Increase Sales and Loyalty: Set Up Discount Codes in Shopify!

Increase Sales and Loyalty: Set Up Discount Codes in Shopify!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefits of Discount Codes in Shopify
  3. How to Set Up Discount Codes in Shopify
    1. Accessing the Shopify Admin
    2. Creating a Discount Code
    3. Choosing the Discount Type
    4. Setting the Discount Value
    5. Minimum Purchase Requirements
    6. Applying the Discount to Specific Customer Segments
    7. Limiting the Discount Usage
    8. Setting an End Date for the Discount
  4. Reviewing and Saving the Discount Code
  5. Using Shareable Links for Promotion
  6. Conclusion


Discount codes are a powerful tool for online retailers to attract and incentivize customers to make purchases. In Shopify, setting up discount codes is a straightforward process that can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty. This tutorial will guide you through the steps of creating and managing discount codes in Shopify, specifically focusing on how to set up a discount code for new customers.

Benefits of Discount Codes in Shopify

Before diving into the tutorial, let's explore some of the benefits of using discount codes in your Shopify store. Discount codes can:

  1. Encourage new customer acquisition: By offering a discount to new customers, you can entice them to choose your store over competitors.
  2. Drive repeat purchases: Returning customers are more likely to make repeat purchases if they are offered exclusive discounts.
  3. Increase average order value: Discount codes can motivate customers to spend more by providing incentives for larger purchases.
  4. Boost customer loyalty: Offering discounts to loyal customers can strengthen their bond with your brand and increase their likelihood of becoming repeat customers.
  5. Improve customer satisfaction: Discount codes show appreciation to customers and make them feel valued, leading to a positive shopping experience.

Now that we understand the benefits, let's proceed to the steps of setting up discount codes in Shopify.

How to Set Up Discount Codes in Shopify

Step 1: Accessing the Shopify Admin

To set up discount codes in Shopify, you first need to access the Shopify admin. Log in to your Shopify account and navigate to the admin dashboard.

Step 2: Creating a Discount Code

Once you're in the Shopify admin, locate the "Discounts" tab on the left-hand side and click on it. On the Discounts page, click the "Create discount" button.

Step 3: Choosing the Discount Type

In the discount creation menu, you have several options to choose from. For this tutorial, we'll focus on creating a discount code that provides a percentage off the entire order. Select the "Amount off order" option.

Step 4: Setting the Discount Value

Now, you can set the value of the discount. Enter the amount, which in this case is 10. You also have the option to choose between a percentage discount or a fixed amount discount.

Step 5: Minimum Purchase Requirements

You can choose to set minimum purchase requirements for customers to be eligible for the discount. For this example, we'll select "No minimum requirements" to allow any purchase to receive the discount.

Step 6: Applying the Discount to Specific Customer Segments

To limit the discount to new customers, select "Specific customer segments." Click the browse button and choose the option for customers who haven't purchased yet. This ensures that only new customers can avail the discount.

Step 7: Limiting the Discount Usage

To prevent abuse of the discount code, set a limit on its usage. Choose "Limit to one use per customer," ensuring that each new customer can only use the discount code once.

Step 8: Setting an End Date for the Discount

If you want the discount code to expire, you can set an end date. Specify the date and time when the discount will no longer be valid. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages customers to make a purchase within the given timeframe.

Reviewing and Saving the Discount Code

Before finalizing the discount code, review all the information you've entered on the summary section. Ensure that the discount code, save 10, is available for all sales channels. It offers 10% off the entire order with no minimum purchase requirement. The discount is only applicable to new customers and can be used only once per customer. Additionally, the discount is active until the end of the year.

Click on the "Save" button to save the discount code. If needed, you can also obtain a shareable link to promote the discount via email newsletters or social media posts.

Using Shareable Links for Promotion

By clicking the "Get shareable link" button, you can obtain a unique URL that can be used as a direct link to the discount. This link can be shared with customers through various channels, further promoting the discount and encouraging them to make a purchase.


Discount codes can be a valuable tool in attracting new customers, driving repeat purchases, and boosting customer loyalty. Setting up discount codes in Shopify is a simple process and can lead to significant results for your online store. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can create and manage discount codes effectively, enhancing your marketing efforts and increasing sales.

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