Unlock Amazon Dropshipping Success: Top Suppliers & Products Revealed

Unlock Amazon Dropshipping Success: Top Suppliers & Products Revealed

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started with dropshipping on Amazon 2.1. Starting with Retail Suppliers 2.1.1. Pros and Cons of Retail Dropshipping on Amazon 2.2. Transitioning to Wholesale Dropshipping 2.2.1. Pros and Cons of Wholesale Dropshipping on Amazon
  3. Using Obscure Retail Suppliers 3.1. Finding Profitable Products 3.2. Monitoring Inventory and Prices
  4. Source Mogul: The Ultimate Dropshipping Tool 4.1. How Source Mogul Works 4.2. Evaluating Suppliers on Source Mogul
  5. Examples of Obscure Retail Suppliers 5.1. Acme Tools 5.2. Fish Pond 5.3. Webstaurantstore 5.4. Newegg 5.5. Musician's Friend
  6. Conclusion

Getting Started with Dropshipping on Amazon

Are you new to dropshipping on Amazon? Are you unsure about where to begin? Well, you've come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the process of getting started with dropshipping on Amazon, specifically focusing on using retail suppliers. While using retail suppliers goes against Amazon's terms of service, it can be a great way for beginners to learn the ropes and build up some initial capital. Let's dive in!

Starting with Retail Suppliers

When you're new to dropshipping or selling on Amazon in general, it's recommended to start with retail suppliers. While wholesale dropshipping may seem more appealing, it can be more competitive and challenging, especially if you lack experience and capital. Retail dropshipping allows you to learn the basics of dropshipping on Amazon effectively while building your initial nest egg. However, it's important to note that retail dropshipping should not be your end goal. It's a stepping stone towards transitioning to wholesale dropshipping, which is more sustainable in the long term.

Pros and Cons of Retail Dropshipping on Amazon


  • Learn the fundamentals of dropshipping on Amazon
  • Build up initial capital
  • Test product viability before transitioning to wholesale


  • Against Amazon's terms of service
  • Limited profit margins due to retail prices
  • Higher competition compared to wholesale

Transitioning to Wholesale Dropshipping

Once you have gained some experience with retail dropshipping, it's time to transition to wholesale dropshipping. Unlike retail dropshipping, wholesale dropshipping is allowed on Amazon and offers more sustainable long-term profits. By combining your knowledge of dropshipping with your experience of selling on Amazon, you can make consistent profits. It's a natural progression that allows you to leverage your expertise while expanding your business.

Pros and Cons of Wholesale Dropshipping on Amazon


  • Permissible on Amazon
  • More sustainable and long-term profits
  • Less competition compared to retail


  • Requires more capital and experience
  • Limited product selection from wholesalers
  • Potential risk of dealing with unreliable wholesalers

Using Obscure Retail Suppliers

A crucial aspect of dropshipping on Amazon, especially retail dropshipping, is to use obscure retail suppliers. These suppliers are not well-known or recognizable brands, which reduces the risk of being suspended by Amazon. It's an art more than a science, and the key is to stay away from big box brands and retailers that are easily identifiable by customers. By using obscure suppliers, you can effectively dropship without raising any suspicion.

Finding Profitable Products

To find profitable products for dropshipping on Amazon, we recommend using Source Mogul, an excellent software that helps you compare products from various websites to Amazon's catalog. It allows you to search for products based on ROI, profit margin, and sales rank. Source Mogul makes the process of finding profitable products much easier and more efficient, saving you time and effort.

Monitoring Inventory and Prices

When dropshipping, it's essential to stay on top of inventory and prices. Using inventory management software like SKU Grid can automatically monitor stock levels and pricing changes for you. By keeping track of inventory and prices, you can ensure that you never reprice yourself out of profit and avoid losing money on a sale.

Source Mogul: The Ultimate Dropshipping Tool

Source Mogul is an invaluable tool for dropshippers, especially those using retail suppliers. It allows you to compare products from obscure retail suppliers to Amazon's catalog, making it easier to find profitable products. With its product matching accuracy and extensive database of suppliers, Source Mogul streamlines the product research process and helps you make informed decisions.

How Source Mogul Works

Source Mogul works by comparing product identifiers, pictures, and titles between retail suppliers and Amazon's catalog. It scans for matches and provides you with a list of profitable products based on your set parameters. This software simplifies the product research process and ensures that you find profitable products efficiently.

Evaluating Suppliers on Source Mogul

When using Source Mogul, it's crucial to evaluate suppliers to determine their suitability for dropshipping on Amazon. While there is no strict formula, the key is to choose suppliers that are obscure and not easily recognizable. Avoid well-known big box brands and focus on suppliers like Acme Tools, Fish Pond, Webstaurantstore, Newegg, and Musician's Friend. These suppliers have proven to be reliable and offer a wide range of profitable products for dropshipping.


In conclusion, dropshipping on Amazon can be an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs, especially when done strategically with obscure retail suppliers. By starting with retail dropshipping and then transitioning to wholesale, you can build a successful and sustainable business. Utilizing tools like Source Mogul and monitoring inventory and prices effectively are essential for success. Remember to focus on finding profitable products and using suppliers that are not recognizable to customers, ensuring a smooth and profitable dropshipping experience on Amazon.


  • Retail dropshipping on Amazon is a great starting point for beginners to learn and build capital.
  • Transitioning to wholesale dropshipping offers more sustainable long-term profits on Amazon.
  • Using obscure retail suppliers reduces the risk of suspension and allows for effective dropshipping.
  • Source Mogul is an invaluable tool for finding profitable products and comparing suppliers.
  • Monitoring inventory and prices is crucial for successful dropshipping on Amazon.


Q: Is retail dropshipping allowed on Amazon? A: Technically, it goes against Amazon's terms of service, but using obscure retail suppliers can help you avoid suspension.

Q: How long should I do retail dropshipping before transitioning to wholesale? A: The duration depends on your experience and capital. It's recommended to transition to wholesale as soon as possible for more sustainable profits.

Q: Can I find profitable products using Source Mogul? A: Yes, Source Mogul helps you compare products and find profitable opportunities from various suppliers.

Q: What are some good examples of obscure retail suppliers? A: Acme Tools, Fish Pond, Webstaurantstore, Newegg, and Musician's Friend are all reliable and obscure suppliers for dropshipping on Amazon.

Q: How can I ensure a smooth dropshipping experience on Amazon? A: Focus on finding profitable products, utilize tools like Source Mogul, and monitor inventory and prices effectively.