Convert Visitors into Subscribers with Effective Contact Forms

Convert Visitors into Subscribers with Effective Contact Forms

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of Contact Forms
  3. Creating a Contact Form in GemPages
    1. Selecting the Preferred Template
    2. Adding Contact Information
    3. Setting up the Contact Form Elements
      • Custom URL
      • Success and Error Messages
      • Text Field Elements
      • Placeholders
      • Required Section
    4. Configuring the Submit Button Element
  4. Viewing Contact Form Submissions
  5. Conclusion


How to Create Effective Contact Forms That Convert Visitors into Subscribers

In today's digital age, capturing the attention and trust of potential customers is crucial for the success of any business. While many new business owners focus on capturing customers, they often overlook the importance of building a reliable subscriber base. Subscribers can play a significant role in a business's growth – they can become prospects for sales, offer valuable feedback, and even test new products. In this article, we will discuss the importance of contact forms in converting casual website visitors into loyal subscribers. We will also provide a step-by-step guide on how to create effective contact forms using GemPages, a popular website builder tool.

Importance of Contact Forms

Trust is the strongest currency that eCommerce stores can have. When a visitor decides to make a purchase, it reflects their belief that the products or services offered will improve their lives. Trust is fostered through various means, and one effective way to build trust with website visitors is by being approachable and easy to talk to. Just like at a party, where striking up a conversation with a warm smile feels natural, a functional and well-designed contact form acts as that warm smile on your website. It reminds customers that real people are behind the brand, and they are ready to assist and engage with any inquiries or concerns.

Creating a Contact Form in GemPages

Now that we understand the importance of having a contact form, let's dive into the process of creating one with GemPages. GemPages offers pre-designed sections in its library, which not only work well but also look visually appealing. This can save a lot of time, especially for those who are on a tight schedule. To get started, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Selecting the Preferred Template

Head over to the GemPages Editor page and open the preferred template from the selection. This template will serve as the foundation for your contact form.

Step 2: Adding Contact Information

On the left-hand side of the editor, under the "Contact Information" section, include all the relevant store information. This includes phone numbers, email addresses, physical location details, and links to social media platforms where your business is present. This information helps customers feel more comfortable reaching out to you.

Step 3: Setting up the Contact Form Elements

Moving to the right-hand side of the editor, you will find the elements that make up the contact form. The typical contact form consists of name, phone, email, and message fields. However, you have the flexibility to add or remove any fields or customer information according to your specific requirements. Remember that the Email Field and Submit Button elements are essential for the contact form to run properly.

Let's now explore each element and set them up individually:

  1. Contact Form Element: Under the "Custom URL" setting, you can insert a link or choose a particular page where customers will be redirected after submitting the form. You can also customize the content and color of the success and error messages to align with your brand's style.

  2. Text Field Elements: Under the "Name" section, you can change the name of the fields to match the information you want to gather, such as the customer's name. This change will also reflect in the emails you receive from customers. The same logic applies to the Phone and Message fields, but the Email field should remain with the default setting for proper functionality.

  3. Placeholders: In this section, you can adjust the content inside the input boxes. Use clear and concise instructions as placeholders to guide customers on their input.

  4. Required Section: By flipping the toggle switch in this section, you can make certain fields mandatory. Customers will not be able to submit the form until they fill in the required fields, ensuring you receive all the necessary information.

Step 4: Configuring the Submit Button Element

The submit button element shares similar setting options to the button element. To customize the submit button's appearance and behavior, refer to the detailed guide provided in the description below.

Viewing Contact Form Submissions

After successfully creating your contact form, it is essential to know where the submissions will be sent. All form submissions will be sent to the email address associated with your store. To find the sender email address, follow the steps below:

  1. Head over to the Shopify Admin.
  2. Select "Settings" and navigate to the "Store details" section.
  3. Under "Contact Information," click on "Edit" to view and modify the sender email address.


Having a well-designed and functional contact form on your website is key to building trust and engaging with your visitors. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create effective contact forms using GemPages that will convert casual browsers into loyal subscribers. Remember to regularly check the contact form submissions and promptly respond to customer inquiries to further strengthen the relationship with your subscribers.


  • Capture the attention and trust of potential customers by building a reliable subscriber base.
  • Contact forms act as warm smiles on your website, emphasizing the presence of real people behind your brand.
  • GemPages offers pre-designed sections to create visually appealing and functional contact forms.
  • Customize the contact form elements, including text fields, placeholders, and required fields, to fit your specific requirements.
  • Regularly check form submissions and promptly respond to customer inquiries to foster a strong subscriber relationship.


Q: How can contact forms help in converting casual website visitors into subscribers? A: Contact forms allow visitors to easily reach out and connect with your business, creating an opportunity to engage with them on a more personal level. By providing a convenient way for visitors to communicate their inquiries or concerns, contact forms can help establish trust and encourage visitors to become loyal subscribers.

Q: Can I customize the contact form elements according to my specific requirements? A: Yes, with GemPages, you have the flexibility to add or remove fields and customize the content, appearance, and behavior of the contact form elements. This enables you to gather the specific information you need from your visitors and align the form with your brand's style.

Q: How can I view the submissions received through the contact form? A: All contact form submissions will be sent to the email address associated with your store. By regularly checking the designated email address, you can view and respond to customer inquiries efficiently.

Q: What should I do if I receive a high volume of contact form submissions? A: If you find yourself receiving a high volume of contact form submissions, it is important to prioritize and respond to them promptly. Consider utilizing customer support tools or automation to streamline the process and ensure that no inquiry goes unanswered.

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