Beginner's Guide to Making Money with CJ Dropshipping in 2023

Beginner's Guide to Making Money with CJ Dropshipping in 2023

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why I Started Drop Shipping
  3. The Challenges I Faced
  4. The Introduction of CJ Drop Shipping
  5. The Benefits of Using CJ Drop Shipping
  6. How I Scaled My Business with CJ Drop Shipping
  7. The Importance of Product Research
  8. Methods for Product Research
  9. The Role of Marketing in Drop Shipping
  10. Advertising and Influencer Marketing
  11. Conclusion

The Journey of Making Money with CJ Drop Shipping


In this article, I will share my personal journey of making money with CJ Drop Shipping. As a beginner with no prior experience, I was searching for a way to achieve financial freedom and support myself and my family. I will discuss how I overcame the challenges I faced and how CJ Drop Shipping played a crucial role in scaling my business. This article will also highlight the importance of product research and effective marketing strategies in the drop shipping industry.

Why I Started Drop Shipping

Growing up, I never had much financial stability, and I was always on the lookout for opportunities to make money online. However, most of these opportunities seemed to require a significant investment of time, money, and experience, which I lacked as a broke college student. I knew that if I could find a way to make money with drop shipping, it would not only help me pay off my debts but also provide the freedom I had always desired.

The Challenges I Faced

Before discovering CJ Drop Shipping, I faced numerous challenges in my drop shipping journey. One of the major obstacles was the reliance on Chinese suppliers, which often resulted in inconsistent quality and communication barriers. Additionally, the shipping process from China to the US was time-consuming and had higher refund rates. However, these challenges began to fade away once I started using CJ Drop Shipping.

The Introduction of CJ Drop Shipping

CJ Drop Shipping is an all-in-one, fully automated service that is similar to AliExpress but with significant advantages. It provides an efficient and seamless connection between Shopify stores and suppliers. When a sale is made on a Shopify store, CJ Drop Shipping takes care of the entire fulfillment process, including shipping directly to the customer. One of the remarkable features of CJ Drop Shipping is its access to a range of services like print-on-demand and US warehouses.

The Benefits of Using CJ Drop Shipping

Using CJ Drop Shipping brought significant benefits to my drop shipping business. The most compelling advantage was the availability of US warehouses and suppliers, ensuring faster shipping times, lower shipping rates, and improved overall customer experience. By leveraging CJ Drop Shipping's resources, I was able to scale my business rapidly. The platform eliminated the need for me to handle shipping, returns, and other back-end tasks, allowing me to focus on marketing and sales.

How I Scaled My Business with CJ Drop Shipping

Utilizing CJ Drop Shipping's resources, I achieved remarkable growth in my drop shipping business. In my first 12 months, I generated $1.5 million in sales using the methods I will be sharing with you. CJ Drop Shipping helped me rectify the mistakes I had made in the past, especially in terms of suppliers and product quality. The availability of US suppliers allowed me to provide a better product selection to my customers.

The Importance of Product Research

Product research is a vital aspect of drop shipping success, contributing 80 to 90 percent of your time and effort. CJ Drop Shipping, with its extensive range of warehouses and manufacturers, opens up numerous opportunities for finding winning product ideas. There are several methods you can utilize, such as analyzing popular products on platforms like AliExpress, Amazon's best sellers list, eBay deals, and even's voted eBay products.

Methods for Product Research

For effective product research, you can start by exploring popular categories on AliExpress and identifying products with high order volumes. This will give you insights into what products are popular in the drop shipping market. Another method is to explore Amazon's best sellers list, which is updated hourly. By focusing on specific niches and categories, you can uncover winning products or related items to add to your store. Additionally, platforms like eBay deals and provide valuable information about trending products and high-demand items.

The Role of Marketing in Drop Shipping

Marketing plays a crucial role in the success of your drop shipping business. There are two main approaches to marketing: advertising and influencer marketing. Advertising can be outsourced to experts who specialize in running Facebook ads, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. For those looking for cost-effective methods, influencer marketing can be highly effective. Partnering with influencers in your niche and providing them with a commission-based monetization route can generate sales and increase brand exposure.

Advertising and Influencer Marketing

When it comes to advertising, platforms like Upwork offer affordable options for hiring Facebook ad specialists. You can find experts who can run effective ad campaigns tailored to your target audience. On the other hand, influencer marketing involves collaborating with influencers in your niche. By providing them with a unique coupon code and tracking sales generated through their influence, you can establish mutually beneficial partnerships that drive sales and increase brand visibility.


In conclusion, CJ Drop Shipping has been a game-changer in my drop shipping journey. It addresses the challenges I faced with Chinese suppliers, offers an extensive range of services, and provides access to US warehouses and suppliers. By utilizing effective product research methods and implementing marketing strategies, it is possible to achieve significant growth and success in the drop shipping industry. Whether you choose to outsource advertising or leverage influencer marketing, the key is to focus on finding winning products and creating a seamless customer experience.

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