Top 10 Trendy Products on Avasam by Veda XL

Top 10 Trendy Products on Avasam by Veda XL

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. About Avasam
  3. Avasam Features 3.1 Suppliers and Sellers 3.2 Automated Integration 3.3 Supported Platforms
  4. Veda XL: One of Avasam's Top Suppliers 4.1 Veda XL's Product Range 4.2 Focus on Trends and Quality
  5. Top Sellers and Source Products from Veda XL
  6. Top 10 Worthwhile Products to Invest in 6.1 Toilet Seats 6.2 Corner Dressing Table with LED Lights 6.3 Mexican Pinewood Furniture 6.4 Cowhide Black and White Rug 6.5 Plush Toys 6.6 Artificial Plants 6.7 Laundry Capsules 6.8 Butterfly Chairs 6.9 Corner Safety Mirror 6.10 Christmas Decorations
  7. Conclusion


Welcome to this article where we'll be exploring Avasam, a B2B dropship marketplace in the UK, and its partnership with Veda XL, one of its largest suppliers. We'll dive into the features of Avasam as well as the wide range of products offered by Veda XL. Get ready to discover top sellers, source products, and some exciting opportunities for sellers in the market.

About Avasam

Avasam is a B2B dropship marketplace catering to UK sellers. With a subscription base of 36,000 sellers, Avasam offers a platform for UK suppliers to showcase their products. The platform integrates seamlessly with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Linworks, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, allowing for a streamlined selling process. Avasam aims to minimize manual intervention and reduce risks for both suppliers and sellers, making it a reliable marketplace in the UK.

Avasam Features

To further understand the capabilities of Avasam, let's explore some key features:

Suppliers and Sellers

At Avasam, UK suppliers connect with UK sellers, ensuring a localized and efficient trading experience. The platform accommodates various sellers, whether they operate through their own webshops or sell on popular marketplaces like eBay, Voucher, Groupon, Wish, or Amazon. With a diverse range of sellers, Avasam offers a vast consumer reach.

Automated Integration

Avasam eliminates the hassle of manual intervention by enabling automated integration with leading e-commerce platforms. Suppliers can seamlessly connect their inventory and order management systems, such as Shopify or Linworks, while sellers can leverage platforms like Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, or Shopify to streamline their selling process. This automated integration ensures smooth transactions and enhanced efficiency.

Supported Platforms

With Avasam, sellers have the freedom to choose their preferred platform for selling. Whether it's Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, or Linworks, Avasam supports multiple platforms, providing flexibility and convenience to sellers. This comprehensive platform compatibility enhances the overall user experience.

Veda XL: One of Avasam's Top Suppliers

Among the many suppliers on Avasam, Veda XL stands out as one of the top performers. Throughout this year, Veda XL has become one of the top three suppliers on Avasam, gaining recognition for its diverse product range, competitive prices, and commitment to quality.

Veda XL's Product Range

Veda XL offers an extensive array of products across various categories and price points. From value products to high-quality interior design pieces, Veda XL caters to a wide range of customer preferences. Their collection includes indoor and outdoor furniture, tools, toys, and even cleaning products. This versatility allows sellers to tap into different markets and cater to various consumer needs.

Focus on Trends and Quality

What sets Veda XL apart is their keen focus on staying updated with current trends. As they have close proximity to manufacturing centers in China and the Far East, they are well aware of the latest products and trends entering the market. This advantage allows them to offer products that resonate with customer demands. Moreover, Veda XL ensures that their products adhere to high-quality standards, making them a reliable supplier for sellers.

Top Sellers and Source Products from Veda XL

Veda XL constantly delivers top-selling products that gain popularity among customers. In August, some of their best-selling items included butterfly chairs in different designs, solid oak five-tier bookcases, dishwasher tablets in bulk, and garden furniture storage items. These products showcase the diverse range offered by Veda XL and highlight their ability to cater to various customer needs.

Additionally, Veda XL serves as a valuable source for sellers on Avasam. Popular source products include a four-piece garden lounge set, artificial Christmas trees, and Christmas garlands. These products provide excellent opportunities for sellers to capitalize on seasonal demand and expand their product offerings.

Top 10 Worthwhile Products to Invest in

To help sellers make informed decisions, here are the top 10 products from Veda XL that are worth investing time and effort into:

  1. Toilet Seats: Explore the potential of selling toilet seats as they can be purchased in bulk per household, providing an opportunity for higher sales volume.
  2. Corner Dressing Table with LED Lights: This unique furniture piece offers a distinct feature that sets it apart from standard products, making it appealing to customers.
  3. Mexican Pinewood Furniture: Veda XL's range of Mexican pinewood furniture provides options for customers looking for both quality and style.
  4. Cowhide Black and White Rug: Add a touch of sophistication to your customers' homes with Veda XL's premium cowhide rugs, available in various colors.
  5. Plush Toys: With the holiday season approaching, plush toys make for great gifts. Veda XL's collection offers a wide range for different age groups and interests.
  6. Artificial Plants: Tap into the growing demand for indoor plants with Veda XL's range of artificial plants, ideal for those who lack a green thumb.
  7. Laundry Capsules: With students heading back to uni or college, laundry capsules are a practical and affordable option.
  8. Butterfly Chairs: With various designs available, butterfly chairs are trendy and versatile, appealing to customers looking for stylish seating options.
  9. Corner Safety Mirror: This product serves both outdoor security purposes and automotive use, attracting a broad customer base.
  10. Christmas Decorations: Explore Veda XL's extensive range of Christmas decorations, offering unique and premium options to customers.

These top 10 products present excellent opportunities for sellers to expand their product offerings and cater to specific customer demands.


Avasam, with its automated integration and robust platform features, provides a reliable B2B dropship marketplace for UK sellers. Partnering with top suppliers like Veda XL ensures access to a diverse range of products that cater to various customer preferences. From trendy furniture pieces to essential home products, Veda XL offers a wide selection that sellers can leverage to succeed in their businesses. Explore the opportunities presented by Avasam and Veda XL to tap into profitable markets and meet customer demands effectively.