Revolution Beauty: Building Loyalty for an Enterprise Brand

Revolution Beauty: Building Loyalty for an Enterprise Brand

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Revolution Beauty: A Brand Overview
    1. Mission and Vision
    2. Product Categories
    3. Global Presence
    4. Customer Demographics
    5. Brand Values
  3. Astound Commerce: A Digital Agency
    1. Global Presence
    2. Experience and Expertise
    3. The Partnership with Revolution Beauty
  4. The Journey Towards Implementing a Loyalty Program
    1. Listening to Customers
    2. Analyzing Data
    3. Designing the Loyalty Program
    4. Financial Modeling
    5. Partner Selection and Integration
  5. The Implementation Process
    1. Launching the Program
    2. Communicating with Customers
    3. Offering Tiered Benefits
    4. Referral Friend Program
  6. Results and Learnings
    1. Impressive Return on Investment
    2. Continual Refinement and Optimization
  7. Tips for Implementing a Successful Loyalty Program
    1. Start with Customer Insights
    2. Collaborate with the Right Partners
    3. Consider Financial Implications
    4. Align with Stakeholders
    5. Involve Customer Service

Revolutionizing Loyalty: How Revolution Beauty Built a Case for Loyalty


In this article, we will delve into the success story of Revolution Beauty and how they built a compelling case for loyalty. Revolution Beauty is a leading enterprise brand that has disrupted the beauty industry with its innovative products and global presence. We will also explore their partnership with Astound Commerce, a digital agency that played a pivotal role in implementing their loyalty program. Together, they created a customer-centric loyalty program that not only increased customer retention but also drove business growth. From the journey to implementation, to the results achieved, we will uncover the insights and learnings that can inspire other brands to embark on their own loyalty program.

Revolution Beauty: A Brand Overview

Mission and Vision

Revolution Beauty's mission is to be the best beauty company in the world. Over the past seven years, they have successfully disrupted the industry by offering a wide range of cosmetics and expanding into other categories. Their vision is to create a multi-brand, multi-category, and multi-channel beauty company that delivers the latest trends and celebrates beauty in all its forms.

Product Categories

Revolution Beauty started as a cosmetics brand but quickly expanded into other categories, catering to a diverse range of customer needs. They offer products such as skincare, haircare, and fragrance, with a focus on mass beauty. Through their innovative product launches, they stay ahead of the latest trends and deliver products that resonate with their customers.

Global Presence

Revolution Beauty has a strong global presence, with products sold in major retailers across five continents. They have established partnerships with leading retailers such as Superdrug, Boots, and Target, and have recently ventured into the fashion retail space through collaborations with Beauty Bay, Zalando, and ASOS. This strategic expansion has allowed them to reach a wider customer base and increase brand awareness.

Customer Demographics

Revolution Beauty primarily caters to women, but their male community has been growing significantly. In the past year, their male customer base has outgrown their female customer base. The majority of their customers are aged under 44, with a significant portion between 18 and 34. This demographic profile helps shape their marketing strategies and product offerings to meet the needs and preferences of their target audience.

Brand Values

Revolution Beauty is committed to its brand values of cruelty-free products and inclusivity. All their products are cruelty-free, ensuring that customers can enjoy their beauty rituals with a clear conscience. They embrace diversity and aim to celebrate beauty in all its forms, catering to customers of different ages, backgrounds, and identities.

Astound Commerce: A Digital Agency

Global Presence

Astound Commerce is a global digital agency with offices in New York, San Francisco, London, and other locations across Europe and the Middle East. They have been in the digital industry for over 20 years, working with renowned brands such as Halfords, Boohoo, and L'oreal. Their extensive global presence makes them a valuable partner for brands looking to enhance their digital presence and drive growth.

Experience and Expertise

Astound Commerce combines their technology expertise with agency services to provide comprehensive solutions to their clients. They have a deep understanding of the beauty industry and have been actively involved in helping brands navigate the digital landscape. Their consulting services, managed by professionals like Gita Samani, Consulting Director at Astound Commerce UK, assist brands in achieving their business goals and optimizing their customer experience.

The Partnership with Revolution Beauty

Astound Commerce partnered with Revolution Beauty in 2018 to re-platform their website and provide ongoing support and development. This collaboration was vital in laying the foundation for Revolution Beauty's digital growth and creating a seamless customer experience. The partnership between the two organizations has been fruitful, with Astound Commerce delivering expert consultancy, design, and development services to drive Revolution Beauty's digital success.

The Journey Towards Implementing a Loyalty Program

Listening to Customers

Revolution Beauty's business approach is centered around listening to their customers. Before launching their loyalty program, they conducted extensive market research and interacted with their customer base to understand their preferences and expectations. They gathered valuable insights from their customers, which guided them in shaping their loyalty program to meet their needs.

Analyzing Data

Data analysis played a crucial role in Revolution Beauty's decision to implement a loyalty program. By studying their customer data, they discovered that a significant portion of their customers made only one purchase and did not return. This finding highlighted the importance of increasing customer retention and creating a value proposition that would incentivize customers to shop with them more frequently.

Designing the Loyalty Program

Based on customer insights and data analysis, Revolution Beauty designed a loyalty program that would address their customers' needs and encourage repeat purchases. They explored different ways to reward and incentivize their customers, beyond traditional point systems. The program was designed to reward not only spending but also actions such as signing up for emails, following on social media, leaving reviews, and referring friends. They aimed to create a program that offered tangible benefits to customers, thereby increasing their loyalty to the brand.

Financial Modeling

Implementing a loyalty program was not just about customer engagement; it also had financial implications. Revolution Beauty conducted extensive financial modeling to assess the program's potential impact on their profit and loss (P&L) statement. They determined different scenarios, considering factors such as order frequency, customer lifetime value, and points accrual. This detailed financial analysis allowed them to understand the program's financial viability and make informed decisions about its implementation.

Partner Selection and Integration

Choosing the right loyalty program provider and integration partner was crucial for Revolution Beauty. They evaluated options, taking into consideration factors such as functionality, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Ultimately, they selected Yappo, specifically the Swell-Rockpos solution, which offered the capability to reward and drive desired customer behavior. The partnership with Astound Commerce ensured seamless integration and ongoing support in optimizing and refining the program.

The Implementation Process

Launching the Program

Revolution Beauty launched their loyalty program, known as Rev Rewards, following meticulous planning and development. The program was introduced to customers through various channels, including email communications, website banners, and order inserts. The launch coincided with the middle of the pandemic, which presented unique challenges but also highlighted the importance of rewarding and retaining existing customers during uncertain times.

Communicating with Customers

Clear and effective communication was crucial in ensuring that customers were aware of and engaged with the loyalty program. Revolution Beauty utilized various touchpoints to communicate the benefits, rewards, and opportunities available through the program. They sent targeted emails, created visually appealing banners on their website, and included program reminders in their order packages. This comprehensive approach kept the loyalty program top of mind for their customers.

Offering Tiered Benefits

Rev Rewards introduced tiered benefits to their loyalty program, aiming to motivate customers to reach higher tiers and unlock more valuable rewards. Bronze, silver, and gold tiers were designed with attractive incentives, such as free gifts, free delivery events, and early access to new product launches. By offering differentiated benefits, Revolution Beauty ensured that customers had a clear goal to strive for, increasing engagement and loyalty.

Referral Friend Program

To tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing and encourage customer advocacy, Revolution Beauty integrated a referral friend program within their loyalty program. Customers were incentivized to refer their friends, earning points when their referred friends made a purchase. This referral program was given additional visibility through various marketing channels, resulting in a significant increase in participation and successful customer referrals.

Results and Learnings

Impressive Return on Investment

Revolution Beauty's loyalty program has demonstrated exceptional results, surpassing their initial expectations. The average order value (AOV) increased by 44%, far exceeding the projected 12% increase. The frequency of purchases increased by a staggering 400%, significantly higher than the anticipated 200% increase. These results have translated into substantial lifetime revenue per customer, with the best customers spending an average of £174 and making nearly four purchases per year.

Continual Refinement and Optimization

While the loyalty program has delivered impressive results, Revolution Beauty recognizes the importance of continual refinement and optimization. They closely monitor program performance and customer feedback to identify areas of improvement. They have already made refinements to the tier benefits, doubling the points for certain actions, and experimenting with innovative rewards, such as early access to exclusive collaborations. By listening to their customers and being agile in their approach, Revolution Beauty ensures that the loyalty program remains relevant and effective.

Tips for Implementing a Successful Loyalty Program

  1. Start with Customer Insights: Understand what your customers value, their preferences, and their desired behaviors. Incorporate those insights into the design of your loyalty program to create a customer-centric experience.

  2. Collaborate with the Right Partners: Choose loyalty program providers and integration partners who understand your business goals and can provide the necessary expertise and support. Align closely with these partners to ensure the successful implementation and optimization of your program.

  3. Consider Financial Implications: Conduct thorough financial modeling to assess the impact of your loyalty program on your business's P&L statement. Understand the financial viability and potential return on investment to make informed decisions.

  4. Align with Stakeholders: Involve all relevant stakeholders, including internal teams and decision-makers, in the planning and implementation process. Ensure everyone is aligned on the program's objectives, benefits, and impacts to gain support and drive success.

  5. Involve Customer Service: Include your customer service team in the implementation process to gain their insights and ensure they are equipped to handle customer inquiries and provide excellent service. Their feedback and expertise are invaluable in refining the program and addressing any pain points customers may encounter.

Implementing a successful loyalty program requires careful planning, strategic decision-making, and ongoing optimization. Revolution Beauty's journey serves as a testament to the power of a customer-centric loyalty program in driving business growth and fostering brand loyalty. By leveraging customer insights, collaborating with the right partners, and continuously refining their program, they have set a strong foundation for long-term success.

Implement your own loyalty program today and unlock the potential for increased customer retention, brand advocacy, and revenue growth.


Q: How did Revolution Beauty choose their loyalty program provider?

A: Revolution Beauty evaluated different loyalty program providers and ultimately selected Yappo's Swell-Rockpos solution. The decision was based on factors such as functionality, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, aligning with their specific program goals and requirements.

Q: Did Revolution Beauty involve their customers in designing the loyalty program?

A: Absolutely! Revolution Beauty actively engaged with their customers throughout the design process. They solicited customer feedback and preferences to ensure the loyalty program met their needs and incentivized desired behaviors.

Q: How did Revolution Beauty communicate the loyalty program to their customers?

A: Revolution Beauty utilized various communication channels, including email marketing, website banners, and order inserts, to inform customers about the loyalty program. Clear and visually appealing messages highlighted the benefits and rewards of the program.

Q: Is ongoing optimization necessary for a successful loyalty program?

A: Yes, ongoing optimization is essential for a successful loyalty program. Revolution Beauty recognizes the importance of continuously refining and improving their program based on customer feedback and changing market conditions, ensuring that it remains effective and relevant.

Q: Did Revolution Beauty involve their customer service team in the loyalty program implementation?

A: Yes, Revolution Beauty involved their customer service team in the implementation process. Their customer service team provided valuable insights and helped identify potential pain points, ensuring a seamless customer experience and efficient handling of inquiries related to the loyalty program.

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