35 Best iPad Pro Apps for Productivity

35 Best iPad Pro Apps for Productivity

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Create Category 2.1 Draft 2.2 Notion 2.3 Evernote 2.4 Ulysses 2.5 Bear
  3. Consume Category 3.1 Instapaper 3.2 Kindle 3.3 Spotify 3.4 Unread 3.5 Curiosity Stream 3.6 YouTube 3.7 PDF Expert
  4. Coordinate Category 4.1 Superhuman 4.2 Fantastical 4.3 Todoist 4.4 Why Studio 4.5 Google Drive 4.6 Frame.io 4.7 Dashlane
  5. Connect Category 5.1 Slack 5.2 Discord 5.3 Tweetbot 5.4 Apple Messages
  6. Cerebrate Category 6.1 Brilliant 6.2 Skillshare 6.3 Anki 6.4 Tabs HD 6.5 Notion (for studying)
  7. FAQ

The Best iPad Pro Apps for Productivity

Hey friends, welcome back to the channel! If you're new here, my name is Ali, and I'm a doctor working in Cambridge. Today, we're gonna be going through 35 of my favorite iPad Pro apps. I've split them up into five categories: create, consume, coordinate, connect, and cerebrate. Throughout this video, I'll share some timestamps so you can skip around if you'd like. So let's dive into it!

Create Category


The first app in the create category is Draft, which is a fantastic tool for quick capture. With Draft, I can easily jot down my thoughts no matter where I am. The app is available on my iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac, so I can start writing immediately on any of these devices. It's a great alternative to the default Apple Notes app, and it even supports dictation, making it even more convenient.


Notion is another app in the create category and is my favorite productivity app. I use it to organize everything in my life, including video ideas, workouts at the gym, and studying. I've even created a series of videos called Workflow on Nebula, a streaming platform where creators can experiment with different types of content. Notion helps me stay productive and organized in all aspects of my life.


Evernote has been around for years and is still one of the most comprehensive note-taking apps available. While I use Notion for project management and to-do lists, Evernote serves as my long-term memory. I store highlights from books and articles, random bits of writing, and other archives in Evernote. Its search function makes it easy to find specific notes, making it an indispensable tool.


Ulysses is a specific writing app available only on iPad and Mac. It provides the most pleasurable writing experience I've ever had, and I use it for long-form writing such as my weekly email newsletter. With Ulysses, I can easily insert quotes, format my text using Markdown, and enjoy a distraction-free writing experience.


Bear is a versatile note-taking app that I use for medium-form notes and random thoughts. While I no longer use it as often as Draft, Bear is still a great tool for capturing ideas. It's also a pleasant writing experience, and I appreciate its integration with other platforms and the ability to publish notes to various formats.

Consume Category


Instapaper is an app I use to store articles that I want to read later. It's my library of articles, and I can access them whenever I have a spare moment. I appreciate that Instapaper removes distractions and provides a clean reading experience. It also allows me to highlight and save important passages, which are automatically synced to Evernote.


I use the Kindle app for reading e-books and taking notes on nonfiction books. It also supports highlighting, and I can easily export my Kindle highlights to Evernote. The Kindle app allows me to read and annotate books efficiently, making it an essential part of my reading routine.


Spotify is my streaming app of choice for listening to music. I have various playlists for different moods and activities, and I appreciate the vast library of songs available. One of my most popular playlists is the "Study with Me" playlist, which contains instrumental tracks that help me focus while studying.


Unread is my RSS feed reader app, and it allows me to keep up with all the blogs and websites I follow. I can save articles from various sources and read them later in a distraction-free environment. Unread integrates seamlessly with other apps like Instapaper, making it easy to organize and access the articles I want to read.

Curiosity Stream

Curiosity Stream is the ultimate documentary streaming subscription platform. I enjoy watching documentaries about various topics, including nutrition, cooking, and productivity. It's a great source of educational content, and I appreciate that they support independent creators through their partnership with Nebula.


YouTube is a familiar platform where I publish my own videos and engage with viewers. It's an essential app for me as a content creator, and I use it to reply to comments, update video descriptions, and manage my channel. While YouTube has its limitations, it remains an integral part of my workflow.

PDF Expert

PDF Expert is the app I use for reading PDFs. It provides a pleasant reading experience and automatically recognizes the structure of the document, making it easy to navigate. I appreciate its features for studying and annotating PDFs, especially when reviewing medical textbooks and research papers.

Coordinate Category


Superhuman is my email client of choice, despite its $30 monthly fee. The app has optimized my email workflow, making it much faster and more efficient. With Superhuman, I can easily manage my emails, reply quickly, and organize my inbox effectively.


Fantastical is my preferred calendar app due to its natural language processing features. It allows me to create new events using plain language, such as "meeting with John at 2 PM tomorrow." Fantastical recognizes the metadata and creates the event accordingly. It's a convenient app for managing my schedule and staying organized.


Todoist is my to-do list app where I keep track of tasks and reminders. It's useful for managing time-sensitive responsibilities, such as grocery shopping or calling family members. Todoist helps me prioritize and stay on top of my commitments.

Why Studio

Why Studio is an accounting app that I use for managing my business finances. It helps me track expenses and income, making tax season less stressful. While it may not be the most exciting app, it is essential for keeping my financial records in order.

Google Drive

Google Drive is my go-to cloud storage service, where I store all my files and documents. It provides easy access to my files across all devices and allows for collaboration on shared documents. Google Drive is a reliable and convenient tool for managing and organizing my digital files.


Frame.io is a video collaboration platform that I use to work with my editor and other collaborators. It allows us to review and comment on videos in real-time, making the editing process smoother. Frame.io streamlines communication and simplifies the workflow for video production.


Dashlane is my password manager, ensuring that my online accounts are secure. It securely stores my passwords and autofills them when needed. Dashlane also allows for easy password sharing and synchronization across devices.

Connect Category


Slack is a communication and collaboration app that I use to connect with various groups of people. I'm part of several Slack groups, including communities of creators, bloggers, and colleagues. Slack enables efficient and organized communication, making it easier to stay connected and collaborate effectively.


Discord is a platform that I recently set up, and it has become a thriving community of like-minded individuals. It allows for real-time communication and collaboration, with different channels for specific interests and topics. Discord provides a space for discussions, learning, and networking.


Tweetbot is my Twitter app of choice, providing a clean and focused experience. It allows me to browse and engage with tweets easily. While Twitter itself can be overwhelming, using a third-party app like Tweetbot helps me stay focused and manage my interactions effectively.

Apple Messages

Apple Messages, or iMessage, is my primary messaging app, as it seamlessly syncs messages across all my Apple devices. It allows for easy communication with friends, family, and colleagues. The seamless integration with other Apple apps and devices is a significant advantage.

Cerebrate Category


Brilliant is an online platform for learning, offering daily challenges and courses on various topics. I use Brilliant when I want to expand my knowledge and learn something new. The daily challenges keep me engaged and motivated to continue learning.


Skillshare is another online learning platform that I utilize for specific courses. It offers a wide range of classes taught by experts in their respective fields. I appreciate the variety of courses available, especially for creative pursuits like video editing.


Anki is a flashcard app that I have used throughout my academic journey, from studying drugs in medical school to preparing for postgraduate exams. Anki's spaced repetition system helps me retain information effectively, and I find it to be an invaluable tool for memorization.

Tabs HD

Tabs HD is an app that provides chords for songs, allowing me to play and sing along on the guitar or piano. It's a great resource for learning new songs and expanding my musical repertoire. I appreciate the ability to transpose chords, making it easier to match my vocal range.

Notion (for studying)

Lastly, I want to mention Notion again, as I use it specifically for studying. Within Notion, I organize my study materials, including essays, flashcards, and key recall questions. Notion's toggle feature allows me to hide and reveal information, making it an excellent tool for studying in a structured manner.


Q: Do you have a specific app for journaling?

A: Yes, I use Day One as my journaling app. It allows me to create different journals for different purposes, such as personal reflections, collecting nice comments, or capturing memorable moments. Day One provides a secure and private space for me to document my thoughts and experiences.

Q: What do you use for photo editing?

A: I use Adobe Lightroom as my photo editing app. It offers a wide range of editing tools and presets that allow me to enhance my photos before posting them on social media. Lightroom helps me bring out the best in my photos and make them more captivating.

Q: Can you recommend a good app for handwritten notes?

A: Notability is a great app for handwritten notes. It provides excellent support for Apple Pencil and offers various tools for taking digital handwritten notes. Whether I'm in a lecture or attending a course, Notability allows me to capture and organize my handwritten notes effectively.

Q: Are there any apps you use for video editing and collaboration?

A: Yes, I use Frame.io for video collaboration and feedback. It allows me to share videos with my editor and other collaborators and receive comments and annotations in real-time. This streamlines the editing process and ensures smooth collaboration.

Q: How do you stay organized with so many apps?

A: I rely on the categorization of apps into different categories based on their functionality. This helps me stay organized and allows me to focus on specific tasks or areas of interest. I also make use of productivity apps like Notion and Todoist to keep track of my tasks and prioritize my responsibilities.

Q: Can you recommend any apps for productivity and time management?

A: Absolutely! For productivity and time management, I highly recommend apps like Superhuman, Fantastical, and Todoist. These apps help streamline email management, schedule events, and keep track of tasks and deadlines. They have greatly enhanced my productivity and organization.

Q: What app do you use for password management?

A: I use Dashlane as my password manager. It securely stores all my passwords and autofills them when needed. Dashlane takes the hassle out of remembering multiple passwords, ensuring that my accounts are secure.

Q: How do you access all your files and documents on different devices?

A: I rely heavily on cloud storage services like Google Drive to access my files across different devices. Google Drive ensures that my files are synchronized and accessible from anywhere. This allows me to work seamlessly and access my files on-the-go.

Q: Are there any recommended apps for online learning?

A: Yes, I highly recommend platforms like Brilliant and Skillshare for online learning. Brilliant provides daily challenges and courses on various topics, while Skillshare offers a wide range of classes taught by experts. These platforms are great for expanding your knowledge and learning new skills.

Q: What is the best app for studying and memorization?

A: Anki is a fantastic app for studying and memorization. Its spaced repetition algorithm helps reinforce learning and improve long-term retention. I've used Anki throughout my academic journey and found it to be incredibly effective for memorizing information.

Q: How do you manage your to-do lists and tasks?

A: I use Todoist as my to-do list app. It allows me to create tasks, set deadlines, and prioritize my responsibilities. Todoist keeps me organized and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

Q: Which app do you use for collaborative communication with your team?

A: For collaborative communication with my team, I rely on Slack. It provides a platform for efficient and organized communication, allowing us to share ideas, discuss projects, and streamline workflow. Slack keeps us connected and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Q: Do you have any recommendations for a secure messaging app?

A: Apple Messages, or iMessage, is a secure messaging app that I use for communication. It encrypts messages and seamlessly syncs them across all my Apple devices. It's a reliable and secure way to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues.

Q: What app do you use for studying music?

A: Tabs HD is an excellent app for studying music. It provides chord sheets for songs, allowing me to learn and play them on the guitar or piano. Tabs HD makes it easy to study and practice music independently.

Q: Are there any other apps you use for productivity and organization?

A: Aside from the apps mentioned earlier, I also rely on Google Drive for cloud storage, Frame.io for video collaboration, and Dashlane for password management. These additional apps help me stay productive, organized, and secure in various aspects of my work and personal life.

Overall, these apps have significantly contributed to my productivity and organization. They have made it easier for me to stay focused, manage tasks, access information, and collaborate effectively. The right combination of apps can truly transform how you work and maximize your potential.

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