Streamline your Online Store with Shopify Pickup

Streamline your Online Store with Shopify Pickup

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up Locations
  3. Configuring Locations for Online Orders
  4. Ensuring Clear Location Names
  5. Setting Up Fulfillment Priority
  6. Enabling Local Pickup
  7. Setting Expected Pickup Time
  8. Displaying Local Pickup Options at Checkout
  9. Free Shipping for Local Pickup
  10. Notification Settings for Customers
  11. Conclusion


In this article, we will discuss how to set up and configure local pickup for your online store. Local pickup is a convenient option that allows customers to collect their orders directly from your physical store locations. We will go through the step-by-step process of setting up locations, configuring fulfillment settings, enabling local pickup, and customizing notification settings for customers. So, let's get started!

Setting up Locations

The first step in enabling local pickup is to set up your store locations correctly. You can have multiple locations, including warehouses and retail stores. By having separate locations, you can efficiently manage inventory and fulfill orders based on the customer's preferred pickup location.

To add locations, go to your store settings and navigate to the "Locations" section. Here, you can add new locations and specify whether they are warehouses or retail stores. It's important to provide clear names for each location that customers will see during the checkout process.

Configuring Locations for Online Orders

Once you have set up your locations, it's crucial to configure each one for online orders. By checking the "Fulfill online orders from this location" option for each location, you ensure that you can fulfill online orders and process pickups or deliveries seamlessly.

This step is essential to make sure that all orders, whether for local pickup or shipping, can be fulfilled efficiently. Without enabling this option, your customers won't be able to select local pickup as a fulfillment method during checkout.

Ensuring Clear Location Names

When customers go through the checkout process, they should be able to easily understand which store they are selecting for local pickup. Therefore, it's crucial to use clear and descriptive location names for each store.

Make sure that the names you assign to your locations accurately reflect the type of store they are. This clarity will help customers feel confident about their selection and ensure a smooth pickup process.

Setting Up Fulfillment Priority

Shopify prioritizes the fulfillment of orders based on the order in which your locations are listed. By default, the system will try to fulfill online orders from the top-down, starting with the first location in the list.

To optimize fulfillment, it's advisable to prioritize your warehouse over retail stores. This helps ensure that you have sufficient stock in your brick-and-mortar stores while fulfilling the majority of orders from the warehouse.

To adjust fulfillment priorities, go to the location settings and find the "Edit fulfillment priority" option. Make sure that your warehouse is listed first, followed by any retail stores. This way, Shopify will prioritize fulfilling orders from the warehouse before the other locations.

Enabling Local Pickup

To enable local pickup, go to your store settings and navigate to the "Shipping and delivery" section. Scroll down to find the "Local pickup" option and click on "Manage."

By default, none of your locations will offer local pickup. To enable local pickup for each location, simply click on the checkbox next to "This location offers local pickup." This action opens up additional options for configuring local pickup settings.

Setting Expected Pickup Time

When enabling local pickup, it's important to set a reasonable expected pickup time for your customers. By default, Shopify suggests a 24-hour pickup time, but this may not be suitable for all businesses.

Consider the nature of your store and the speed at which you can prepare orders for pickup. Adjust the expected pickup time accordingly to provide a better customer experience.

For example, if you are running a retail store, you might set the expected pickup time to be within two hours. This shorter timeframe accommodates customers who prefer a faster pickup process.

Displaying Local Pickup Options at Checkout

During the checkout process, customers should have a clear understanding of the available pickup options. Shopify provides a section where you can customize how your customers see local pickup information at checkout.

Make sure to review and update the display settings according to your store's needs. This includes specifying the text and instructions that customers will see when selecting local pickup as their fulfillment method.

Free Shipping for Local Pickup

By default, Shopify automatically offers free shipping for local pickup orders. This ensures that customers are not charged any additional fees when they choose to pick up their orders in person.

You don't need to manually adjust your shipping preferences to apply free shipping for local pickup. Shopify takes care of this automatically, reducing any confusion or extra charges for your customers.

Notification Settings for Customers

To keep your customers informed about their order status and pickup readiness, it's important to configure the notification settings for local pickup.

When a customer selects local pickup for their order, Shopify can automatically send a notification to inform them when their order is ready for pickup. In this notification, you can include important details such as your store's opening hours and any identification requirements.

For example, if your store requires a government-issued photo ID for pickup, make sure to mention it in the notification. This ensures a smooth pickup process and helps prevent any misunderstandings.


Enabling local pickup for your online store is a valuable option that provides convenience to your customers while saving on shipping costs. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can efficiently set up and configure local pickup for your store's locations.

Remember to carefully manage your locations, prioritize fulfillment, and customize display and notification settings. Providing a seamless local pickup experience will help enhance customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.

So, start implementing local pickup for your store and enjoy the benefits of this convenient fulfillment method!


  • Set up multiple store locations for efficient inventory management
  • Configure locations to fulfill online orders and process pickups or deliveries
  • Use clear and descriptive location names for customer clarity
  • Optimize fulfillment by setting up fulfillment priorities
  • Enable local pickup and set expected pickup times
  • Customize display settings for local pickup at checkout
  • Offer free shipping for local pickup orders
  • Configure notification settings to keep customers informed about pickup readiness


Q: Can I have both a warehouse and retail stores as local pickup locations? A: Yes, you can have multiple types of locations, including both warehouses and retail stores. This allows you to efficiently manage inventory and fulfill orders based on customer preferences.

Q: How can I ensure that orders are fulfilled from the warehouse before retail stores? A: Prioritize your warehouse in the fulfillment settings. By listing it as the first location, Shopify will attempt to fulfill online orders from the warehouse before moving on to the other locations.

Q: Can I customize the display of local pickup options at checkout? A: Yes, you can customize the text and instructions that customers see when selecting local pickup. Shopify provides options to tailor the display settings to your store's needs.

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