Enhanced SMS Marketing: QR Codes, Subscription Forms, and Flows

Enhanced SMS Marketing: QR Codes, Subscription Forms, and Flows

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Changes in SMS Room
    1. QR Code Generator
    2. Subscription Forms Update
    3. Flows Update
  3. Benefits of QR Code Generator
    1. Easy Sign-up
    2. Versatile Usage
  4. Benefits of Subscription Forms Update
    1. Collecting Phone Numbers and Emails
    2. Customization Options
    3. Integration with Claveo
  5. Benefits of Flows Update
    1. Segment-based Targeting
    2. Improved Control and Personalization
  6. Conclusion

SMS Updates: QR Code Generator, Subscription Forms, and Flows

In this update, we will be discussing three important changes that have been implemented in the SMS features of Blend Commerce. These changes aim to enhance the effectiveness and versatility of SMS marketing for Shopify clients and Shopify Plus clients.

Changes in SMS Room

QR Code Generator

The first change we will discuss is the introduction of a QR code generator in the SMS room. This new growth tool allows merchants to use QR codes as a means to gain sign-ups for their SMS campaigns. By scanning the QR code, customers can easily subscribe to the selected SMS list. The QR code generator offers various customization options, such as personalized messages and the inclusion of discounts. Merchants can place the QR codes on shipping invoices, flyers, social media posts, and other channels, offering customers an exclusive discount for their purchases or future orders.


  • Quick and easy sign-up process
  • Versatile usage across various marketing channels


  • Currently only available for merchants in the US

Subscription Forms Update

The second change focuses on the update to subscription forms. With SMS Bump's integration with Claveo, merchants can now collect both phone numbers and emails simultaneously. This update solves the issue of having to choose between collecting phone numbers or emails, as customers can now provide both. By enabling the desktop notifications feature, merchants can add an email field to the subscription form. This integration with Claveo ensures that all collected contacts, along with their email and phone numbers, are available for future campaigns and personalized messaging purposes. Merchants can exclude or include subscribers based on their email and phone number preferences, allowing for more targeted and effective marketing strategies.


  • Easy collection of phone numbers and emails
  • Integration with Claveo for seamless data management
  • Enhanced targeting and segmentation options


  • Requires integration with Claveo for full functionality

Flows Update

The last change we will cover is an update to flows. SMS Bump has introduced a new condition that allows merchants to determine if a subscriber is part of a specific segment. This new segment-based targeting enables merchants to create more tailored and personalized messaging campaigns. By analyzing customer behavior and segmenting them based on their actions, such as link clicks, purchases, gender, and past orders, merchants can send targeted messages and offers. This update adds an additional layer of control and customization to flows, enabling merchants to test different messages and measure the impact of their campaigns more effectively.


  • Increased targeting and personalization options
  • Improved control over messaging campaigns
  • Utilizes data for better segmentation and message optimization


  • Requires understanding of customer segments and behavior patterns


These updates to the SMS features of Blend Commerce provide merchants with enhanced tools for effective and targeted SMS marketing campaigns. The QR code generator simplifies the sign-up process and offers versatile usage options, while the subscription forms update allows for the collection of phone numbers and emails simultaneously. With the flows update, merchants gain better control over their messaging campaigns and can personalize their messages based on customer segments. By leveraging these new features, merchants can optimize their SMS marketing strategies and drive better results.

(Note: This article covers updates and changes to SMS features and does not provide a comprehensive overview of Blend Commerce or its services.)


  • Blend Commerce has introduced important changes to its SMS features for Shopify and Shopify Plus clients.
  • The QR code generator simplifies the sign-up process and offers versatile usage options for obtaining subscriptions.
  • The subscription forms update allows merchants to collect both phone numbers and emails simultaneously, enhancing data collection and segmentation capabilities.
  • The flows update provides improved control and personalization options, enabling targeted messaging based on customer segments.
  • These updates allow for more effective and optimized SMS marketing campaigns.


Q: Can the QR code generator be used by merchants outside of the US? A: Currently, the QR code generator feature is only available to merchants in the US. Other regions may gain access in the future.

Q: How does the subscription forms update integrate with Claveo? A: The integration with Claveo allows merchants to collect phone numbers and emails simultaneously, ensuring seamless data management and synchronization between platforms.

Q: Can the flows update be used with existing customer data? A: Yes, the flows update utilizes existing customer data and allows merchants to create segments based on customer behavior and actions.

Q: Are these updates available to all Shopify clients? A: Yes, these updates are available to both Shopify and Shopify Plus clients using SMS Bump's services.

Q: Are there any additional costs associated with using these new features? A: The availability of these features may depend on the pricing plan chosen by the merchant. Some features may have additional costs associated with them.

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