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Dropshipping & Shopify Spy store inspector Tool

PPSPY is a shopify store analysis tool that helps you quickly learn about your competitors' stores and their best selling products.
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Sale Tracking & Sale report

  • We can monitor any of your shopify stores so you can see how well any of them are selling and how competitive they are.

Shopify Inspector

  • Shopify store information: name, store theme,theme name, First product time, Newest product time, region&city, language, currency,product quantity,Facebook pixel, TikTok pixel, Best selling products, the time distribution of the latest product launches, product analysis.
  • Products grouped by Product Type.
  • Products grouped by vendor.
  • Products grouped by Tag.
ppspy_image_Sale Tracking&Salereport.png
ppspy_image_Sale Tracking&Salereport.png

Store's products

  • Best selling products, Newly added products, and all products.
  • Product:Price,Last sale,create time.
  • Free Download product and product image with no limited.

Live Sales

  • Check out the live sales of any Shopify stores.
  • Sale time,sale product,sale price,last sale time,current sold products,current generated sales,order per hour,revence per hour,export and download sale&raw data.
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ppspy_image_Sale Tracking&Salereport.png

Apps and Tools

  • Reveal the secret apps that drive sales for your competitors stores.

Shopify reviews

  • Free Download all shopify reviews.
  • Contain:Loox,Judge.me,Product reviews,Ali reviews,Rivyo,Stamped Product reviews,Ryviu,Automizely product reviews,Fera,Yotpo,Vitals,shopify review csv.
  • You can import the downloaded shopify reviews directly into your shopify store.
ppspy_image_Sale Tracking&Salereport.png