$61,638 in 28 Days! Beginner's Shopify Case Study

$61,638 in 28 Days! Beginner's Shopify Case Study

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Client's Background
  3. Understanding Facebook Ad Strategy
  4. Building the Shopify Store
  5. The Role of the Advertising Agency
  6. Customer Support and Order Fulfillment
  7. The Importance of Testing in Scaling
  8. Increasing Average Order Value
  9. Cash Flow and Profitability
  10. Conclusion


In this video, we are going to discuss an impressive success story of a client who was able to generate over $61,000 in sales per day using a scalable Facebook ad strategy. We will delve into the details of their Facebook ad strategy, the process of building the Shopify store, and the role of the advertising agency in achieving these exceptional results. Additionally, we will explore the importance of testing in scaling, increasing average order value, and ensuring cash flow and profitability. By the end of this article, you will gain valuable insights into successfully running an e-commerce store and implementing effective Facebook ad strategies.

The Client's Background

The client, a fairly new addition to our advertising agency, has experienced fluctuations in their sales. Over a period of 28 to 29 days, they were able to achieve remarkable sales of over $61,000 per day. Currently, they are generating a profit of $800 to $1,000 per day, with total daily sales amounting to $4,000 to $5,000. The client's success story serves as a testament to the effectiveness of implementing a scalable Facebook strategy. In the following sections, we will explore the various elements that contributed to their exceptional results.

Understanding Facebook Ad Strategy

To comprehend the client's remarkable sales figures, it is essential to delve into the Facebook ad strategy employed. A key aspect of their strategy involved testing a multitude of different audiences and ad creatives. By targeting look-alike audiences and identifying their ideal customers, the client was able to develop highly effective ad campaigns. This approach allowed them to optimize their Facebook ads, maximize the performance of their campaigns, and achieve substantial revenue growth.

Building the Shopify Store

Before diving into the specifics of the Facebook ad strategy, it is important to understand the initial steps taken by the client. After partnering with our agency, they built a Shopify store to serve as the foundation for their e-commerce business. It is worth noting that our agency specializes in providing assistance to clients who seek to establish and scale their online stores. While our focus is primarily on managing ads, our clients play a crucial role in customer support and order fulfillment. We work closely with them to ensure a seamless and efficient operation.

The Role of the Advertising Agency

As an advertising agency, our primary responsibility is to manage and optimize the client's Facebook ads. The client, on the other hand, is responsible for customer support and order fulfillment. While we handle all aspects related to running ads on Facebook, our clients' participation in these areas is crucial for the success of their e-commerce business. However, we understand that not every client is equipped to handle these tasks, which is why we offer guidance on automating customer support and order fulfillment processes.

Customer Support and Order Fulfillment

Efficient customer support and order fulfillment are vital for the smooth operation of any e-commerce business. Our agency assists clients in identifying ways to automate these processes, such as utilizing virtual assistant agencies. By outsourcing customer support and order fulfillment, clients can focus more on the strategic aspects of their business, allowing for scalability and growth.

The Importance of Testing in Scaling

One crucial aspect of achieving remarkable results in e-commerce is continuously testing and optimizing different strategies. The client's success can be attributed to their willingness to test different audiences and ad sets. By launching multiple campaigns with various combinations of audiences, they were able to identify what works best for their products, resulting in significant revenue growth. Scaling on Facebook is a process that requires constant testing and iteration to achieve the desired outcomes.

Increasing Average Order Value

In addition to testing different strategies, increasing the average order value played a pivotal role in the client's success. By implementing various techniques such as charging for shipping, upselling products, and bundling items, the client was able to boost their average order value. This not only increases revenue but also enhances profitability, making the entire business more sustainable and lucrative.

Cash Flow and Profitability

While scaling a business, maintaining positive cash flow and profitability is paramount. It is essential to strike a balance between revenue growth and profitability. As the client scaled their business, they focused on maintaining at least a 2 to 3x return on ad spend (ROAS) while keeping their product costs and other operating expenses in check. By carefully managing their finances and optimizing their strategies, they were able to achieve consistent profitability, ensuring the long-term sustainability of their business.


The success story of the client reinforces the importance of developing an effective Facebook ad strategy, constantly testing and optimizing, and strategically growing an e-commerce business. By implementing scalable tactics, increasing average order value, and maintaining profitability, businesses can achieve remarkable success in the competitive world of online retail. As an advertising agency, our role is to guide and support clients in their journey towards scalable and profitable e-commerce ventures.


Q: How long did it take for the client to achieve these results?

A: The client achieved these exceptional results within a 28 to 29-day period.

Q: How important is customer support and order fulfillment in running a successful e-commerce business?

A: Customer support and order fulfillment are crucial for the smooth operation and growth of an e-commerce business. By automating these processes, businesses can focus more on strategic aspects and achieve scalability.

Q: Are there any specific strategies for increasing average order value?

A: Yes, there are various strategies such as charging for shipping, upselling products, and bundling items, which can significantly increase the average order value and enhance profitability.

Q: How important is cash flow and profitability in scaling a business?

A: Cash flow and profitability are vital in sustaining business growth. Striking a balance between revenue growth and profitability ensures the long-term success of an e-commerce venture.

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