Discover the Powerful Features of Omnisend CRM

Discover the Powerful Features of Omnisend CRM

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Background of the Business
  3. Previous CRM and Email Provider (Get Response)
  4. Need for a New Solution
  5. Choosing Omniscend
  6. Compatibility with WooCommerce
  7. Automations and Features
  8. Easy Setup Process
  9. Email Builder and Templates
  10. Trouble with Forms on the Website
  11. Responsive Customer Support
  12. Potential Issue with Email Bounces
  13. Overall User Experience
  14. Recent Updates and Improved Email Builder
  15. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore the experience of Ian, the director of a business, with Omniscend as a CRM manager and email provider. Ian will provide insights into his business's need for a new solution, the decision to choose Omniscend, the compatibility with WooCommerce, the setup process, the features and automations, the ease of use, the customer support, and the overall user experience. We will also discuss a potential issue with email bounces and the recent updates to Omniscend's email builder. Let's dive in!

Background of the Business

Ian introduces himself as the director of his business and acknowledges the importance of an efficient CRM and email provider for effective communication and automation. He shares that his business initially used Get Response as their CRM manager and email provider but faced limitations as their mailing list grew and their website's complexity increased.

Previous CRM and Email Provider (Get Response)

Ian briefly mentions Get Response, describing it as an okay CRM and email provider for their initial needs. However, as their business grew, they encountered challenges with managing a larger mailing list and implementing advanced functionalities such as onboarding automation.

Need for a New Solution

With the company's growth and evolving requirements, Ian realized that a more professional and comprehensive solution was needed. He highlights the importance of compatibility with the WooCommerce element of their website and the ability to utilize automations, such as sending emails for abandoned baskets and linking directly to products in the monthly newsletter.

Choosing Omniscend

Ian explains that they selected Omniscend due to its professional appearance, compatibility with WooCommerce, and the desired automations offered. He emphasizes that Omniscend seemed to fit their needs at the time, considering the growing complexity of their business and the need for an integrated solution.

Compatibility with WooCommerce

One of the key factors in opting for Omniscend was its seamless integration with the WooCommerce element of their website. This compatibility allowed for effective utilization of automations and facilitated a smoother customer journey from email campaigns.

Automations and Features

Ian mentions automated functionalities such as sending emails for abandoned baskets and the ability to directly link to products from their store in newsletters. These automations were seen as crucial for increasing click-through rates and improving conversions.

Easy Setup Process

Setting up Omniscend and migrating their contacts was straightforward and relatively simple, according to Ian. He highlights the user-friendly interface and mentions the availability of templates and other helpful resources.

Email Builder and Templates

Ian notes that the email builder in Omniscend is similar to ones they had used in the past, making it easy to create visually appealing emails. He also acknowledges the wide range of templates available, making the email creation process more accessible.

Trouble with Forms on the Website

Ian describes facing a minor challenge with getting the forms on their website to be compatible with the desired layout. However, he mentions that their web developers assisted in resolving the issue with some custom code.

Responsive Customer Support

Ian appreciates the prompt and helpful customer support provided by the Omniscend team. Whenever they required assistance, the support team was quick to respond, allowing them to overcome any obstacles in their journey.

Potential Issue with Email Bounces

While overall satisfied with Omniscend, Ian mentions an issue they encountered related to email bounces. If an email sent through Omniscend bounced, the recipient would be automatically removed from their mailing list. Ian shares that this caught them off guard and resulted in losing a few valuable customers. However, they were able to address the issue and haven't faced a similar problem since.

Overall User Experience

Ian concludes that using Omniscend has been a straightforward and positive experience for his business. He mentions the recent updates to the email builder as a significant improvement that allows users to tailor their emails to their preferences.

Recent Updates and Improved Email Builder

One of the noteworthy aspects of Omniscend mentioned by Ian is the recent updates to the email builder. These updates have made it even easier for users to customize and design emails, providing more flexibility in creating visually appealing campaigns.


Ian positively summarizes his experience with Omniscend, highlighting its ease of use, compatibility with WooCommerce, helpful customer support, and overall satisfaction with the features and automations offered. Despite the initial issue with email bounces, Ian recommends Omniscend as a valuable CRM manager and email provider for businesses seeking enhanced capabilities and seamless integrations.


  • Omniscend is a professional and comprehensive CRM manager and email provider.
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce facilitates effective utilization of automations.
  • The setup process is straightforward and user-friendly.
  • The email builder and templates make it easy to create visually appealing emails.
  • Customer support is responsive and helpful.
  • Potential issue with email bounces, but the problem was resolved.
  • Recent updates to the email builder have improved customization capabilities.


Q: Can Omniscend integrate with other e-commerce platforms apart from WooCommerce? A: Yes, Omniscend provides integrations with various e-commerce platforms, allowing businesses to use its features and automations regardless of the platform they use.

Q: Can I use Omniscend for email campaigns targeting specific customer segments? A: Absolutely! Omniscend offers segmentation capabilities, enabling businesses to target specific customer segments with personalized email campaigns.

Q: Does Omniscend provide analytics and reporting features? A: Yes, Omniscend includes analytics and reporting features that provide insights into the performance of email campaigns, customer engagement, and conversions.

Q: Can I import my existing mailing list into Omniscend? A: Yes, Omniscend allows easy migration of contacts and existing mailing lists, making the transition smooth and hassle-free.

Q: Does Omniscend offer any training or resources for new users? A: Yes, Omniscend provides training materials, tutorials, and resources to help new users familiarize themselves with the platform and maximize its capabilities.

Q: Is Omniscend suitable for businesses of all sizes? A: Yes, Omniscend caters to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, offering scalable solutions to meet their CRM and email marketing needs.

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