Wix vs Shopify: Which Website Builder is Right for You?

Wix vs Shopify: Which Website Builder is Right for You?

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Cost Comparison 2.1 Wix 2.1.1 Free Plan 2.1.2 Premium Personal Plans 2.1.3 Business and E-commerce Plans 2.2 Shopify 2.2.1 Free Trial 2.2.2 Monthly Plans
  3. Template Options 3.1 Wix 3.2 Shopify
  4. Customer Support 4.1 Wix 4.2 Shopify
  5. E-commerce Features 5.1 Wix 5.2 Shopify
  6. Conclusion

Wix vs. Shopify: Which Website Builder is Right for You?

Are you looking to start your own website or e-commerce store? Both Wix and Shopify are two of the most popular website builders on the market. Both have helped millions of people to create high-quality websites without requiring too much technical know-how. In this article, we will compare Wix and Shopify in terms of cost, template options, customer support, and e-commerce features to help you decide which platform is right for you.

1. Introduction

Before we dive into the details, let's provide a brief overview of Wix and Shopify. Wix is focused on making it easy for people to put together a website for any purpose, while Shopify is committed to helping businesses create e-commerce online stores. Depending on your specific needs, one platform may be more suitable than the other.

2. Cost Comparison

When starting a website or e-commerce store, it's essential to consider the cost associated with each platform. Let's compare the cost options offered by Wix and Shopify.

2.1 Wix

Wix offers a completely free plan with no expiration date or hidden costs. While this option has limited features and doesn't allow online payments, it can be a good choice to keep costs down. Wix also offers premium personal plans starting at $13 per month, with their highest plan at $39 per month. Additionally, they have separate business and e-commerce plans ranging from $23 per month to $500 per month.

2.2 Shopify

Shopify, on the other hand, provides users with a free 90-day trial. After the trial period, users can choose from one of their three monthly plans. The basic plan starts at $29 per month, the Shopify plan is $79 per month, and the advanced plan is $299 per month. Each plan varies based on the number of staff accounts, shipping discounts, payment rates, and reporting features. All plans include unlimited bandwidth and no setup fees.

3. Template Options

The design and appearance of your website are crucial in attracting visitors and representing your brand. Let's compare the template options offered by Wix and Shopify.

3.1 Wix

Wix stands out with a massive array of templates. The website builder comes with over 500 designer-made options that are completely customizable and can work for a wide range of purposes. Whether you are an aspiring photographer looking to display your work or a small e-commerce business, Wix has templates that can cater to your needs. Users can also choose from over 100 fonts or upload their own to further personalize their website.

3.2 Shopify

Shopify offers a smaller number of templates referred to as themes. These themes are specifically built for e-commerce businesses and are organized based on the number of items you may be selling and how you want your product page to look. While the number of themes is limited compared to Wix, they are designed to optimize the shopping experience for your customers.

4. Customer Support

Having reliable customer support can make a significant difference when building and managing your website. Let's compare the customer support options provided by Wix and Shopify.

4.1 Wix

Wix provides customer support through a callback service that's available 24/7. Anyone with a Wix account can log in and file a ticket, and a representative will contact them to discuss their issue. Additionally, Wix's support center features a vast library of helpful articles with step-by-step instructions and answers to frequently asked questions.

4.2 Shopify

Shopify also offers around-the-clock customer support. Users can seek help via email, chat, or phone. Shopify's extensive help center includes tutorials, user guides, and discussion forums where users can gain insights from others using the service.

5. E-commerce Features

If you're specifically looking to set up an e-commerce store, it's essential to consider the features offered by each platform. Let's compare the e-commerce features provided by Wix and Shopify.

5.1 Wix

Wix offers plans specifically designed for e-commerce entities, making it easier for customers to check out online and pay with various credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. They also provide SSL certificates for secure transactions, vouchers for advertising with Google and Bing, the ability to connect your own domain, and the power to set shipping rules.

5.2 Shopify

Shopify is dedicated to simplifying the creation and management of online stores. Their platform offers a mobile-friendly shopping cart, the ability to connect your own domain name, secure checkout options, and discounted shipping rates. Shopify provides a comprehensive set of features to help businesses succeed in the e-commerce space.

6. Conclusion

To summarize, both Wix and Shopify are excellent website builders, with Shopify focusing more on e-commerce. When considering cost, Wix offers a free plan and a variety of plan options, while Shopify provides a free 90-day trial and plans ranging from $29 to $299 per month. In terms of template options, Wix stands out with over 500 customizable templates, while Shopify offers themes specifically designed for e-commerce businesses. Both platforms offer 24/7 customer support, but Shopify has more advanced e-commerce features. Ultimately, the best platform for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.


  • Wix and Shopify are popular website builders catering to different needs
  • Wix offers a completely free plan, while Shopify provides a free 90-day trial
  • Wix has over 500 customizable templates, while Shopify offers themes optimized for e-commerce
  • Wix provides customer support through a callback service, and Shopify offers 24/7 support via various channels
  • Wix offers e-commerce features like SSL certificates and advertising vouchers, while Shopify has advanced e-commerce capabilities
  • Consider your requirements and budget before choosing a platform


Q: Can I start an e-commerce store with Wix? A: Yes, Wix offers plans specifically designed for businesses and e-commerce entities. They provide features like secure checkout, various payment options, and the ability to set shipping rules.

Q: Does Shopify offer a free plan? A: Shopify does not offer a free plan, but they provide a free 90-day trial for users to test out their platform and features. After the trial period, users need to choose a suitable monthly plan.

Q: Can I customize the templates on both Wix and Shopify? A: Yes, both Wix and Shopify allow users to customize their templates to match their branding and desired look. Wix offers a wider selection of templates, while Shopify focuses on e-commerce-optimized themes.

Q: Do Wix and Shopify provide customer support? A: Both platforms offer customer support. Wix provides a callback service and a comprehensive support center, while Shopify offers support via email, chat, and phone, along with an extensive help center with tutorials and guides.

Q: Which platform is more suitable for small businesses? A: Both Wix and Shopify can work well for small businesses, but it depends on the specific requirements of the business. If the focus is mainly on creating a website with minimal e-commerce features, Wix may be a better fit. For businesses primarily focused on e-commerce, Shopify offers a more robust set of features.

Q: Can I upgrade my plan on Wix or Shopify? A: Yes, both Wix and Shopify allow users to upgrade their plans as their needs grow. Wix offers a range of premium plans, while Shopify provides three different monthly plans.

Q: Can I connect my own domain name on both platforms? A: Yes, both Wix and Shopify allow users to connect their own domain names to their websites or online stores. This provides a more professional and personalized online presence.

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