The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Drop Shipping Store on Shopify in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Drop Shipping Store on Shopify in 2023

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction: Starting a Drop Shipping Store
  2. Understanding Drop Shipping
  3. Product Research Techniques 3.1. Using PP ads for Product Research 3.2. Finding Trending New Products
  4. Validating a Winning Product 4.1. Using the PPSpy Chrome Extension 4.2. Assessing Sales Potential
  5. Building a Shopify Store 5.1. Creating a Shopify Account 5.2. Choosing a Store Name and Logo 5.3. Uploading and Customizing Products
  6. Creating Product Offers 6.1. Using the Wide Bundle App 6.2. Setting Pricing and Comparisons
  7. Designing Effective Ad Creatives 7.1. Obtaining Ad Videos from Competitors 7.2. Customizing Ad Text and Call to Action
  8. Setting up Testing Campaigns on TikTok Ads 8.1. Creating a Website Conversions Campaign 8.2. Fine-tuning Campaign Settings
  9. Scaling TikTok Ads for Success


Starting a Drop Shipping Store: The Ultimate Guide for Shopify Success in 2023

Introduction: Starting a Drop Shipping Store

Starting a drop shipping store can seem overwhelming, especially with the thousands of YouTube videos being uploaded daily on the topic. However, with the right strategies and understanding of the key components, you can pave your way to success. In this article, we will guide you through the easiest way to start a drop shipping store on Shopify in 2023. We will cover product research techniques, validating winning products, building a Shopify store, creating enticing product offers, designing effective ad creatives, and setting up testing campaigns on TikTok ads. By following these steps, you can achieve significant success in the drop shipping business.

Understanding Drop Shipping

Before diving into the process, let's start by understanding what drop shipping actually is. Drop shipping involves buying a product for a lower price and marketing it for a higher price without having to hold inventory or handle shipping. The key components for a successful drop shipping store are finding a winning product, building a Shopify store, and running paid ads on TikTok.

Product Research Techniques

To find a winning product, scrolling through TikTok and Facebook feeds may work for some, but an effective technique is using the PP ads software. This software allows you to view all the ads being run on TikTok. By exploring the product search tab and looking for trending new products, you can spot potential winners. It is recommended to change the view to 200 ads per page to analyze multiple products efficiently.

Validating a Winning Product

Once you find a potential winning product, it is crucial to validate its sales potential. The PPSpy Chrome extension, a sister company of PP ads, offers live sales data for TikTok ads. By checking the live sales option and analyzing the frequency of sales, you can determine whether a product is worth testing. Factors such as high margins, appealing branding, and positive customer reviews add to the viability of a product.

Building a Shopify Store

To start a Shopify store, you need to create an account. By using a special code in the description, you can get three months for only three dollars. Begin by finding a suitable name for your store and designing a logo. Tools like Canva can help you create a professional-looking logo. Afterward, you can upload and customize products using apps like Copy, which simplifies the process.

Creating Product Offers

To make your products more appealing, consider creating offers and bundles. Apps like Wide Bundle allow you to generate offers with discounted prices and enticing packages. By offering multiple options with different pricing tiers, you can encourage customers to buy more, increasing your average order value.

Designing Effective Ad Creatives

The success of your drop shipping store heavily relies on eye-catching and persuasive ad creatives. Utilize videos from competitors using the PP ads software, and customize the ad text and call-to-action to match your offer. It is essential to create a custom identity for your store by incorporating your logo and URL. Engage users to take action and shop immediately.

Setting up Testing Campaigns on TikTok Ads

Once your store is set up and your ad creatives are ready, it's time to launch testing campaigns on TikTok ads. Create a website conversions campaign, connect your Facebook pixel, and choose the conversion event. Set a budget, select a specific time to run your ads, and enable smart creative ads. Aim for the lowest cost optimization goal and turn off comments and downloads to ensure an optimized campaign.

Scaling TikTok Ads for Success

Scaling your TikTok ads is a topic for a future article. However, as your store gains traction and you see positive results, you can gradually increase your budget, optimize performance, and explore advanced strategies for further success.

In conclusion, starting a drop shipping store on Shopify requires thorough product research, creating an appealing online store, and running effective ad campaigns. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can lay the foundation for a successful drop shipping business in 2023.


  • Learn the easiest way to start a drop shipping store on Shopify in 2023
  • Understand the key components of a successful drop shipping store
  • Utilize the PP ads software for effective product research on TikTok
  • Validate winning products using the PPSpy Chrome extension
  • Build a professional Shopify store with a unique name and logo
  • Customize product offers and bundles with the Wide Bundle app
  • Create eye-catching and persuasive ad creatives using competitor videos
  • Launch testing campaigns on TikTok ads for optimal results
  • Prepare for future scaling strategies to further grow your drop shipping business


Q: Is drop shipping a profitable business model? A: Drop shipping can be profitable if done right. It eliminates the need for inventory management and reduces upfront costs. However, success in drop shipping heavily relies on effective product research, marketing strategies, and customer satisfaction.

Q: How long does it take to see results in drop shipping? A: The time it takes to see results in drop shipping varies. It depends on factors such as product selection, marketing efforts, and market demand. With the right approach, some entrepreneurs have achieved significant success within a few months, while others may take longer to build a profitable business.

Q: Can I start a drop shipping store with limited capital? A: Yes, drop shipping allows you to start a store with minimal capital. Since you don't need to purchase inventory upfront, your main expenses would be for running ads, building a website, and other marketing efforts. However, it is important to allocate a reasonable budget for these activities to maximize the chances of success.

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