PPSPY allows you to view stores, products, sales checker and many more advanced features that no other dropship software can match. The free version is excellent, but the pro version is even better. Remember, we are talking about a dropship tool and a shopify data tool, and the level of quality that PPSPY can achieve is amazing. "

Judith Black
CEO of Workcation

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