Unlock the Power of Reviews with the Judgment App

Unlock the Power of Reviews with the Judgment App

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is the Judgment App?
  3. Setting up the Judgment App
    • Integration with Clavio
    • Sending Review Requests
    • Settings for Domestic and International Orders
  4. Using the Judgment App for Reviews
    • Conditions for Sending Review Requests
    • Blacklisting Emails
    • Skipping Certain Products or Exclusions
    • Unsubscribing from Review Requests
    • Excluding Out of Stock Products
    • Saving Free Settings
  5. Email Templates and Notifications
    • Setting Email Logo URL
    • Admin Notifications for Reviews
    • Managing Negative Reviews
  6. Discounts and Rewards
    • Enabling Coupons
  7. Manual vs Automatic Review Requests
  8. Request Dashboard
  9. Conclusion



Welcome to my YouTube channel, Marketing Chamber! In today's video, we will be discussing how you can obtain reviews using a third-party app. Specifically, we will be focusing on the Judgment app and its functionalities. Whether you're new to using review apps or looking for a more efficient way to generate reviews, this guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on leveraging the Judgment app effectively.

What is the Judgment App?

The Judgment app is a popular choice for businesses seeking third-party reviews. Before diving into the setup process, it's important to note that integration with Clavio is only possible with a paid plan. However, you can still send review requests through Judgment without integrating it with Clavio. It's crucial to clarify this distinction as it affects the overall flow of the review process. Additionally, the features we discuss in this article are based on the free plan. Now, let's dive into the setup process.

Setting up the Judgment App

To begin using the Judgment app, you'll need to ensure it is installed on your platform. If it's not already installed, head to the app store and download it. Once installed, follow the steps below to configure the settings according to your needs.

Integration with Clavio

Integration with Clavio is only possible if you have a paid plan for Judgment. For those using the free plan, you won't be able to integrate these two platforms. Instead, we will focus on sending review requests manually through Judgment. Later on, in another video, we will discuss the integration process with Clavio. For now, let's proceed with the review request settings.

Sending Review Requests

Within the Judgment settings, you can make changes according to your requirements. However, keep in mind that certain settings are limited due to the use of the free plan. The time and format for sending review requests can be modified under the "Settings" section. Here, you will find options such as the sender name, email address, language preferences, and more.

Settings for Domestic and International Orders

When it comes to sending review requests, Judgment allows you to set specific conditions based on the number of line items in an order. For domestic orders, review requests are sent for a maximum of three line items. If the order consists of more than three products, the request will be sent for the first three items only. In contrast, for international orders, the same rule applies. The first request is sent after 14 days of fulfillment, followed by subsequent reminders every five days. It's important to note that automatic reminder settings are only available with the paid plan.

Conditions for Sending Review Requests

To ensure the accuracy of reviews, Judgment provides options to skip certain products or exclusions. You can specify which products should receive review requests and which ones should be excluded. Additionally, if a buyer unsubscribes from review requests, Judgment allows you to skip further requests for that particular individual. Furthermore, review requests are not sent for products marked as out of stock.

Email Templates and Notifications

Creating a professional-looking email template is crucial for effective review requests. Within the Judgment settings, you can customize email templates to include your logo and other relevant information. Moreover, you can set admin notifications to keep track of reviews. The admin notification email will inform you as soon as a new review is submitted. You can also specify negative reviews and receive notifications for them separately.

Discounts and Rewards

As an incentive for customers to leave reviews, you may consider offering discounts. However, the availability of this feature depends on the plan you have. With the paid plan, you can enable coupons and reward customers for their valuable feedback. If you're on the free plan, this option will not be available.

Manual vs Automatic Review Requests

At times, users may be confused about whether to send review requests manually or automatically. It's highly recommended to set up automatic review request emails, especially if you have a high number of orders. Automating this process saves time and ensures consistency. With automatic review requests, customers will receive an email after a specific number of days following order fulfillment.

Request Dashboard

To keep track of review requests and their status, Judgment provides a detailed request dashboard. From this dashboard, you can monitor the orders for which review requests have been sent. You can also see if customers have read the review request email. However, certain features within the dashboard are limited to the paid plan.


In this guide, we have explored the various features and settings offered by the Judgment app for obtaining reviews. From setting up review requests to managing templates and notifications, the app provides a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking customer feedback. Whether you're using the free plan or considering upgrading to the paid plan, Judgment offers a user-friendly interface and robust functionalities. Automating the review request process can greatly benefit your business, saving time and increasing the number of valuable reviews. If you found this video helpful, don't forget to subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for more informative content. Thank you for watching!


  • Judgment app offers efficient third-party review generation.
  • Integration with Clavio is possible with a paid plan.
  • Setting up review requests and email templates is crucial.
  • Automatic review requests are recommended for time-saving.
  • Discounts and rewards can be offered to incentivize reviews.
  • The request dashboard helps monitor review requests and statuses.


Q: Can I integrate Judgment with Clavio on the free plan?\ A: Unfortunately, integration with Clavio is only possible with a paid plan for Judgment. The free plan allows for manual review request sending.

Q: Can I offer discounts for leaving reviews with the free plan?\ A: No, the ability to offer discounts for reviews is only available with the paid plan for Judgment.

Q: Can I exclude certain products from receiving review requests?\ A: Yes, Judgment allows you to specify which products should receive review requests and exclude others from the review request flow.

Q: How often are automatic reminders sent for review requests?\ A: In the free plan, only one review request can be sent per order. Therefore, automatic reminders are not available in the free plan.

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