Test Your Shopify Print On Demand Integration with a Test Order

Test Your Shopify Print On Demand Integration with a Test Order

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Place a Test Order?
  3. Preparation for Placing a Test Order 3.1 Installing a Print-on-Demand App 3.2 Creating Products in the Print-on-Demand App
  4. Placing a Test Order 4.1 Accessing the Orders Section 4.2 Creating an Order 4.3 Adding Products to the Order 4.4 Adding Customer Information 4.5 Adding a Discount 4.6 Marking the Order as Paid
  5. Verifying the Order with the Print-on-Demand Provider
  6. Reasons for Creating a Manual Order
  7. Conclusion

How to Place a Test Print on Demand Order in Your Shopify Store

Introduction: Welcome to this guide on how to place a test print on demand order in your Shopify store. As an online t-shirt or apparel business owner, it's essential to ensure that your print-on-demand app is working correctly and that your products are seamlessly connected. Placing a test order allows you to test the functionality of your store and verify that everything is in order before fulfilling customer orders.

Why Place a Test Order? There are several reasons why you might want to place a test order in your print-on-demand store. Firstly, you may want to order some items for yourself to test the quality and fulfillment process. Additionally, placing a test order helps ensure that your print-on-demand app is connected and functioning correctly. It can also be helpful when manually fulfilling orders for customers or correcting any issues that may arise with your print-on-demand provider.

Preparation for Placing a Test Order:

Installing a Print-on-Demand App: Before you can place a test order, make sure you have installed a print-on-demand app in your Shopify store. There are several print-on-demand companies available, such as Custom Cat, Gear Launch, and Gelato. Choose the provider that best suits your business needs and install the app.

Creating Products in the Print-on-Demand App: Once you have installed the print-on-demand app, it's essential to create your products within the app instead of Shopify's product section. Upload your designs onto the products you want to use and ensure that you associate each product with the correct print-on-demand company. This step is crucial in ensuring that your products are correctly connected and will be sent to the print-on-demand provider for fulfillment.

Placing a Test Order:

Accessing the Orders Section: To place a test order, navigate to your Shopify store's admin dashboard. On the left-hand sidebar, click on the "Orders" section. Here, you will find all the orders placed in your store.

Creating an Order: Once you are in the orders section, click on the "Create Order" button located at the top of the page. This action will initiate the process of creating a test order.

Adding Products to the Order: To add products to the order, click the "Browse" button or use the search function to find the products you want to include in the test order. Select the desired product and choose the appropriate size, color, and quantity. You can add multiple products to the order following the same process.

Adding Customer Information: Depending on whether you are placing an order for yourself or a customer, you will need to add the respective information. If the order is for yourself, enter your own address and contact details. For manual orders, enter the customer's information in the designated fields. Make sure to add the customer's info as it is essential for a smooth fulfillment process.

Adding a Discount: To distinguish the test order from actual sales, it's recommended to add a discount of 100%. This step ensures that the order will not register as a financial transaction, preventing any skewing of analytics or reporting. However, it's important to note that you will still be charged the wholesale price of the item by your print-on-demand provider.

Marking the Order as Paid: Once you have completed all the necessary steps, click the "Mark as Paid" button. This action will process the test order and send it to your print-on-demand app for fulfillment. Keep in mind that the time taken for the order to be registered by the print-on-demand app may vary depending on the provider.

Verifying the Order with the Print-on-Demand Provider: To ensure that the test order has been successfully sent to your print-on-demand provider, access the orders tab within the print-on-demand app. The order should appear with the customer's name, total cost, and other relevant details. This step allows you to verify that the order has been seamlessly transferred and is being processed for fulfillment.

Reasons for Creating a Manual Order: Apart from test orders, manual orders may be necessary for various reasons. For example, you might need to create a manual order if a customer has ordered the wrong items, or there is an issue with your print-on-demand provider's connection or fulfillment process. Creating manual orders can help resolve these situations efficiently.

Conclusion: Placing test print-on-demand orders in your Shopify store is crucial for ensuring that your products, app integration, and fulfillment process are functioning smoothly. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently test your store's functionality and address any issues that may arise. Remember to verify the order with your print-on-demand provider and utilize manual orders when necessary.

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