Boost Your ROI by 6000% with SMS Marketing on Shopify

Boost Your ROI by 6000% with SMS Marketing on Shopify

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Power of SMS Messages for Recovery
  3. The Best App for SMS Marketing: SMS Pump
  4. Key Features of SMS Pump
    1. ROI Boost
    2. Max Payment per SMS
    3. Automations
  5. Setting up Automations
  6. Analytics: One Hour SMS
  7. Analytics: Ten Hour SMS
  8. Additional Automation: 24 Hour SMS
  9. Benefits of Using SMS Pump
  10. How to Get Started with SMS Pump
    1. Using the Affiliate Link
    2. Registering on the Shopify Store
  11. Conclusion

The Power of SMS Messages for Recovery

In today's digital era, staying connected with customers and keeping them engaged is crucial for the success of any online business. One method that has gained significant popularity in recent times is SMS marketing. The use of SMS messages for recovery can be a game-changer in taking your current recovery game to the next level.

The Best App for SMS Marketing: SMS Pump

When it comes to choosing an app for SMS marketing, one stands out from the crowd - SMS Pump. This app has proven to be highly effective in boosting recovery rates and driving impressive results for Shopify store owners. With its exceptional features and ease of use, SMS Pump is the go-to choice for those looking to enhance their recovery strategy.

Key Features of SMS Pump

ROI Boost

SMS Pump boasts of an incredible return on investment (ROI). In fact, many users have reported a staggering ROI of up to 3000% within the first 30 days of using the app. This means that for every dollar spent on SMS marketing, they have received thirty dollars back. The potential for profitability is unparalleled.

Max Payment per SMS

One standout feature of SMS Pump is the ability to set a maximum payment per SMS. This ensures that you are not charged excessively for each message sent. By specifying your desired payment limit, like six cents per SMS, you have control over your expenses, especially in countries where SMS charges can be exorbitant. This feature alone sets SMS Pump apart from its competitors.


SMS Pump simplifies the process of setting up automations. With just a few clicks, you can create powerful automations that seamlessly communicate with your customers at various stages of their journey. Some of the key automations include:

  1. One hour after someone opens the checkout
  2. Ten hours after someone abandons their cart
  3. Twenty-four hours after cart abandonment
  4. Thirty days after a customer doesn't purchase anything

These automations work like magic by capturing the attention of potential customers, reminding them to complete their purchase, and even offering discounts to entice them back to your store.

Setting up Automations

Setting up automations with SMS Pump is a breeze. It takes just a few seconds to configure and personalize each automation. Whether you want to send a gentle reminder one hour after someone opens the checkout or a follow-up message ten hours after cart abandonment, the process is quick and hassle-free. By utilizing these automations, you can effectively recover lost sales and drive more conversions.

Analytics: One Hour SMS

To get a glimpse of the effectiveness of SMS Pump's automations, let's dive into the analytics of the one-hour SMS automation. With a small investment of $23, the results were astounding. A total of $1,200 in revenue was generated, resulting in an impressive ROI of around 6000%. The click-through rate stood at a remarkable 30%, indicating high customer engagement and interest.

Analytics: Ten Hour SMS

Continuing our analysis of SMS Pump's automations, let's now explore the analytics of the ten-hour SMS automation. With a similar investment of $23, this automation yielded $451 in revenue. The click-through rate remained consistently high, reinforcing the effectiveness of SMS marketing as a recovery strategy. These numbers speak volumes about the potential for increased sales and customer retention.

Additional Automation: 24 Hour SMS

SMS Pump doesn't stop at one or ten-hour automations. It recognizes the importance of sustained engagement with customers. Hence, it offers an additional automation that triggers 24 hours after someone abandons their cart. While we may not have sufficient data to present the analytics yet, based on the success of other automations, it is safe to assume that this automation will be equally fruitful.

Benefits of Using SMS Pump

The benefits of using SMS Pump for your recovery strategy are immense. Some key advantages include:

  • Skyrocketing ROI potential
  • Cost control with max payment per SMS
  • Quick and effortless automation setup
  • High customer engagement and click-through rates
  • Increased sales and revenue generation

By harnessing the power of SMS marketing through SMS Pump, you can maximize your recovery efforts and take your business to new heights.

How to Get Started with SMS Pump

Getting started with SMS Pump is simple and straightforward. There are two primary methods to begin using this powerful app:

1. Using the Affiliate Link

You can use the affiliate link provided by the app to register. By using the affiliate link, you can earn some free credits, starting with a bonus of $5. To avail this opportunity, enable one automation, such as the abandoned cart and checkout reminder. Additionally, write a review of Shopify, and these actions combined will give you the initial $5 credit necessary to begin exploring the app's capabilities.

2. Registering on the Shopify Store

Alternatively, you can directly visit the Shopify store and search for SMS Pump. Though not mandatory, it is appreciated if you choose to use the affiliate link, as it provides additional support to the app's developers. Upon registration, you can start experiencing the features and benefits of SMS Pump for yourself.


In conclusion, the power of SMS messages for recovery should not be underestimated. SMS Pump emerges as the top choice for Shopify store owners, offering outstanding features like an impressive ROI boost, max payment control per SMS, and effortless automation setup. The analytics showcase the effectiveness of SMS marketing in driving sales, generating revenue, and promoting customer engagement. By choosing SMS Pump, you have the opportunity to take your recovery game to the next level and witness remarkable growth in your online business.


  • SMS messages can enhance recovery efforts and boost customer engagement.
  • SMS Pump is the leading app for SMS marketing in Shopify stores.
  • The app offers features like ROI boost, max payment control per SMS, and seamless automation setup.
  • Analytics show incredible results, with high ROI and click-through rates.
  • Utilizing SMS Pump can lead to increased sales, revenue, and business growth.


Q: Can I customize the automations provided by SMS Pump? A: Yes, you have complete control over the automations. You can personalize the messages, timing, and triggers based on your specific business needs.

Q: Will SMS marketing be effective for my Shopify store? A: SMS marketing has proved to be highly effective for a wide range of Shopify stores, regardless of size or industry. The personalized and direct nature of SMS messages often leads to increased conversion rates and customer engagement.

Q: Can I track the performance of my SMS campaigns? A: Absolutely! SMS Pump provides detailed analytics that allow you to monitor the performance of your automations, including metrics like revenue generated, click-through rates, and more.

Q: Are there any limitations on the number of SMS messages I can send? A: SMS Pump offers flexible pricing plans that cater to the needs of different businesses. You can choose a plan that suits your messaging requirements, ensuring that you can reach your customers effectively without any limitations.

Q: Is SMS marketing compliant with regulations and privacy laws? A: Yes, SMS Pump ensures compliance with all relevant regulations and privacy laws. You can rest assured that your SMS marketing campaigns will be carried out in a responsible and compliant manner.

Q: Can I integrate SMS Pump with other marketing apps or tools? A: SMS Pump provides seamless integration with various marketing apps and tools, allowing you to complement your SMS marketing efforts with other channels.

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