Maximize Your Affiliate Marketing Success with Even

Maximize Your Affiliate Marketing Success with Even

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Even?
  3. Signing up as a Publisher
  4. Navigating the Dashboard
  5. Choosing Affiliate Programs
  6. Understanding EPC
  7. Applying for Affiliate Programs
  8. Using the Publisher Master Tag
  9. Getting Paid
  10. Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success
  11. Conclusion


In this article, we will be discussing Even, an affiliate network that has been around for many years and is considered one of the global leaders in the industry. We will explore what Even is, how to sign up as a publisher, navigate the dashboard, choose affiliate programs, understand EPC (Earning Per Click), apply for programs, use the Publisher Master Tag, and get paid. Additionally, we will provide tips for achieving success in affiliate marketing and conclude with a summary of the key points covered.

What is Even?

Even is a well-established affiliate network that offers a platform for advertisers and publishers to connect and collaborate. Advertisers use Even to promote their brands and their affiliate programs, while publishers leverage Even to find high-quality brands to partner with and earn commissions through referrals.

Signing up as a Publisher

To get started with Even as a publisher, simply visit their website and click on the "Publisher" option or the "Sign Up" button. It's important to note that Even is not a free affiliate network, and there is a one-time registration fee of $5 for publishers. This fee ensures that only serious and committed publishers join the network.

Navigating the Dashboard

Once you have signed up as a publisher, you will gain access to the Even dashboard. The dashboard is your control center for managing your affiliate marketing activities. It provides an overview of your earnings, the affiliate programs you have joined, and other relevant metrics and information. Take some time to explore the different features and familiarize yourself with the layout of the dashboard.

Choosing Affiliate Programs

Even offers a wide range of affiliate programs from various sectors and countries. To choose the right program for yourself, you can use filters such as country and sector to narrow down the options. It is also recommended to sort the programs based on the EPC (Earnings Per Click) metric, as this gives you a better understanding of the potential earnings. Selecting programs with higher EPC is crucial for maximizing your affiliate marketing income.

Understanding EPC

EPC, or Earnings Per Click, is an important metric to consider when choosing affiliate programs. It indicates how much commission you can expect to earn for each click generated through your referral. While it's tempting to focus solely on the commission rate, it's essential to also consider the EPC to ensure that the program is profitable and worth your time and effort.

Applying for Affiliate Programs

Once you have identified an affiliate program that interests you, you can apply to join it through the Even platform. Simply click on the "Join Program" button, and a new page will open with details about the program's commission rates and terms. Read the disclaimer carefully to ensure that you meet the program's requirements. You can also mention your chosen promotion method and any relevant details about your online presence, such as your website or social media channels. After reviewing the information and confirming your interest, click on "Join" to apply to the program.

Using the Publisher Master Tag

Even offers a useful tool called the Publisher Master Tag, which automatically converts your product links into affiliate links. To use this feature, you need to add Even's JavaScript code to your website. The Publisher Master Tag is particularly helpful if you have a fashion or lifestyle website. However, please note that it only works for products that are part of the Even network. It's recommended to install Even's WordPress plugin for easier integration and automate the process of link conversion.

Getting Paid

Even provides multiple options for receiving your affiliate commissions. You can choose between Payoneer and direct wire transfer. Payoneer is a popular and convenient choice, offering lower fees compared to PayPal for many affiliate marketers. If you haven't signed up for Payoneer yet, we will provide a link in the description for your convenience. It's always advisable to explore different payment options and select the one that suits your preferences and needs.

Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success

Finding success in affiliate marketing goes beyond joining multiple programs. It involves building strong partnerships with reputable brands and focusing on programs that offer higher commissions and EPC. Remember the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. Instead of spreading yourself thin across multiple programs, concentrate on a few high-performing brands that align with your niche and have a proven track record of timely payments.


Even is a well-established affiliate network that provides opportunities for both advertisers and publishers to benefit from affiliate marketing. By signing up as a publisher, navigating the dashboard, selecting relevant affiliate programs, understanding EPC, using the Publisher Master Tag, and utilizing effective payment methods, you can maximize your affiliate marketing success. Remember to focus on quality brands and partnerships, and always seek ways to improve your skills and strategies. With dedication and the right approach, you can achieve significant results in affiliate marketing.

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