Discover Unique Branding Options for Custom Apparel

Discover Unique Branding Options for Custom Apparel

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. About App Leak
  3. The Package
  4. The Camo Hoodie
  5. Quality of the Hoodie
  6. Branding Options
    • Embroidered Logo
    • Logo on the Label
    • Label on the Hood
    • Custom Branding Options
  7. Other Branding Options
  8. Comparison with Other Companies
  9. Conclusion


Welcome back to the channel, folks! In today's article, we'll be diving into a package that was sent to us by App Leak. If you're not familiar with App Leak, they are a print-on-demand partner specializing in branding and custom apparel. They offer a wide range of interesting options, from embroidered logos to woven labels. In this article, we'll be reviewing a camo hoodie that they sent us and discussing the quality, branding options, and more.

About App Leak

Before we jump into the package, let's take a moment to talk about App Leak. They are a print-on-demand company that offers fulfillment, printing, and dropshipping services specifically for clothing and apparel. While they do offer bulk ordering, their true specialty lies in branding. With options like customized collars, woven labels, and sleeve prints, App Leak provides a variety of unique branding opportunities for your products. If you're looking to add a personal touch to your apparel, App Leak is definitely worth checking out.

The Package

Let's get right into it and talk about the package that we received from App Leak. Inside the package, we found a camo hoodie, which we'll be examining in more detail. It's worth noting that we've already opened the package and inspected the hoodie, so this won't be a traditional unboxing. However, the story behind this hoodie and its significance will be fully explained.

The Camo Hoodie

First impressions matter, and this camo hoodie from App Leak definitely made a statement. The hoodie exudes a sense of durability, with a heavy-duty feel that promises long-lasting wear. It's not only visually appealing but also incredibly soft and comfortable on the inside. This is the kind of hoodie that you'd love to wear day in and day out.

Quality of the Hoodie

The quality of the hoodie certainly stood out to us. It's evident that App Leak pays attention to detail when it comes to their products. The camo hoodie is made from robust materials that give it a premium feel. Whether you're using it for outdoor activities or simply lounging around, this hoodie is built to withstand the test of time.

Branding Options

One of App Leak's standout features is their extensive range of branding options. They offer various ways to add a personalized touch to your apparel, elevating your brand and making it stand out from the crowd. Let's take a closer look at some of the branding options they provided with this hoodie.

  • Embroidered Logo: App Leak went the extra mile and embroidered our logo on the left chest of the hoodie. This adds a touch of professionalism and gives the hoodie a custom look.
  • Logo on the Label: In addition to the embroidered logo, App Leak also placed our logo on the label of the hoodie. This small detail further enhances the branding and gives it a unique flair.
  • Label on the Hood: App Leak took customization a step further by including a label on the hood itself. This label showcases our logo and adds an interesting element to the overall design.

These branding options demonstrate App Leak's commitment to helping businesses create custom apparel that truly reflects their brand identity.

Other Branding Options

Beyond what was demonstrated with this hoodie, App Leak offers even more branding options to explore. Whether you're interested in left pocket prints, prints inside the pocket, or additional labeling, App Leak has you covered. They understand the importance of customization and work to provide a wide range of options for your specific branding needs.

Comparison with Other Companies

While there are other companies in the print-on-demand space, App Leak stands out for its comprehensive range of branding options. Companies like Printful may offer a few similar options, but App Leak's selection goes above and beyond. Their commitment to providing unique and interesting branding choices sets them apart from the competition.


In conclusion, App Leak has proven to be a print-on-demand partner that excels in branding and customization. The camo hoodie they sent us demonstrates their commitment to quality and attention to detail. With options like embroidered logos and custom labels, App Leak offers a level of personalization that can elevate your apparel business. If you're looking for a print-on-demand partner that specializes in unique branding options, we highly recommend checking out App Leak.


  • App Leak specializes in branding and customization for apparel businesses.
  • The camo hoodie from App Leak is of exceptional quality and durability.
  • The branding options offered by App Leak, such as embroidered logos and custom labels, bring a personalized touch to apparel.
  • App Leak stands out with its comprehensive range of branding options compared to other companies.
  • If you're looking for a print-on-demand partner that can help you create custom apparel with unique branding, App Leak is worth considering.


Q: How does App Leak stand out from other print-on-demand companies? A: App Leak distinguishes itself with its extensive range of branding options, allowing businesses to create custom apparel with unique branding elements.

Q: Can I request specific branding options not mentioned in the article? A: Absolutely! App Leak offers a wide variety of branding options beyond what was discussed in this review. They are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their desired customization.

Q: Are the hoodies from App Leak of high quality? A: Yes, the camo hoodie we received from App Leak exceeded our expectations in terms of quality. It is made from durable materials and is incredibly soft and comfortable.

Q: Does App Leak offer bulk ordering services? A: Yes, App Leak does offer bulk ordering services in addition to their one-at-a-time fulfillment options. They cater to businesses of all sizes.