Boost Customer Loyalty with Standby IO's Loyalty Program

Boost Customer Loyalty with Standby IO's Loyalty Program

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Features of the Standby IO Loyalty Program 2.1 Integrated Interface 2.2 Customer Profile 2.3 Analytics 2.4 Loyalty Rewards 2.4.1 Points Program 2.4.2 Referrals 2.4.3 VIP Tiers
  3. Different Ways to Earn Points 3.1 Purchase-based Points 3.2 Customizable Rule Conditions 3.3 Social Media Actions 3.4 Reviews and Feedback
  4. Different Ways to Redeem Discounts 4.1 Amount Discount 4.2 Variable Discount 4.3 Percentage Off 4.4 Free Shipping 4.5 Free Product Redemption 4.6 Point of Sale Option 4.7 Gift Card and Store Credits
  5. Interacting with the Loyalty Program 5.1 Launcher 5.2 Loyalty Page 5.3 Referral Program 5.3.1 Referral Rules 5.3.2 Self-Referral Fraud Protection 5.4 VIP Tiers
  6. Conclusion

Features of the Standby IO Loyalty Program

Welcome to Standby IO Loyalty and Rewards! In this article, we will take a closer look at the different features of our loyalty program.

Integrated Interface

Our loyalty and reviews app are seamlessly integrated into one interface, making it easy for you to toggle between both apps. With a single click, you can switch between viewing review data and loyalty data within the customer's profile. Unlike other apps that require you to open multiple tabs, all the necessary information is conveniently stored in one place.

Customer Profile

With Standby IO Loyalty, you can access all relevant customer information, including their order history, submitted reviews, points earned through different actions, and referrals. These profiles provide a comprehensive overview of each customer's engagement with your brand, enabling you to make informed decisions and personalize their experience.


Our analytics feature provides valuable insights into your loyalty program's performance. You can track new customer sign-ups, identify your top advocates, and monitor different actions taken by customers to redeem points or discounts. The analytics also include data on the total points earned versus points spent, giving you an overview of your program's effectiveness.

Loyalty Rewards

The Standby IO Loyalty Rewards feature consists of three main programs: Points, Referrals, and VIP Tiers.

Points Program

In the Points program, customers can earn points through various actions. They can earn points based on their purchases, with one point awarded for every dollar spent. You can also set additional rules and conditions to restrict point accumulation based on customer tags, order value thresholds, or the number of orders made within a specific timeframe. The Points program is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs.


With the Referrals program, customers can earn points or discounts by referring their friends. When a referred friend makes a purchase using the provided discount, the referring customer receives rewards as well. To prevent self-referral fraud, Standby IO Loyalty has implemented a security measure that tracks customers' IP addresses. This ensures that existing customers cannot exploit the referral program by creating multiple accounts.

VIP Tiers

Our VIP Tiers feature allows you to create different levels of VIP tiers, each with its own entry goals and rewards. As customers advance through the tiers by accumulating more points, they unlock higher points multipliers and bigger discounts. You can name the VIP tiers according to your branding and set customized entry rewards for each tier. The VIP tier settings also give you the flexibility to choose whether progression is based on point accumulation or cash value spent.

Different Ways to Earn Points

Standby IO Loyalty offers various ways for customers to earn points and engage with your brand. Apart from making purchases, they can earn points by creating an account, subscribing to a newsletter, celebrating their birthday or account anniversary, and interacting with your brand on social media platforms. Additionally, customers can earn points by submitting reviews, answering questions, or taking part in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) function.

Different Ways to Redeem Discounts

Our loyalty program provides customers with multiple options for redeeming their accumulated points. They can choose to apply their points towards discounts on their purchases, ranging from fixed amount discounts to variable discounts based on the total order value. Customers can also redeem points for free shipping, free products, or even gift cards and store credits, depending on your e-commerce platform.

Interacting with the Loyalty Program

Standby IO Loyalty offers various ways for customers to interact with your loyalty program and track their points and rewards.


The launcher, conveniently located on your website, allows customers to view their loyalty points and explores the different ways to earn and redeem points. By simply clicking on the launcher, customers can slide a toggle to choose the number of points they want to redeem, and the corresponding discount code will be provided for them to apply directly to their cart.

Loyalty Page

You can create a dedicated loyalty page on your website to provide customers with more information about your loyalty program. This page can be customized to match your brand's design and includes sections for signing up or signing in, explanations on how the program works, ways to earn points, and information about your referral program and VIP tiers.

Referral Program

Customers can easily share your referral program through various channels, such as social media, email, SMS, or the rewards page. Standby IO Loyalty also offers a referral pop-up model, which can be installed on the order confirmation page to encourage customers to refer their friends after making a purchase. This is an opportune time to promote referrals, as customers are more likely to share their positive experience with others.

VIP Tiers

The VIP tiers are designed to reward loyal customers and provide them with exclusive benefits. Customers can track their progress and see the benefits they will unlock as they advance through the different VIP tiers. The VIP tiers page can be customized with branding elements, allowing you to create a unique VIP experience for your customers.


We hope this article has provided you with a comprehensive overview of the Standby IO Loyalty Program. With its integrated interface, customer-centric features, and flexible customization options, our program can help you increase customer loyalty and drive repeat purchases. Implementing a loyalty program can be a powerful strategy for growing your e-commerce business and fostering stronger relationships with your customers. Get started with Standby IO Loyalty today and reap the benefits of a loyal customer base.

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