The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Review Apps

The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Review Apps

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Top 9 Shopify Review Apps
    1. Yotpo
    2. Okendo Reviews
    6. Looks Review Platform
    7. Reveo Reviews
    8. OpenNew
  3. Pros and Cons of Each App
  4. Conclusion

The Top 9 Shopify Review Apps

1. Yotpo

Yotpo is a highly-rated Shopify review app that offers a variety of features to capture, moderate, and display reviews. One standout feature is its email review capture form, which allows customers to leave a review directly in their inbox. Yotpo also offers customizable questions that can be added to the product page, providing valuable information to potential customers. However, Yotpo lacks social login options and does not display country flags for reviewers.

2. Okendo Reviews

Okendo Reviews is another popular review app, known for its excellent design and layout options. It offers a social login feature, allowing reviewers to import their avatar or profile picture, adding authenticity to their reviews. Okendo also integrates seamlessly with Klaviyo and Gorgias, enabling powerful email marketing campaigns. However, Okendo does not have extensive Net Promoter Score (NPS) gathering features.

3. stands out for its comprehensive reports and analytics page, providing valuable insights into customer reviews. It also offers features like top review keywords and top searches, helping businesses optimize their product pages. excels in gathering Net Promoter Scores and has AI-driven features for suggesting review topics. However, the integration with Klaviyo is not as deep as some other apps.

4. is a budget-friendly option that provides essential review features at a low cost. It allows users to import reviews from platforms like Etsy, AliExpress, and Amazon, making it convenient for businesses with existing reviews. However, lacks advanced customization options and does not have a filter for reviews based on specific attributes.

5. is a widely-used review platform with extensive coverage across Shopify websites. It offers an intuitive flow builder for managing review request emails and has a unique feature for in-store review collection. is competitively priced, making it an affordable option. However, its visual display is not as polished as some other platforms.

6. Looks Review Platform

Looks Review Platform is a basic review app with limited features. While it is widely used among Shopify websites, it lacks standout features and falls short in comparison to other options. Its pricing is relatively high for the level of functionality it offers.

7. Reveo Reviews

Reveo Reviews is a budget-friendly option that allows users to import reviews from popular platforms like Etsy, AliExpress, and Amazon. However, it lacks advanced features offered by other platforms, such as social login and extensive customization options.

8. OpenNew

OpenNew is a basic review platform with limited functionality. It is relatively expensive compared to other options in the market, and its features are not as comprehensive.

9. is a medium-priced review app with limited functionality. While it offers basic features, there are better options available in terms of features, pricing, and customer experience.

Pros and Cons of Each App

  • Yotpo Pros:

    • Email review capture form
    • Customizable questions
    • Easy installation
    • Integration with other platforms
  • Yotpo Cons:

    • No social login option
    • No country flags for reviewers
  • Okendo Reviews Pros:

    • Social login and profile picture upload options
    • Excellent design and layout customization
    • Deep integration with Klaviyo
  • Okendo Reviews Cons:

    • Limited Net Promoter Score features
  • Pros:

    • Outstanding reports and analytics
    • Top review keywords and searches
    • AI-driven features
  • Cons:

    • Integration with Klaviyo not as deep as Okendo Reviews
  • Pros:

    • Affordable pricing
    • Import reviews from popular platforms
  • Cons:

    • Limited customization options
    • No filter for attribute-based reviews
  • Pros:

    • Wide coverage across Shopify websites
    • Intuitive flow builder for review request emails
    • In-store review collection
  • Cons:

    • Visual display not as polished as other platforms
  • Looks Review Platform Pros:

    • Wide coverage across Shopify websites
  • Looks Review Platform Cons:

    • Limited features and functionality
    • Relatively high pricing compared to other options
  • Reveo Reviews Pros:

    • Affordable pricing
    • Import reviews from popular platforms
  • Reveo Reviews Cons:

    • Lacks advanced features and customization options
  • OpenNew Pros:

    • Print QR codes on packaging for easy review access
  • OpenNew Cons:

    • Expensive pricing
    • Limited features and functionality
  • Pros:

    • Medium-priced option
  • Cons:

    • Limited features compared to other platforms


Choosing the right Shopify review app can be challenging, but understanding the pros and cons of each option is crucial. Yotpo, Okendo Reviews, and stand out for their robust features and comprehensive reporting capabilities. and Reveo Reviews offer budget-friendly options, while and Looks Review Platform provide wide coverage across Shopify websites. OpenNew and have limited features and functionality. Consider your business needs and priorities when selecting the best review app for your Shopify store.

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