Revolutionize Access Control with Openpath

Revolutionize Access Control with Openpath

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Need for Rethinking Access Control
  3. The Advantage of Cloud-Based Solutions
  4. Utilizing Mobile Phones as Personal Credentials
  5. Testimonials from Openpath Users
  6. The Innovative Features of Openpath 6.1. Modern IoT Connected Hardware 6.2. Natively Built Cloud Software 6.3. Encrypted Credentials 6.4. Open and Integratable System 6.5. Real-Time Analytics and Data 6.6. Unique Features: Guest Passes and Tailgating Solutions 6.7. Flexibility for Multi-Site Management
  7. User Management and Scheduling 7.1. Syncing with Directory Services 7.2. Group Management and User Permissions 7.3. Scheduling Entry Point Access
  8. Configurations, Alerts, and Dashboard Customization 8.1. Setting Up Alerts and Notifications 8.2. Creating Custom Rules with the Rules Engine 8.3. Exporting Data and Customizing Dashboards
  9. Open API and Integration Possibilities 9.1. Integration with Time Clocks and Booking Systems 9.2. Integration with HR Systems 9.3. Integration with Data Management Tools and BI Solutions
  10. The Future of Cloud-Based Access Control
  11. Conclusion

Article: Rethinking Access Control with Openpath

Access control systems have long been a vital part of maintaining security and convenience in various spaces. However, traditional access control solutions often come with limitations and drawbacks that can hinder user experience and flexibility. This is where Openpath steps in, leading the way in rethinking access control and providing innovative solutions that offer greater convenience and security.

The Need for Rethinking Access Control

Traditional access control systems, relying on physical badges and on-premise infrastructure, have faced challenges such as lost badges, costly badge replacement, and security vulnerabilities. Openpath recognized these issues and set out to create access control solutions that offer a better user experience and address these pain points.

The Advantage of Cloud-Based Solutions

Openpath offers flexible cloud-based access control solutions that eliminate the need for on-premise infrastructure. By leveraging the power of the cloud, Openpath provides seamless scalability, real-time analytics, and remote management capabilities. With a cloud-based system, businesses can enjoy constant updates, perform administrative tasks easily, and ensure high levels of uptime even during network outages.

Utilizing Mobile Phones as Personal Credentials

Openpath takes access control to the next level by using mobile phones as personal credentials. Instead of relying on physical badges, users can simply wave their phones in front of an Openpath reader to gain access. This wave-to-unlock feature offers a touchless and convenient experience, especially in a world where hygiene and contactless interactions are prioritized. Mobile credentials provide a secure and encrypted means of access, preventing issues like badge cloning and adding an extra layer of authentication with biometrics.

Testimonials from Openpath Users

Openpath has garnered praise and trust from numerous users across various industries. Large enterprises, sports teams, universities, and industry professionals rank Openpath as a leading access control system, recognizing its innovative features and ongoing improvements.

The Innovative Features of Openpath

Openpath offers a range of innovative features that set it apart from traditional access control systems. These include:

  1. Modern IoT Connected Hardware: Openpath's sleek and aesthetically pleasing hardware provides a great user experience while ensuring easy installation and compatibility with a range of entry points.

  2. Natively Built Cloud Software: The enterprise-grade cloud software offers scalability, real-time data analytics, and seamless synchronization with directory services, allowing for efficient user management and access control.

  3. Encrypted Credentials: Mobile credentials and encrypted badges ensure the highest level of security, preventing unauthorized access and mitigating the risk of badge cloning or copying.

  4. Open and Integratable System: Openpath's system is open and integrates seamlessly with a range of third-party systems and software, allowing for customization and easy integration into existing workflows.

  5. Real-Time Analytics and Data: Openpath provides administrators with real-time analytics and comprehensive data insights, enabling better decision-making, enhancing security measures, and optimizing access control.

  6. Unique Features: Openpath offers unique features such as guest passes, allowing for temporary mobile access, and tailgating solutions, which help prevent unauthorized entry.

  7. Flexibility for Multi-Site Management: Openpath's cloud-based system makes managing multiple sites easy, providing centralized control and the ability to set different access levels and schedules for various locations.

User Management and Scheduling

Openpath's system simplifies user management and scheduling, providing flexibility and efficiency. With features like syncing with directory services, group management, and customizable schedules, administrators can easily manage user access and define specific access rules based on roles, groups, and time frames.

Configurations, Alerts, and Dashboard Customization

Openpath offers customizable configurations, alerts, and dashboards, allowing administrators to tailor the system to their specific needs. Users can set up alerts and notifications for a range of events and customize their dashboards to display the most relevant information. Integration with video systems enables visual verification and enhances security measures.

Open API and Integration Possibilities

Openpath's open API allows for seamless integration with a wide range of systems and software. Whether it's integrating with time clocks, booking systems, HR systems, data management tools, or BI solutions, Openpath's API ensures compatibility and enables businesses to create a fully integrated ecosystem.

The Future of Cloud-Based Access Control

The access control industry is rapidly shifting towards cloud-based solutions, and Openpath is at the forefront of this transformation. As organizations prioritize remote management, scalability, and enhanced user experiences, cloud-based access control systems like Openpath will continue to pave the way for future innovations.


Openpath offers a revolutionary approach to access control, providing flexibility, convenience, and enhanced security through cloud-based solutions and mobile credentials. With its range of innovative features, seamless integration capabilities, and commitment to continuous improvement, Openpath is redefining the way access control systems are designed and implemented. Embracing Openpath's modern and user-friendly access control solutions ensures efficient and future-proofed access management for businesses and organizations alike.


  • Openpath offers cloud-based access control solutions that prioritize user experience, convenience, and security.
  • Mobile phones are utilized as personal credentials, allowing for touchless access control.
  • Openpath's innovative features include modern IoT connected hardware, natively built cloud software, encrypted credentials, and open integration.
  • The system enables centralized user management, customizable schedules, and real-time analytics.
  • Openpath's open API allows for seamless integration with a variety of systems and software.
  • The future of access control is moving toward cloud-based solutions, and Openpath is leading the way.


  1. Can Openpath work with existing access control systems?

    • Yes, Openpath offers a mobile gateway solution that allows for a smooth transition from on-premise systems to the cloud-based Openpath system.
  2. How secure are Openpath's credentials?

    • Openpath utilizes TLS encryption, making access as secure as sending money to a bank. Mobile credentials and badges are encrypted, preventing cloning and unauthorized access.
  3. Can Openpath integrate with video surveillance systems?

    • Yes, Openpath integrates with various video systems, allowing for visual verification and synchronized event recording.
  4. Can Openpath be customized to fit specific user needs?

    • Yes, Openpath offers flexibility in configuration, alerts, and dashboard customization, allowing administrators to tailor the system to their specific requirements.
  5. How scalable is Openpath's system for businesses with multiple sites?

    • Openpath's cloud-based system is highly scalable and offers centralized control for managing access across multiple sites. Administrators can easily define different access levels and schedules for each location.
  6. What are the key benefits of using Openpath's system?

    • The key benefits of Openpath's system include a better user experience, increased convenience, enhanced security, real-time analytics, and seamless integration capabilities.
  7. Can Openpath be integrated with HR systems?

    • Yes, Openpath can integrate with HR systems, allowing for automated user management and synchronization of employee data.
  8. What is the level of technical support provided by Openpath?

    • Openpath provides excellent technical support, with fast response times and high customer satisfaction ratings. Their support team is knowledgeable and capable of resolving issues promptly.
  9. Can Openpath's system be used in various industries?

    • Yes, Openpath's system is suitable for a wide range of industries, including enterprises, sports teams, universities, and organizations of all sizes that require reliable and secure access control.
  10. How does Openpath ensure compliance with data protection standards?

    • Openpath is compliant with data protection standards such as CCPA and GDPR. They prioritize cybersecurity and physical security, providing a secure solution for access control needs.

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