Affordable and Vibrant Cross Stitch Kits from AliExpress

Affordable and Vibrant Cross Stitch Kits from AliExpress

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Unbagging from AliExpress
  3. Cross Stitch Kit #1 3.1. Toolkit and Materials 3.2. Pattern 3.3. Canvas 3.4. Extra Skeins
  4. Cross Stitch Kit #2 4.1. Toolkit and Materials 4.2. Pattern 4.3. Canvas 4.4. Extra Skeins
  5. Cross Stitch Kit #3 5.1. Toolkit and Materials 5.2. Pattern 5.3. Canvas 5.4. Extra Skeins
  6. Stitching Techniques 6.1. Different Stitches 6.2. Floss Separation 6.3. Ironing and Cleaning
  7. Tips for Stitching 7.1. Dealing with Confetti Stitches 7.2. Handling Background Stitching
  8. Conclusion

Unbagging Cross Stitch Kits from AliExpress

Today, we have an exciting unbagging video from AliExpress. In this video, I will be showcasing a couple of cross stitch kits that I recently purchased. I've already opened the packages to organize the contents, as I wanted to show you the kits in a more structured manner. So, without further ado, let's dive into the unbagging!

Cross Stitch Kit #1

The first kit I'll be showing you comes with a comprehensive toolkit and materials. The toolkit includes a pair of scissors, a needle threader, and five needles, providing all the essentials for your cross stitching journey. The pattern for this kit depicts a beautiful geisha woman with 39 vibrant colors. It does not require any backstitching and is designed for an 11-count fabric. Speaking of the fabric, the canvas is 215 stitches by 275 stitches, and the symbols are neatly placed, making it easy to follow. The kit also includes extra skeins of thread for any unforeseen mishaps or additional customization. The price of this kit is extremely affordable at $16.59.

Cross Stitch Kit #2

Moving on to the next kit, we have a stunning design featuring a house. This kit also comes with a toolkit that includes a needle threader, a pair of scissors, and five needles. The pattern for this kit showcases 42 vibrant colors and is designed for an 11-count fabric. The canvas is 170 stitches by 218 stitches, allowing for a detailed and visually appealing finished product. The symbols on the canvas match the pattern, making it convenient to follow. The kit also provides multiple floss cards with the same colors, although I personally prefer different types of floss cards. This kit is reasonably priced at $12.98.

Cross Stitch Kit #3

Our last kit features a captivating yin and yang design with dragons and flowers. The toolkit included in this kit consists of a seam ripper, a symbol poof ball, four needles, and a pair of scissors. This kit offers a variety of stitching techniques, as indicated in the instructions, and is designed for a 14-count fabric. The pattern size is 50 stitches by 50 stitches, and the symbols, although slightly smaller, are still clear and distinguishable. Similar to the previous kits, extra skeins of thread are provided for any unexpected needs. This kit is priced at $17.32.

Stitching Techniques

Now that we have gone through the kits, it's important to familiarize ourselves with some essential stitching techniques. Cross stitching involves various types of stitches, including full stitches, fractional stitches, and backstitches. It's crucial to separate the floss strands properly to avoid tangling and achieve neat and even stitching. Once you have completed your project, ironing and cleaning instructions are provided to give your cross stitch a professional and polished appearance.

Tips for Stitching

When working on kits with intricate patterns, such as those with confetti stitching or a significant amount of background, it's advisable to take breaks and alternate between different parts of the design. This approach helps to maintain motivation and prevents overwhelming yourself with too much of the same stitching. Remember, cross stitching is meant to be an enjoyable and calming activity, so make sure to take your time and find a rhythm that suits you.


In conclusion, these AliExpress cross stitch kits offer a wide range of designs to suit various preferences. With their affordable prices and comprehensive toolkits, they are perfect for beginners and experienced stitchers alike. The clear patterns and neatly labeled symbols ensure a smooth stitching process, resulting in beautiful finished pieces. So, if you're looking for a new cross stitching project, don't hesitate to explore the options available on AliExpress.


  • Affordable cross stitch kits from AliExpress
  • Comprehensive toolkits included
  • Vibrant and intricate designs
  • Neatly labeled symbols and clear patterns
  • Tips for effective stitching techniques


Q1. Are the patterns compatible with the canvas?

A1. Yes, the patterns provided are designed to match the canvas. However, please note that the symbols on the pattern may differ from the symbols on the canvas.

Q2. Can I customize the colors of the cross stitch kits?

A2. The kits come with extra skeins of thread, allowing you to make minor color adjustments or handle any mishaps that may occur during the stitching process.

Q3. Are the instructions provided in the kits helpful for beginners?

A3. Absolutely! The kits include instructions on various stitching techniques, floss separation, and post-stitching care. Beginners can follow these instructions to enhance their stitching skills.

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