Streamline Your Shopify Store with the Appointment App

Streamline Your Shopify Store with the Appointment App

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting Up Shopify Store for Appointments or Consultations 2.1 Installing the App 2.2 Navigating to the App Settings 2.3 Adding Products 2.4 Setting Appointment Duration 2.5 Configuring Availability and Buffer Time 2.6 Customizing Meeting Details 2.7 Setting Up Dates and Times 2.8 Managing Overrides 2.9 Finalizing Product Setup
  3. Customizing the Appointment Booking App 3.1 Accessing the Theme Editor 3.2 Embedding the App 3.3 Testing the Booking Process
  4. Conclusion

Setting Up Shopify Store for Appointments or Consultations

With the increasing demand for online appointments and consultations, it's crucial for businesses to adapt and provide a seamless booking experience for their clients. Shopify offers a range of apps that can help you set up your online store for appointments or service-based bookings. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up your Shopify store for appointments and consultations using one of these apps.

Installing the App

The first step is to install the appointment booking app from the Shopify App Store. Once installed, you can access the app settings through your Shopify admin menu.

Navigating to the App Settings

From your Shopify admin menu, navigate to the apps selection and click on the installed appointment booking app. This will take you to the app settings page, where you can configure various aspects of your appointment booking system.

Adding Products

To offer appointments or consultations, you need to create a product in your Shopify store. In the app settings, click on "Add Product" and select the product you want to work with. For this tutorial, we will focus on a surfing lesson as an example.

Setting Appointment Duration

Specify the duration of the appointment. In this case, we'll set the surfing lesson duration to 45 minutes. This will determine the time slots available for booking.

Configuring Availability and Buffer Time

Decide when the appointment should be available for booking. You can set a buffer time before the first available appointment to give yourself time to prepare. Additionally, you can choose the increments in which time slots are shown, based on your availability and preferences.

Customizing Meeting Details

You can provide additional information to your clients about the appointment. Use Google Docs or any other preferred platform to create a document with instructions, maps, or any necessary details. Include the link to this document in the app settings, and it will automatically be sent to clients when they book an appointment.

Setting Up Dates and Times

Specify the days and times you want to offer appointments. Customize your weekly schedule based on your availability and desired hours of operation. You can easily block off specific dates or override your regular schedule for certain days.

Managing Overrides

If you have specific dates or times that need to be blocked off, you can use the date overrides feature. This allows you to add exceptions to your regular availability and customize your schedule for specific days.

Finalizing Product Setup

Once you have configured all the necessary settings, you can proceed to the final steps of setting up your product with the appointment booking app. There is a tutorial video available to guide you through this process. After completing the setup, you can activate the calendar and embed the app in your Shopify store.

Customizing the Appointment Booking App

After setting up your initial product, you may want to further customize the appointment booking app to meet your specific needs. In the theme editor of your Shopify admin, you can access the app embeds and make any desired changes or modifications.


Setting up your Shopify store for appointments or consultations can greatly enhance your business's online presence and customer experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily configure and customize your appointment booking system to streamline your operations and attract more clients.


  • Learn how to set up your Shopify store for appointments or consultations.
  • Install and configure the appointment booking app.
  • Create products and set appointment durations.
  • Customize availability, buffer time, and meeting details.
  • Set up specific dates and times for appointments.
  • Override regular availability for exceptional dates.
  • Embed the app in your Shopify store and customize its appearance.


Q: Can I offer different durations for each type of appointment? A: Yes, you can set different durations for different products or appointment types within the app settings.

Q: How can I manage multiple appointments in the same time slot? A: The app allows you to control the available time slots and set appropriate buffer times between appointments to ensure smooth scheduling.

Q: Can I integrate the appointment booking app with my Google Calendar? A: While the app itself doesn't offer direct integration with Google Calendar, you can sync your Shopify calendar with external calendar apps using third-party integrations.

Q: How can I track and manage appointments made through the app? A: The app will provide you with a calendar view that shows all the appointments booked, along with customer details. You can also receive notifications and reminders for upcoming appointments.

Q: Is it possible to offer discounts or promotions for appointments? A: Shopify provides various features and apps that allow you to offer discounts and promotions. You can utilize these features to incentivize bookings and attract more clients.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the booking widget to match my store's theme? A: Yes, the app offers customization options in the theme editor, allowing you to match the booking widget's appearance with your Shopify store's theme.

Q: Is customer support available for the appointment booking app? A: Yes, the app comes with customer support that can assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter during the setup or customization process.

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