Master Your Brand's Instagram Aesthetic with These Tips

Master Your Brand's Instagram Aesthetic with These Tips

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is an Instagram aesthetic?
  3. Importance of a cohesive Instagram feed
  4. Accounts that have nailed their aesthetic
  5. The misconception about filters
  6. The three areas to focus on for a cohesive feed: 6.1 Lighting 6.1.1 Bright and airy style 6.1.2 Dark and moody vibe 6.2 Colors 6.2.1 Choosing brand colors 6.2.2 Including colors in each photo 6.3 Mood 6.3.1 Aligning poses and objects with the desired mood 6.3.2 Considering how followers perceive the brand
  7. Using consistent lighting, colors, and mood for a cohesive feed
  8. Conclusion

How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed: Mastering Your Brand's Aesthetic

Welcome back to the world of Instagram aesthetics! If you're looking to make your brand's Instagram feed look cohesive and visually appealing to your audience, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll explore the key elements of creating a cohesive Instagram feed and provide you with actionable tips on how to achieve it.


In today's visually-driven world, maintaining a consistent and cohesive Instagram feed is essential for brands and influencers alike. A cohesive feed not only captures the attention of your audience but also conveys your brand's identity, values, and aesthetics. By following these simple yet effective strategies, you'll be on your way to creating a stunning Instagram feed that stands out from the crowd.

What is an Instagram aesthetic?

An Instagram aesthetic refers to the overall visual style and theme of your Instagram feed. It encompasses aspects such as the choice of colors, lighting, composition, and the mood or vibe your brand aims to convey. A well-defined and consistent aesthetic helps create a memorable and visually appealing brand presence on Instagram.

Importance of a cohesive Instagram feed

A cohesive Instagram feed plays a crucial role in attracting new followers, engaging with existing ones, and building a strong brand identity. When your feed is visually consistent, it not only creates a pleasing and professional appearance but also establishes a sense of trust and authenticity among your audience.

Accounts that have nailed their aesthetic

Before we delve into the strategies to create a cohesive Instagram feed, let's take a moment to draw inspiration from accounts that have masterfully nailed their aesthetics. Accounts like @x, @y, and @z are perfect examples of brands that have successfully created a unique style and cohesive look for their Instagram feeds. By observing their use of colors, lighting, and overall theme, we can gain valuable insights on how to implement these strategies for our own feeds.

The misconception about filters

Many people mistakenly believe that finding the right filter is all it takes to create a cohesive Instagram feed. While filters can certainly enhance the visual appeal of your photos, creating a consistent feed goes beyond simply applying a filter. The secret lies in focusing on three key areas while taking your photos: lighting, colors, and mood.

The three areas to focus on for a cohesive feed

Lighting: Lighting plays a crucial role in determining the overall look and feel of your photos. Depending on the style you want to achieve, whether it be bright and airy or dark and moody, you'll need to choose your lighting accordingly. If you aim for a bright and airy feed, photographing during daylight hours and avoiding shadows will be essential. On the other hand, if you prefer a darker and more atmospheric vibe, shooting after sunset or in low-light conditions can help create that desired mood.

Colors: Selecting the right colors that align with your brand is another vital aspect of creating a cohesive Instagram feed. Identify two or three colors that represent your brand and strive to incorporate at least one of these colors in each photo. By doing so, you'll create a consistent color palette that strengthens your brand identity. Be mindful of any colors that detract from your brand's theme and either remove them from the frame before capturing the photo or edit them out during the post-processing stage.

Mood: The mood or vibe you aim to convey through your Instagram feed is equally important in creating a cohesive visual experience. Whether you want to evoke energy, elegance, playfulness, or any other emotion, it's crucial to align your poses or arranged objects with your desired mood. Choosing a mood for your feed can also provide clarity when selecting the appropriate lighting and colors that will effectively support that mood. Additionally, consider how you want your followers to perceive your brand and ensure that your chosen mood aligns with that perception.

Using consistent lighting, colors, and mood for a cohesive feed

By paying attention to the three areas mentioned above – lighting, colors, and mood – you'll be able to maintain a cohesive and visually stunning Instagram feed. Consistently shooting in similar lighting conditions, incorporating your brand colors into each photo, and aligning the poses or arrangements with your desired mood will result in a feed that exudes professionalism and authenticity. Remember, creating a cohesive feed is an ongoing process that requires experimentation and refinement as your brand evolves.


Creating a cohesive Instagram feed is an art that requires a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of your brand. By focusing on lighting, colors, and mood, you'll be able to transform your Instagram feed into a visual masterpiece that captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impression. Embrace your brand's unique style, experiment with different techniques, and watch as your cohesive feed becomes a powerful tool in connecting with your audience and growing your brand's presence on Instagram.


  • Understand the importance of a cohesive Instagram feed for brand identity and audience engagement.
  • Learn from successful accounts that have mastered their Instagram aesthetic.
  • Bust the misconception about filters and explore the three essential areas to focus on for a cohesive feed: lighting, colors, and mood.
  • Discover how consistent lighting, the inclusion of brand colors, and alignment with a desired mood can create a visually stunning Instagram feed.
  • Embrace experimentation and refinement to continuously evolve and enhance your brand's Instagram aesthetic.


Q: Can I create a cohesive Instagram feed without using filters? A: Absolutely! While filters can enhance your photos, creating a cohesive feed is more about focusing on lighting, colors, and mood during the photography process.

Q: How many colors should I incorporate into each photo? A: It's best to include at least one of your brand's colors in each photo, but you don't have to include all of them. Aim for consistency and ensure that the colors align with your overall aesthetic.

Q: Do I have to stick with one lighting style for my entire Instagram feed? A: Not necessarily. You can choose different lighting styles based on the mood or vibe you want to convey. Just ensure that you maintain consistency within each style that you choose.

Q: Can I change my Instagram aesthetic over time? A: Of course! Your brand and aesthetic may evolve over time, and it's perfectly normal to adjust your Instagram feed accordingly. Just be mindful of maintaining consistency as you make changes.

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