Unboxing and Review of Paint Some Way Butterfly Wind Chime and Diamond Painting Project

Unboxing and Review of Paint Some Way Butterfly Wind Chime and Diamond Painting Project

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Unbagging
  3. Butterfly Wind Chime
  4. Diamond Painting Project
  5. Review of Paint Some Way
  6. Joy Sunday Cross Stitch Kit
  7. Canvas and Pattern
  8. Thread Cards and Colors
  9. Canvas Size and Confetti
  10. Conclusion


Welcome back to my channel! In today's video, I have an exciting unbagging review to share with you. I received a package from Paint Some Way, which included a butterfly wind chime and a diamond painting project. In this article, I will provide a detailed overview of each item, including their features, quality, and my overall impressions. So, let's dive into this unbagging and review!


Upon receiving the package from Paint Some Way, I was thrilled to see what was inside. The bag was thick, indicating that there were multiple items to explore. As I opened the bag, a few items escaped, creating a sense of excitement. Inside, I found a butterfly wind chime and a diamond painting project. Both items seemed promising, and I couldn't wait to delve deeper into their features and quality.

Butterfly Wind Chime

The butterfly wind chime caught my attention immediately. Priced at $5.99, it seemed like an affordable yet intriguing project. The wind chime came with a tool kit, including a pin, wax, and boat. Additionally, it included two small, one long, and one pendant for hanging purposes. The package also contained extra accessories such as a loop, chain, and jump rings.

The wind chime itself had an elegant design, featuring colorful butterflies that would add a touch of beauty to any space. However, I questioned its functionality as a wind chime since it did not seem to produce a significant amount of noise. Regardless, I decided to hang it indoors to preserve its delicate features.

Diamond Painting Project

Next, I examined the diamond painting project included in the package. It was a relatively small kit from Joy Sunday, measuring 122 by 61 in dimensions. However, there was a discrepancy between the measurements I had expected and the actual kit's size, which was 103 by 55. The pre-printed canvas had a stunning design, showcasing peacocks, flowers, and intricate patterns.

The kit came with detailed instructions on how to start and finish the project. The pattern booklet was thorough and organized, featuring 49 colors. I appreciated how the kit was divided into 21 parts, making it easier to manage. Additionally, the package included two needles for convenience.

Canvas and Pattern

Examining the canvas, I was pleased with its size and quality. Measuring 624 by 293, it provided ample space to work on the intricate design. The canvas was soft and not overly stiff, allowing for comfortable stitching. I observed that some areas required confetti stitching, especially within the flowers. However, the background did not require stitching, which was a relief.

The pattern booklet provided a clear representation of the final image, with each page corresponding to a specific part of the project. The colors and symbols on the canvas differed slightly from those in the booklet, creating a minor discrepancy. Nonetheless, the canvas was well-printed, and the symbols were easy to decipher. The inclusion of a large storage bag for the entire kit was a thoughtful addition.

Thread Cards and Colors

The diamond painting project included numerous thread cards, comprising a wide range of colors. It was staggering to see the assortment of shades and hues available. The thread cards were labeled with their respective numbers, ensuring easy identification during the stitching process. The colors ranged from blues and teals to pinks and corals, creating a vibrant palette.

The kit also contained an additional thread card with more colors, emphasizing the complexity and intricacy of the project. Every shade was carefully chosen to represent the intricate details and nuances of the peacock design. The inclusion of the color 666 for backstitching added depth and dimension to the final piece.

Canvas Size and Confetti

The canvas size was exceptional, measuring approximately 60 centimeters in width and 53 centimeters in height. The large dimensions allowed for a more detailed and captivating final result. Despite the generous size, the canvas did not feel overwhelmingly large, and the level of detail was enjoyable.

Within the design, there were areas that required confetti stitching, particularly within the flowers. While this could be time-consuming, the end result would be stunning. The presence of confetti stitching added depth and texture to the overall image, making it more visually appealing. The absence of background stitching was a relief, making the project more manageable and less time-consuming.


In conclusion, the unbagging and review of the items received from Paint Some Way exceeded my expectations. The butterfly wind chime provided a simple yet elegant decorative piece, and the diamond painting project from Joy Sunday offered a captivating and intricate design. With the high-quality materials and thoughtful packaging, both items showcased the dedication and commitment of the brand.

The butterfly wind chime, priced at $5.99, was a cost-effective project that included all the necessary tools and accessories. Despite its limited functionality as a wind chime, it served as a delightful hanging ornament. On the other hand, the diamond painting project, priced at $21.99, offered a comprehensive kit with a large canvas and an extensive range of colors. The intricate design and well-organized pattern booklet ensured an enjoyable and rewarding stitching experience.

Overall, Paint Some Way proved to be a reliable brand that offers a diverse range of products, including diamond painting, cross-stitch, and paint-by-number kits. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality make them a preferred choice among craft enthusiasts. With their user-friendly website and free shipping on orders over $49, I highly recommend checking out their collection. Happy crafting!

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