Is Bia Hasa's Drop Shipping Course Worth the Investment? Read This Comprehensive Review!

Is Bia Hasa's Drop Shipping Course Worth the Investment? Read This Comprehensive Review!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Who is Bia Hasa?
  3. The Value of Online Courses
  4. The Revamped Shopify Drop Shipping Course - What's New?
  5. The Course Curriculum
    1. Introduction to Drop Shipping
    2. Setting up Your Store
      • Homepage Design
      • Product Page Optimization
    3. Winning Product Selection
      • Bia Hasa's Winning Product Checklist
      • Importance of Marketing Angles
    4. General Stores vs Niche or One Product Stores
    5. Creating Advertisements
      • Tick Tock Advertising
      • Native Ads for Tick Tock
    6. Tick Tock Organic Strategies
    7. Tick Tock Ads Setup
    8. Dealing with Disapproved Ads
    9. Scaling Tick Tock Ads
      • Horizontal vs Vertical Scaling
    10. Fulfilling Mass Orders
      • Zen Drop and DDS
    11. Supplier and Inventory Management
      • Understanding UTM Parameters
    12. Facebook and Instagram Marketing
    13. Conclusion and Bonus Content
  6. Review of the Course
    • Pros and Cons
    • Price and Value
    • Mentorship vs Course


Is Bia Hasa's Shopify Drop Shipping Course Worth the Investment? A Comprehensive Review


With the rise of e-commerce, many aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for ways to start their own online businesses and generate income. One popular avenue for exploring this opportunity is through drop shipping, a business model that involves selling products online without having to handle inventory or shipment logistics. Bia Hasa is a well-known figure in the drop shipping community, offering his expertise and knowledge through his Shopify Drop Shipping Course. In this article, we will examine the course in detail, assess its value, and provide an honest review of whether it is worth the investment.

Who is Bia Hasa?

Before delving into the course itself, it's important to understand who Bia Hasa is and why he has gained popularity within the drop shipping community. Bia Hasa is a successful entrepreneur who has made a name for himself as a side hustle expert, Instagram growth hacker, and former crypto scam artist. While his online persona may be intriguing, his true mission is to make money and share his knowledge with others through his courses and mentorship programs.

The Value of Online Courses

Online courses and mentorships have become increasingly popular as a means of acquiring knowledge and skills in various fields, including e-commerce. When done correctly, courses and mentorships can provide immense value, offering a structured learning experience and guidance from industry experts. Bia Hasa has recently revamped his Shopify Drop Shipping Course, ensuring that it is up-to-date with the latest strategies for success in 2023. The course places a heavy focus on Tick Tock advertising, taking into account the evolving landscape of social media marketing.

The Revamped Shopify Drop Shipping Course - What's New?

Upon enrolling in Bia Hasa's Shopify Drop Shipping Course, one can expect comprehensive content that covers all aspects of starting and scaling a drop shipping business. The course curriculum is organized into four main pillars, each addressing essential elements for success. Additionally, there are introductory sections, bonus content, and a conclusion to tie everything together. Let's take a closer look at what each pillar entails.

Pillar 1: Introduction to Drop Shipping

The course begins with an introduction to drop shipping, explaining the fundamentals and how the business model works. It sets the stage for what lies ahead and provides beginners with a solid foundation of knowledge to build upon.

Pillar 2: Setting up Your Store

In this pillar, Bia Hasa guides students through the process of setting up their online stores on the Shopify platform. From designing an attractive homepage to optimizing product pages, the course ensures that students have a visually appealing and user-friendly storefront.

Pillar 3: Winning Product Selection

Selecting winning products is crucial for success in drop shipping. Bia Hasa shares his winning product checklist, highlighting key factors such as ease of finding the product, problem-solving capabilities, and marketing angles. However, it is worth noting that his definition of winning products may differ slightly from other perspectives, which often emphasize marketing angles as the determining factor.

Pillar 4: General Stores vs Niche or One Product Stores

Bia Hasa makes a compelling case for the superiority of niche or one-product stores over general stores. He highlights the importance of focusing on a specific target market and having a clear marketing message. Students will gain insights into the benefits and drawbacks of each store type and understand how to leverage their niche for better conversions.

Creating Advertisements

In this section, Bia Hasa delves into the art of creating effective advertisements, particularly for Tick Tock. He emphasizes the importance of native ads that seamlessly blend in with the Tick Tock platform. While the course covers Tick Tock advertising extensively, it lacks a comprehensive exploration of marketing angles and the role they play in driving successful campaigns. It is worth mentioning that Bia Hasa's emphasis on Tick Tock may not align with every individual's experience, as Facebook and Instagram marketing still yield higher conversion rates for some niches.


Overall, Bia Hasa's Shopify Drop Shipping Course offers a comprehensive and beginner-friendly introduction to drop shipping. The content is well-structured, with step-by-step instructions and practical insights. While there are some omissions and missed opportunities to delve deeper into certain topics, this can be expected in any course due to the vastness of the e-commerce landscape. Considering the fair price of $294 for the course, it provides valuable content for beginners and those seeking a consolidated learning experience.


  • Up-to-date strategies and focus on Tick Tock advertising
  • Beginner-friendly approach with clear instructions
  • Emphasis on niche or one-product stores
  • Insightful information on winning product selection


  • Limited coverage of Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies
  • Lack of in-depth analysis of marketing angles and their impact on campaign success
  • Insufficient discussion on analytical tools such as UTM parameters for better tracking and optimization

Price and Value

The price of $294 for Bia Hasa's Shopify Drop Shipping Course may appear steep to some, especially considering the availability of free resources on the internet. However, for individuals seeking a consolidated and structured learning experience, the course delivers value in terms of time saved and the opportunity to learn from an established expert in the field. It should be noted that the course does not include one-on-one mentorship, which is offered separately by Bia Hasa and other platforms.

Mentorship vs Course

One aspect where Bia Hasa's Shopify Drop Shipping Course falls short is the lack of personalized mentorship. While the course provides valuable information and guidance, there are nuances and challenges that may arise during the drop shipping journey which can only be addressed through one-on-one interactions. For individuals seeking a more comprehensive learning experience, mentorship programs that offer coaching calls and personalized support may be a preferred option.

In conclusion, Bia Hasa's Shopify Drop Shipping Course is a solid choice for beginners looking to venture into the world of e-commerce and drop shipping. It provides a well-rounded overview of the essential steps and strategies needed to start a successful drop shipping business. However, it is important to recognize that no course can cover every aspect of e-commerce comprehensively, and additional resources and mentorship may be necessary to navigate the complexities of the industry.