Streamline Your Marketing with Klaviyo Tags

Streamline Your Marketing with Klaviyo Tags

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Tags in Clavio
  3. Segmenting Campaigns, Contacts, and Lists
  4. Using Tags for Different Languages
  5. Utilizing Tags for Product Interests
  6. Identifying Gender with Tags
  7. Adding Tags via Segments
  8. Setting up Tags in Flows
  9. Tagging Campaigns for Targeting
  10. Manual Addition and Removal of Tags
  11. Conclusion

Understanding Tags in Clavio

In this article, we will explore the concept of tags in Clavio and how they can be effectively utilized to enhance your tagging system. Tags serve as a means to segment your campaigns, contacts, or lists into different groups. By understanding the functionality of tags in Clavio, you can maximize their potential and optimize your email marketing strategies.

Segmenting Campaigns, Contacts, and Lists

Tags play a crucial role in segmenting your campaigns, contacts, and lists within Clavio. A practical example of utilizing tags is when you want to send different emails to different countries. For instance, if you are selling products in both Spain and the United States, you may need to translate your emails from English to Spanish. By assigning tags to contacts based on their country, you can specifically target each group with tailored email content.

Using Tags for Different Languages

Tags can be used to indicate interest in different languages and product groups. Suppose you have a group of subscribers interested in lipstick and another group interested in eyeliner. By assigning appropriate tags, you can efficiently organize your contacts and deliver relevant content to each segment. This level of customization enhances the overall effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

Identifying Gender with Tags

Tags can also be used to identify genders or other specific characteristics of your contacts. For example, if you want to target a specific gender for a particular promotional campaign, you can assign tags accordingly. This allows you to personalize your email content and craft marketing messages that resonate with your audience.

Adding Tags via Segments

To add tags to your contacts, you can create segments in Clavio. Segments allow you to define specific conditions for adding or removing tags from your contacts automatically. By setting segment conditions, you can create dynamic lists that update in real-time based on the defined criteria. This ensures that your contacts are always accurately segmented, enabling you to send targeted campaigns effortlessly.

Setting up Tags in Flows

In addition to segments, tags can also be incorporated into your flows. Flows are automated sequences triggered by specific events or actions. By adding tags to flows, you can assign tags based on specific triggers, such as when a contact visits a specific product page or abandons their shopping cart. This enables you to categorize your contacts and effectively automate your email marketing efforts.

Tagging Campaigns for Targeting

Tags can be applied to campaigns to further enhance targeting capabilities. When setting up a new campaign, you can select relevant tags to ensure that your message reaches the intended audience. By utilizing tags in campaigns, you can easily narrow down your contact list and customize your email content for maximum impact.

Manual Addition and Removal of Tags

While tags can be assigned automatically via segments and flows, you also have the option to manually add or remove tags in Clavio. You can import lists and apply tags to the imported contacts, or you can add tags manually by selecting specific segments or lists. This manual approach offers flexibility and control in customizing your tags based on specific requirements.


Tags are a powerful feature in Clavio that enable you to effectively segment your campaigns, contacts, and lists. By utilizing tags, you can personalize your email content, target specific groups of contacts, and automate your email marketing efforts. Whether it's organizing contacts based on language preferences, product interests, or gender, Clavio's tag functionality provides you with the tools necessary to deliver highly targeted and engaging email campaigns.


  • Tags in Clavio serve as a segmentation tool to group campaigns, contacts, and lists.
  • Different languages and product interests can be identified and targeted using tags.
  • Tags can be assigned automatically through segments and flows, or manually added and removed.
  • Clavio's tag feature enables personalized and effective email marketing campaigns.


Q: Can I assign multiple tags to a contact in Clavio? A: Yes, you can assign multiple tags to a contact in Clavio based on their characteristics or interests.

Q: Are tags in Clavio permanent? A: Tags can be added and removed dynamically based on segment conditions or manually by the user.

Q: Can I use tags to target contacts in specific countries? A: Yes, Clavio allows you to assign tags based on country, enabling targeted campaigns for different regions.

Q: How can tags be incorporated in automated flows? A: Tags can be added to flow triggers, such as specific page visits or actions, to categorize contacts and automate email marketing sequences.

Q: Is it possible to import contacts with pre-assigned tags? A: Yes, by importing lists into Clavio, you can assign tags to contacts in bulk.

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