$10M Ecom Success: Journey to Finding Winning Products

$10M Ecom Success: Journey to Finding Winning Products

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Journey of Starting an Ecom Store
  3. Scaling the Store Up
  4. Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned
  5. The Everlasting Method: Image Ads
  6. The Three Pillars of Product Research
    • Quality of the Image
    • Margin or AOV
    • Identifying the Audience
  7. Examples of Untapped Winning Products
  8. Ensuring Uniqueness Despite Competition
  9. Testing and Embracing a High Volume Approach
  10. The Pros and Cons of Old Products
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Starting an Ecom Store: A Journey to Success

Welcome, fellow entrepreneurs! Today, I want to share with you the incredible journey of starting my first Ecom store and the lessons I've learned along the way. It all began in early 2017 when I ventured into the world of Drop Shipping. Little did I know then that this journey would lead me to achieve great success and make millions of dollars. So, let's dive into the details and uncover the secrets behind my achievements.

The Journey of Starting an Ecom Store

In January 2017, I embarked on my Drop Shipping journey with my very first Ecom store. However, due to some technical issues and account holds, I had to migrate everything to a different Shopify account in July. Despite the early hiccups, I managed to scale the store rapidly, achieving impressive sales numbers. September witnessed $600,000 in sales, followed by $660,000 in October. The momentum continued, and in December, I reached my first seven-figure month, making a whopping $1.2 million in sales.

Scaling the Store Up

As the months passed, my store's growth trajectory remained strong. I consistently achieved seven-figure months, hitting $1.3 million, $1.1 million, $1.5 million, and even $1.6 million in sales. However, in May, a turn of events caught me off guard. The Wall Street Journal published an article about me and one of my products, which led to a surge in copycats and potential threats to my business. To counter this, I created a second store and gradually shifted my attention to it, causing a dip in the numbers of my first store.

Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned

While my journey to success was incredibly rewarding, it was not without its challenges. One major hurdle I encountered was the constant narrative in the industry that Drop Shipping no longer works or that specific strategies are outdated. However, I'm here to tell you that very little has changed since 2017 or 2018. The fundamentals of running a successful store remain the same. Don't be swayed by clickbait articles and influencers trying to sound smarter than everyone else. The buyers haven't changed; it's the industry's tone that shifts.

The Everlasting Method: Image Ads

One of the key factors behind my success is my unwavering focus on image ads. While many drop shippers rely on videos, I stick to high-quality, eye-catching images. Why complicate things with videos for products that can be effectively portrayed through images? The products I choose are those that don't necessarily require a video to explain their benefits. A simple, visually appealing image can do the job just as well, if not better.

The Three Pillars of Product Research

When it comes to finding winning products, I have three essential criteria that I consider: image quality, margin or average order value (AOV), and identifying the target audience. While a product doesn't have to meet all three criteria to be successful, the more it aligns with these factors, the higher the chance of success. Let's dig deeper into each of these pillars.

Quality of the Image

The first criterion is an eye-catching image. It's crucial to choose product images that instantly grab the viewer's attention. The image should clearly convey what the product is and evoke curiosity and interest. Remember, a compelling image can make all the difference in getting your audience to stop and take notice.

Margin or AOV

The second criterion is the margin or AOV. Consider the cost of goods compared to the selling price and the likelihood of customers buying more than one item. Look for products that have the potential for higher profits, such as those with a high AOV or the possibility of customers purchasing multiple items. By maximizing your margin and AOV, you can increase your profitability even with a lower conversion rate.

Identifying the Audience

The third criterion is knowing your target audience. Understand who your product appeals to and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. This will help you create targeted campaigns and reach the right customers. Whether it's kitchenware, home decor, or specific interests like succulents or fashion, knowing your audience is key to driving sales and ensuring your products resonate with potential buyers.

Examples of Untapped Winning Products

Now, let's explore some specific products that meet these criteria and have the potential to be untapped winners. Remember, while I cannot guarantee these products haven't been scaled before, they have the potential to stand out in a saturated market.

  1. Wall Hanging Baskets: With eye-catching images, a decent margin, and a clearly defined target audience interested in kitchenware and home decor, these baskets have the potential to be a hit.

  2. Ceramic Coffee Mugs: Unique design, a luxury feel, and the possibility of customers buying multiple mugs make these a great product to test. Consider targeting coffee lovers or those interested in luxury kitchenware.

  3. Succulent Planter: The creative image of a cactus shaped like a cat's tail instantly grabs attention. With a reasonable price and the likelihood of customers buying more than one, this product has great potential.

  4. Flower Vase: The vibrant image, luxury appearance, and a price that customers would be willing to pay make this flower vase an intriguing option. Consider targeting those interested in home decor or luxury items.

  5. Women's Heels: While the image is attention-grabbing, the price range might require further consideration. However, high-value women's footwear has shown potential in the past, especially when priced slightly higher than cheaper alternatives.

  6. Men's Summer Shirt: With a trendy image, a competitive price, and a clear target audience of men preparing for summer, this shirt presents a potential opportunity. Limit the color options and offer a compelling bundle deal to boost sales.

Remember, these are just a few examples, and the key lies in finding products that align with the three criteria. Embrace a high-volume testing approach and trust your instincts. While there's no foolproof way to guarantee success, consistent testing and adaptation are the best paths to finding untapped winners.

Ensuring Uniqueness Despite Competition

In a saturated market, there's always a risk of facing competition. However, even with similar products in the market, you can differentiate yourself through branding, excellent customer service, and providing a unique value proposition. Offer a seamless shopping experience, focusing on providing value and standing out from the crowd. Embrace innovation and create an emotional connection with your target audience.

Testing and Embracing a High Volume Approach

As mentioned earlier, one of the keys to my success is a high-volume testing approach. Test as many products as possible, applying the three pillars of product research to ensure a higher chance of finding winning products. Don't waste time overthinking the possibility of others selling the same product. Instead, focus on executing and adapting swiftly to the ever-changing market.

The Pros and Cons of Old Products

While untapped products hold the potential for massive success, don't disregard older products entirely. Sometimes, old winners can make comebacks in new seasons or still generate revenue. Although an older product might face competition, it isn't necessarily doomed to fail, especially if you offer unique value or appeal to a niche audience. Strike a balance between testing new products and leveraging the potential of older winners.

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In conclusion, the Ecom industry offers endless opportunities for success. Through a combination of strategic product research, high-volume testing, and a commitment to adaptability, you too can achieve extraordinary results. Embrace the challenges, trust your instincts, and let your entrepreneurial spirit soar. Together, let's revolutionize the world of Ecommerce, one successful store at a time.