How Eddie Made $1 Million in 82 Days with Shopify Dropshipping

How Eddie Made $1 Million in 82 Days with Shopify Dropshipping

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Eddie's Journey to Success 2.1. A Transparent Approach 2.2. Learning from Failures 2.3. The Current Successful Store
  3. Breaking Down the Numbers 3.1. Total Sales 3.2. Cost of Goods Sold 3.3. Advertising Costs 3.4. Calculating Profit
  4. The Importance of Speed and Efficiency
  5. Choosing a Store Name
  6. Finding Potential Products for dropshipping
  7. Testing Products and Running Ads
  8. Scaling the Store 8.1. Increasing Budgets in CBOs 8.2. The Logic Behind Optimization
  9. The Challenges of Running a Million Dollar Business
  10. Conclusion

How Eddie Made One Million Dollars in 82 Days with a New Shopify Dropshipping Store


Eddie, a successful e-commerce entrepreneur, shares his journey of making one million dollars within a short timeframe of 82 days through his Shopify dropshipping store. In this article, we will delve into Eddie's story, his transparent approach, and the strategies he used to achieve such remarkable success. We will also break down the financial numbers to understand how Eddie managed to generate such impressive profits. So let's dive in and discover the secrets behind Eddie's million-dollar empire.

Eddie's Journey to Success

2.1 A Transparent Approach

Eddie firmly believes in transparency and wants to dispel the notion that e-commerce is a get-rich-quick scheme. He admits to facing numerous failures and setbacks before achieving his current level of success. With the intention of helping others learn from his experience, Eddie shares what he has learned over the years.

2.2 Learning from Failures

Eddie emphasizes the importance of learning from failures and not being discouraged by losses. He acknowledges losing a significant amount of money before reaching his current position. However, these setbacks fueled his determination to persevere and eventually succeed. Eddie's story serves as a reminder that success in e-commerce requires patience, resilience, and a willingness to learn from mistakes.

2.3 The Current Successful Store

Eddie's current store, which he started on October 16th, has achieved extraordinary results. He proudly displays his actual sales numbers, refuting any skepticism. From October 16th to January 6th, Eddie's store generated over one million dollars in sales. He even provides evidence of his store ownership and the amount spent on advertising to validate his claims. These numbers not only demonstrate Eddie's success but also underline the potential of e-commerce when approached with the right strategy.

Breaking Down the Numbers

3.1 Total Sales

The first aspect we'll explore is Eddie's impressive sales figures. He shows his Shopify dashboard, highlighting the steady growth in sales from the first day of the store's launch. Eddie generated over one million dollars in sales within 82 days. To address any doubts about the authenticity of these results, he reloads the page and showcases the last 90 days, which also show substantial sales.

3.2 Cost of Goods Sold

To determine the profitability of his venture, Eddie calculates the cost of goods sold (COGS). He reveals an average cost per order of $14.61 and the total number of orders during the 80 days, which amounts to 17,768. Based on these figures, he estimates the COGS to be around $260,000.

3.3 Advertising Costs

Understanding the significance of advertising in his success, Eddie reveals the amount he spent on ads. He shares the costs from various ad accounts he utilized, including Facebook ads and Google ads. The cumulative advertising expenses amount to approximately $785,000.

3.4 Calculating Profit

With the sales and cost breakdowns, Eddie calculates his profit for the 82-day period. Subtracting the total costs from the total sales, he reveals a profit of over $215,000. This impressive profit showcases the potential for substantial returns in the e-commerce industry.

The Importance of Speed and Efficiency

One of the key takeaways from Eddie's journey is the importance of speed and efficiency. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to avoid overthinking and striving for perfection. Eddie found that his most successful stores were created quickly, focusing primarily on return on investment (ROI) and efficiently utilizing time and effort. He encourages beginners to prioritize testing products and being productive rather than getting caught up in minute details.

Choosing a Store Name

Eddie shares his approach to choosing a store name, emphasizing that it doesn't need to be an elaborate process. He suggests simply typing random words into a domain search tool, such as GoDaddy, to find available .com domains. By avoiding excessive deliberation on the store name, entrepreneurs can focus on more important aspects of their business.

Finding Potential Products for Dropshipping

Eddie reveals his technique for finding potential products for dropshipping; using the Facebook Ads library. By searching for specific keywords related to dropshipping, such as "worldwide shipping," he explores the ads of other dropshipping stores. Eddie advises being creative, analyzing multiple ads, and monitoring the success of stores to identify potentially profitable products for testing.

Testing Products and Running Ads

Eddie discusses his approach to testing products and running ads. He recommends starting with a campaign that tests various interests and ads. By monitoring the performance of these initial tests, entrepreneurs can identify potentially profitable products and interests. Eddie also advises using multiple ad assets and targeting specific interests within campaign ad sets to improve the chances of success.

Scaling the Store

8.1 Increasing Budgets in CBOs

Eddie explains his strategy for scaling his store through Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO). He shares an example of incrementally increasing the budget for a profitable interest in a CBO campaign. By gradually raising the budget, Eddie was able to effectively scale his ad spend and maintain profitability. He assures viewers that this method does not adversely affect optimization.

8.2 The Logic Behind Optimization

Eddie addresses concerns about optimization and clarifies that Facebook's tracking of sales may not accurately reflect the actual performance. He emphasizes the importance of logic and focusing on ROI rather than solely relying on Facebook's optimization algorithms. Eddie's successful scaling strategies demonstrate the viability of this approach.

The Challenges of Running a Million Dollar Business

Eddie acknowledges that running a million-dollar business presents numerous challenges. He briefly mentions the complexities involved but suggests that addressing these issues would require a more detailed discussion. Eddie encourages viewers to ask questions or seek further explanations if they want to delve deeper into specific aspects of the business.


Eddie's incredible journey to making one million dollars in 82 days with his Shopify dropshipping store serves as an inspiration to aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs. His transparency and practical advice provide valuable insights into the world of e-commerce. By following Eddie's strategies, focusing on speed and efficiency, and learning from failures, individuals can unlock their own potential for success. Running a million-dollar business is no easy feat, but with the right strategies, dedication, and perseverance, it can be accomplished.

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