Enhance Your Shopify Store with Payment Icons

Enhance Your Shopify Store with Payment Icons

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Method 1: Lazy Way
  3. Method 2: Efficient Way
  4. Using Custom Liquid
  5. Adding Payment Icons to Product Pages
  6. Editing the Footer Code
  7. Troubleshooting
  8. Conclusion

How to Add Payment Icons under Your Add-to-Cart Buttons on Shopify

Are you looking for a way to enhance the payment options on your Shopify store? In this article, we will guide you step by step on how to add payment icons under your add-to-cart buttons. Whether you prefer the lazy way or the efficient way, you don't need any special skills to accomplish this task. So let's get started!

Method 1: Lazy Way

The first method we will cover is the lazy way, which is super easy to follow. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Open any product page in a new tab in your Shopify store.
  2. Go to the customization options for your online store.
  3. Click on the top section and select "Products."
  4. Choose the product to which you want to add the payment icons.
  5. Open a new tab and scroll down to the footer of your store, where you can find the payment icons.
  6. Right-click on any of the payment icons and select "Inspect."
  7. In the inspect window, you will see the HTML code for the payment icons.
  8. Select the code and copy it.
  9. Go back to the Shopify editor and click on the product information section.
  10. Scroll down and click on "Add block" and then select "Custom Liquid."
  11. Right-click on the custom liquid section and paste the copied code.
  12. Adjust the positioning of the payment icons by dragging them to the desired location.
  13. Save your changes, and you're done!

The lazy way allows you to quickly add payment icons to your product pages without modifying the theme code extensively. However, keep in mind that this method may not perfectly match your website's theme.

Method 2: Efficient Way

If you want to ensure that the payment icons blend seamlessly with your website's theme, you can follow the slightly more advanced but efficient method. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Open your Shopify store and click on "Customize" in the Admin section.
  2. Close unnecessary sections and navigate directly to the footer.
  3. Click on "Edit code" to access your website's code.
  4. In the code section, search for the footer liquid file.
  5. Scroll down until you find the code related to the payment icons, such as PayPal or other payment options.
  6. Copy the relevant code snippet.
  7. Go to the product page where you want to add the payment icons.
  8. Click on "Default product" and then select "Add block" followed by "Custom Liquid."
  9. Paste the copied code into the custom liquid section.
  10. Save your changes, and you're all set!

By implementing the efficient way, you can ensure that the payment icons align with the overall design of your website. However, please note that modifying the theme code carries a slight risk of errors, depending on the compatibility with your specific theme.

Using Custom Liquid

If you're comfortable working with Liquid, Shopify's templating language, you can also create custom payment icons by writing your own code. This allows you to have complete control over the design and behavior of the icons. You can refer to Shopify's Liquid documentation for more information and examples.

Adding Payment Icons to Product Pages

Enhancing the checkout experience for your customers is crucial when running an online store. By adding payment icons to your product pages, you can instill confidence and provide visual cues of the available payment options. This not only helps in converting potential customers but also enhances the overall user experience.

Editing the Footer Code

The footer section of your Shopify store contains various elements, including the payment icons. By editing the footer code, you can have more fine-grained control over how the icons appear and their placement. This method requires a bit more technical knowledge but allows for a more customized result.


If you encounter any issues during the process, such as errors or incorrect display of the payment icons, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot:

  1. Double-check the copied code and ensure that it is correctly pasted into the designated sections.
  2. Clear your browser cache and refresh the page to see if that resolves the issue.
  3. Verify that the theme you are using supports the addition of custom payment icons.
  4. Reach out to Shopify's customer support or consult the Shopify community forums for assistance.


Adding payment icons under your add-to-cart buttons on Shopify is a simple yet effective way to improve your store's conversion rate and provide a seamless checkout experience for your customers. Whether you choose the lazy way or the efficient way, follow the step-by-step instructions provided in this article. Experiment with different icon placements to find what works best for your store's design. Start impressing your customers with a wide range of payment options today!


  • Learn how to add payment icons under your add-to-cart buttons on Shopify.
  • Two methods: lazy way and efficient way.
  • Enhance your store's checkout experience with visually appealing payment icons.
  • Troubleshoot common issues during the process.


Q: Can I use any payment icons I want?

A: Yes, you can use any payment icons that are supported by your Shopify theme or by customizing the code.

Q: Will adding payment icons affect my store's loading speed?

A: In most cases, adding payment icons should not significantly impact your store's loading speed. However, it's essential to optimize your website's performance to ensure smooth user experience.

Q: Can I remove the payment icons if I change my mind?

A: Yes, you can easily remove the payment icons by following the same steps mentioned earlier and deleting the relevant code.

Q: What if I don't have coding experience?

A: If you don't have coding experience, you can still add payment icons to your store using the lazy way method mentioned in this article. It requires no coding skills and is beginner-friendly.

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