Start Your Profitable Candle Business Online

Start Your Profitable Candle Business Online

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Growing Candle Industry
  3. Starting a Candle Making Business
    1. Choosing a Business Model
    2. Getting a Business Plan
    3. Supplier Research
    4. Registering Your Business
    5. Opening a Business Bank Account
    6. Buying Website Hosting
    7. Hiring a Website Designer
    8. Setting Up a Merchant Account
    9. Creating a Logo and Marketing Materials
  4. Making Money with Your Candle Business
    1. Choosing Products to Sell
    2. Popular Candle Types
    3. Selling Special Occasion Candles
  5. Startup Costs and Resources
    1. Drop Shipping Method
    2. Funding Your Own Inventory
    3. Discounted Product Vendors
    4. Marketing Strategy Book Series

How to Start a Candle Making Business Online

Over the last decade, the candle industry has experienced significant growth. With more people redecorating their spaces, candles have become a staple piece in most homes. If you're looking to make money and make a difference in somebody's house, you should consider starting a candle making business online. This guide will walk you through the steps to get your business set up the right way.

1. The Growing Candle Industry

Candles have become a popular product for consumers worldwide. In America alone, one in every four homes has a candle. Globally, the candle market is expected to reach 3 billion dollars by 2025, offering a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs. People are not only buying candles but also candle supplies like bulk packs of candle wicks and molds, with the potential for high profits.

2. Starting a Candle Making Business

2.1 Choosing a Business Model

There are two primary methods to start a candle making business: drop shipping or buying and selling your own inventory. Drop shipping allows you to sell candles without the hassle of shipping them yourself. Alternatively, you can buy candles in bulk and handle the shipping process. Decide which method suits your preferences and budget.

2.2 Getting a Business Plan

If you're new to the candle business or online entrepreneurship, it is crucial to have a clear business plan. Consider hiring a professional from platforms like Fiverr to create a custom plan outlining how your candle business will operate and what to expect.

2.3 Supplier Research

Regardless of the business model you choose, supplier research is essential. If you opt for drop shipping, search for candle suppliers using keywords like "drop ship candles." This will give you access to thousands of candle products to sell in your online store without needing to buy any inventory upfront. If you prefer managing your own inventory, search for wholesale candle providers using keywords like "buy wholesale candles."

2.4 Registering Your Business

Before you can buy wholesale candles or work with a dropship supplier, it's important to register your business. Apply for a federal EIN number, form an LLC or a corporation, and obtain a reseller or retail merchant certificate. This process will enable you to buy products tax-free and operate legally.

2.5 Opening a Business Bank Account

To manage your business finances, open a business bank account. You can work with your existing local bank or explore online banking options. Services like Square offer free business banking, providing convenience and flexibility for accepting payments from customers.

2.6 Buying Website Hosting

To establish an online presence for your candle making business, invest in reliable website hosting. Providers like Bluehost offer free domains, SSL certificates, and 24/7 technical support. Choose a plan suitable for your needs and save the login credentials to pass on to your website designer.

2.7 Hiring a Website Designer

Creating an attractive and functional website is crucial for your online candle store. Platforms like Fiverr offer affordable website development and marketing services. Browse through designers who specialize in candle websites, provide them with your vision, and share the Bluehost login details. Communicate your plans and requirements effectively to ensure a successful collaboration.

2.8 Setting Up a Merchant Account

To facilitate secure and seamless payments from customers, activate a merchant account. Popular options include PayPal, Square, and Stripe. Square, in particular, offers easy payment acceptance via email, website, or phone, and provides a free account. Provide your chosen payment processor details to your website designer for successful integration into your online store.

2.9 Creating a Logo and Marketing Materials

To establish your brand identity, create a unique logo, business cards, and other marketing materials. Websites like 99designs, Envato, and Canva Pro offer various options at different price points. Choose the platform that suits your budget and timeline. A compelling logo and professional marketing materials will help attract customers and differentiate your business.

3. Making Money with Your Candle Business

Now that your candle business is set up, it's time to focus on generating income. Consider the following factors to maximize profitability:

3.1 Choosing Products to Sell

Offer a wide range of candle products to cater to different customer preferences. The most popular options include scented candles, unscented candles, outdoor candles, and tea light candles. Additionally, consider selling candles for special occasions like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and religious events. These items have high demand and can boost your revenue.

3.2 Popular Candle Types

Scented candles are a favorite among customers, as they add fragrance to homes and create a soothing ambiance. Unscented candles are often used for decoration or religious events, appealing to a broader market. Outdoor candles are designed for outdoor use, offering lighting and protection against insects during activities like barbecues or camping. Tea light candles are versatile and can be used in various candle holders or for decorative purposes.

3.3 Selling Special Occasion Candles

Special occasion candles are an excellent way to capitalize on seasonal trends and events. Create unique candle designs or scents specific to occasions like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or religious holidays. This allows you to target customers with personalized and meaningful candle options.

4. Startup Costs and Resources

Starting a candle making business comes with initial costs and resources to consider. The following factors are essential to understand:

4.1 Drop Shipping Method

If you choose the drop shipping method, startup costs typically range from $700 to $2,000 on average. This includes expenses such as website development, marketing materials, and setting up your online store. However, you don't need to invest in inventory upfront, minimizing financial risks.

4.2 Funding Your Own Inventory

Alternatively, if you decide to fund your own inventory, be prepared to invest more substantial amounts of money. This approach requires purchasing candles in bulk, which can require substantial upfront capital. However, it also allows you to have more control over inventory and potentially higher profit margins.

4.3 Discounted Product Vendors

To access discounted prices on candles and related supplies, refer to the vendor list provided at the end of this article. These vendors offer products at competitive prices, allowing you to maximize your profit margins.

4.4 Marketing Strategy Book Series

To further enhance your candle making business's success, claim a free copy of the marketing strategy book series offered by the author. Visit their website, enter your email address, and receive valuable insights and tips to drive your business's growth.


  • The candle industry is experiencing significant growth, making it an attractive business opportunity.
  • Two primary business models for candle making are drop shipping and buying inventory.
  • Supplier research is crucial to find reliable sources for candles, whether drop shipping or buying inventory.
  • Registering your business and opening a dedicated bank account are essential for legality and financial management.
  • Investing in website hosting and a professional website designer helps establish a strong online presence.
  • Creating a logo and marketing materials enhances your brand identity and attracts customers.
  • Offering a variety of candle types, including scented, unscented, outdoor, and special occasion candles, maximizes sales potential.
  • Initial startup costs vary depending on the business model chosen, with dropshipping being more cost-effective upfront.
  • Various resources and vendors are available to access discounted candle products.
  • Claim a free marketing strategy book series to gain valuable insights for business growth.


Q: How much money can I make from a candle making business? A: The profitability of a candle making business varies based on various factors such as product quality, marketing efforts, and customer demand. With the growing popularity of candles, there is significant potential to make a substantial income with the right strategies in place.

Q: Can I sell other products alongside candles in my online store? A: Yes, you can expand your product offerings by selling complementary items such as candle holders, home decor, or other scented products. However, it's essential to maintain focus and not dilute your brand by offering too many unrelated products.

Q: How can I market my candle making business effectively? A: Implementing a well-rounded marketing strategy is crucial. Utilize social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, to showcase your products and engage with potential customers. Additionally, consider collaborating with influencers in the home decor or lifestyle niche to reach a broader audience.

Q: Can I sell my candles on online marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon? A: Absolutely! Online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon offer great opportunities to reach a broader customer base. Create appealing product listings and optimize them with keywords to increase visibility. Ensure efficient order fulfillment and customer service to maintain a positive reputation on these platforms.

Q: Are there any industry regulations or safety standards for candle making? A: Yes, there are industry regulations and safety standards that apply to candle making. It's crucial to follow proper candle-making techniques, use safe materials, and adhere to labeling requirements. Conduct thorough research and consult relevant authorities or industry associations to ensure compliance.