Maximize Your Shopify Store's Potential with

Maximize Your Shopify Store's Potential with

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Logging in to Shopify
  3. Finding and Adding the App
  4. Overview of Product Reviews
  5. Advantages of Using
  6. Free vs Awesome Plans
  7. Adding to Your Shopify Store
  8. Customizing Review Widgets
  9. Importing Existing Reviews
  10. Requesting Reviews from Customers
  11. Widget Themes
  12. Review Curation
  13. Installing the Review Widget
  14. Configuring Review Request Options
  15. Customizing Other Emails
  16. Installing Other Widget Types
  17. Social Media Integration
  18. Rewards and Coupons
  19. Workflow Automation Integration
  20. Advanced Options



In this article, we will guide you through the process of using with Shopify. is a product reviews app that helps you collect and display star ratings and reviews about your products in Bigcommerce stores like Shopify.

Logging in to Shopify

To begin, log in to your Shopify account. Once you're signed in, click on the search bar and select "Apps" from the dropdown menu. From there, go to the recommended app section.

Finding and Adding the App

In the recommended app section, you should see already listed. If you don't see it, you can search for " product reviews" in the Shopify App Store. Once you find it, add the app to your store.

Overview of Product Reviews helps you collect and display star ratings and reviews about your products. It offers features like unlimited email review requests with photos and videos, display of store and product reviews, trust badges, reviews carousel, sharing reviews on social media platforms, Rich Snippets and Google Shopping integration, synchronization of product reviews across different products and stores, and English for reviewers with Q&A, coupons, and email marketing integrations.

Advantages of Using

Using has several advantages for your Shopify store. These include unlimited email review requests with photo and video capabilities, display of store ratings and product reviews, trust badges to enhance credibility, the ability to share reviews on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Rich Snippets for improved SEO, synchronization of product reviews across different products and stores, and the option to incentivize reviewers with Q&A, coupons, and email marketing integrations.

Free vs Awesome Plans offers two plans: Free and Awesome. The free plan includes unlimited product review requests, photo and video reviews, review carousel themes in email, SEO Snippets, and manual social media sharing. The Awesome plan, which requires a subscription, offers additional features like site reviews, a dedicated page for all reviews, Q&A, custom forms, coupons, product groups, cross-shop syndication, Google Shopping integration, and removal of branding.

Adding to Your Shopify Store

To add to your Shopify store, click on the green "Install App" button after you've been routed back to your Shopify account. Follow the setup instructions provided by to complete the installation process.

Customizing Review Widgets

Once is installed, you can customize the review widgets to match your store's branding and design. You can change the widget's color, star rating appearance, text, placement, add video and photo sharing options, and more. Additionally, you can customize the heading and review form for a personalized touch.

Importing Existing Reviews

If you have reviews from other apps or e-commerce platforms, allows you to import them into your store. This makes it easy to consolidate all your reviews in one place for a comprehensive view of customer feedback.

Requesting Reviews from Customers provides options for automating review requests and reminders. You can send review requests to customers via email, push notifications, or SMS. This ensures that you gather feedback from customers and maintain an active review section on your store.

Widget Themes offers various widget themes that allow you to change the look and feel of the review widget. You can select from different themes like align, slider, cards, and more. Select the theme that best complements your store's aesthetic and branding.

Review Curation

If you prefer to curate reviews before publishing them, offers a review curation feature. You can choose to manually publish reviews or automate the process of publishing new reviews. This gives you control over which reviews are displayed on your store.

Installing the Review Widget

To install the review widget, open Shopify's theme editor and navigate to the product template. In the editor, go to the left panel, add a section, choose the review widget, and drag and drop it into the preview. This will display the review widget on your product pages.

Configuring Review Request Options provides options to configure the timing and frequency of review requests. You can customize when and how often review requests are sent to customers. This allows you to optimize the collection of feedback and maintain a steady stream of reviews.

Customizing Other Emails

In addition to review request emails, allows you to enable and customize other email notifications. You can customize the email body and enable the "reply to review" email, ensuring effective communication with customers who leave reviews.

Installing Other Widget Types offers various other widget types, including a preview badge, reviews carousel, medals, verified reviews count badge, all reviews text, and question and answer installations. These widget types can enhance the user experience and showcase the credibility of your store.

Social Media Integration

To maximize the reach of your reviews, allows you to share them on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. By integrating your app with your social media accounts, you can amplify the impact of customer feedback and generate more interest in your products.

Rewards and Coupons

For awesome plan users, offers the ability to provide rewards and coupons to reviewers. This incentivizes customers to leave reviews and can increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Workflow Automation Integration integrates with workflow automation applications like Zapier, Happy Pie, and Make to streamline your review management process. By connecting with these applications, you can automate tasks and improve overall efficiency.

Advanced Options

For advanced users, offers options like a Google product review feed. This feature allows you to submit product reviews directly to Google for improved visibility in search results. Advanced options require an awesome plan subscription.


  • is a product reviews app for Shopify that helps collect and display star ratings and reviews.
  • The app offers unlimited email review requests with photos and videos, store and product reviews, trust badges, and more.
  • Advantages of using include enhanced credibility, social media sharing, Rich Snippets for SEO, and synchronization of reviews across different products and stores.
  • offers both free and paid plans, with the paid plan providing additional features like site reviews, Q&A, coupons, and more.
  • Installation and customization of widgets are straightforward and can be done through Shopify's theme editor.
  • Integration with social media platforms, rewards and coupons, and workflow automation applications further enhance the app's functionality.

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