Streamline Order Fulfillment with Shopify's Shipping Label Printing

Streamline Order Fulfillment with Shopify's Shipping Label Printing

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up Shipping Options
    • Adding Shipping Prices
    • Selecting Shipping Method
    • Choosing a Printer
    • Selecting Label Type
  3. Choosing Packaging
    • Types of Packaging
    • Ordering Envelopes
  4. Fulfilling an Order
    • Viewing Orders
    • Shipping Method
    • Buying Shipping Label
    • Printing the Label
  5. Conclusion

How to Fulfill an Order and Print Shipping Label on Shopify

As an online store owner, one of the most crucial steps in the sales process is fulfilling orders and shipping them to your customers. Shopify provides a seamless and convenient way to fulfill orders directly from your store's admin page and even allows you to purchase and print shipping labels without relying on third-party postage services. This feature, introduced recently by Shopify, makes order fulfillment a breeze for store owners, saving time and resources. In this article, we will guide you through the process of fulfilling an order on Shopify and demonstrate how to purchase and print a shipping label directly from the platform.

1. Introduction

Before diving into the order fulfillment process, it's essential to ensure that your shipping settings are properly configured. This includes adding shipping options, selecting a printer, and setting the label type. In this section, we will walk you through the setup process, ensuring you are ready to fulfill orders with ease.

Adding Shipping Prices

To begin, access your Shopify store's admin page. Simply type "/admin" after your store's URL, and you will be directed to the admin page. Once there, navigate to the "Settings" tab and select "Shipping." Here, you can enter the shipping prices for your products, considering factors such as weight, destination, and shipping carrier rates.

Selecting a Printer

Next, it's crucial to designate the printer you will use to print your shipping labels. By default, Shopify has the "Desktop printer" option selected. However, if you are looking for a faster and more efficient printing solution, we recommend using a Brother laser printer. These printers offer rapid printing capabilities, efficiency, and water-resistant labels. In the video description, we have provided a link to the Brother laser printer we recommend. Additionally, you can also use an "Internet Label" – a label that can be printed directly from a regular printer.

Choosing a Label Type

When selecting the label type, you must consider the nature of your products and your packaging preferences. If your production volume is relatively low, a regular printer is suitable for printing labels. However, if you anticipate high production volume, you might want to invest in a Dymo or Zebra label printer. These specialized printers are designed for quick label printing, making them ideal for high-volume operations. Additionally, if you include invoices within your packages, a regular printer will be necessary to print them.

2. Choosing Packaging

Selecting appropriate packaging is crucial for ensuring that your products arrive safely to your customers. In this section, we will guide you through the process of choosing the right packaging options and provide links to resources where you can order them.

Types of Packaging

Packaging options may vary depending on the nature of your products and your preferences. Shopify offers various packaging choices, such as flat rate envelopes, flat rate boxes, and non-flat rate options where you weigh the package before shipping. If you primarily ship shirts, as our case example, flat rate envelopes could be an ideal choice. They offer padding and are convenient for shipping apparel items.

Ordering Envelopes

To order the flat rate envelopes we recommended, you can visit and find the specific envelopes you require. In the video description, we have included a link to the particular type of envelope we use in our store. Ordering the right envelopes ensures that you have the necessary packaging materials readily available for packaging and shipping your products.

3. Fulfilling an Order

With your shipping settings and packaging materials in place, you are now ready to fulfill an order and make use of Shopify's built-in shipping label printing feature. This section will walk you through the order fulfillment process, from viewing orders to printing the shipping label.

Viewing Orders

On your Shopify admin page, you will find a section that displays orders awaiting fulfillment. Select the order you need to fulfill, and you will see an option to "Ship order." Click on this option to proceed with the fulfillment process.

Shipping Method

When fulfilling an order, you will need to select the shipping method you intend to use. In this case, we recommend choosing "USPS flat rate envelope." Shopify provides a small discount compared to retail prices offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS), helping you save on shipping costs.

Buying Shipping Label

After selecting the shipping method, Shopify will display the cost of the shipping label. You can now proceed with purchasing the shipping label directly from the platform. Click on "Buy label and fulfill items" to continue.

Printing the Label

Once the label is ready to print, click on the "Download" button to retrieve the label file. Feed the label into your printer, making sure to follow the printer's loading instructions. It's worth noting that if you are using Firefox as your web browser, select "Show Details" and ensure that the headers are set to "Blank" to avoid printing unwanted information on the label. Preview the label's appearance on a blank piece of paper before printing to ensure accurate settings. Finally, click on "Print" to generate the shipping label.

4. Conclusion

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to fulfill an order and print a shipping label directly from Shopify. By streamlining the order fulfillment process, Shopify empowers store owners to efficiently manage their shipping operations. Remember to package your items securely, affix the professional-looking label to the package, and ship it off to your satisfied customers. For more resources and additional information, please refer to the links provided in the video description. Enjoy the seamless order fulfillment experience offered by Shopify!


  • Shopify's built-in order fulfillment and shipping label printing feature streamlines the shipping process for online store owners.
  • Selecting the right printer, label type, and packaging ensures a smooth and professional shipping experience.
  • Shopify offers various packaging options, such as flat rate envelopes and boxes, to accommodate different products and shipping preferences.
  • Specialized label printers, like Dymo or Zebra, are recommended for high-volume order fulfillment.
  • Printing a professional-looking shipping label enhances the overall customer experience.


Q: Can I print shipping labels directly from Shopify? A: Yes, Shopify now allows you to purchase and print shipping labels directly from the platform.

Q: What printer should I use for printing shipping labels? A: A Brother laser printer is recommended for its speed, efficiency, and water-resistant labels.

Q: Can I include an invoice inside the package? A: Yes, you can include an invoice by using a regular printer.

Q: Where can I order packaging materials for shipping? A: You can order packaging materials, such as flat rate envelopes, from or other suppliers. The specific links are provided in the video description.

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