Migrate Big Cartel to Shopify

Migrate Big Cartel to Shopify

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started with Cart2Cart
  3. Setting up the Source Shopping Cart
  4. Setting up the Target Shopping Cart
  5. Selecting Entities to Migrate
  6. Additional Options for Migration
  7. Demo Migration
  8. Checking Migration Results
  9. Initiating Full Migration
  10. Remigration Service
  11. Tracking the Migration Process
  12. Conclusion

Introduction Welcome to Cart2Cart, the automated shopping cart migration service designed to help you effortlessly move your store from Big Cartel to Shopify. With Cart2Cart, you can migrate your store without any programming skills or the need to download software. This article will guide you through the process of using Cart2Cart to migrate your shopping cart, from setting up the source and target shopping carts to tracking the migration process and checking the results.

Getting Started with Cart2Cart To get started with shopping cart migration, you can sign in with your existing Google or Facebook account, or register a new Cart2Cart account. Once you're logged in, you have the option to start a free demo migration or delegate the migration process to Cart2Cart's tech engineers by purchasing a migration package.

Setting up the Source Shopping Cart To initiate the migration, you need to set up your source shopping cart. In this case, select Big Cartel from the list of supported carts and provide your store's URL. Make sure to use the default URL address of your Big Cartel store, following the format www-store-name-Big-Cartel-com.

Setting up the Target Shopping Cart Next, you'll need to set up the target shopping cart, which is Shopify in this case. To enable data migration to Shopify, you'll need to provide an API password. Log into your Shopify store's admin area, go to the apps menu, click the private apps button, and create a private app. Grant the app read and write permissions for accurate data transfer, and copy the password provided. Paste the password into the appropriate field in the migration wizard.

Selecting Entities to Migrate Once the source and target shopping carts are set up, you can proceed with selecting the entities you'd like to migrate. You have the option to choose specific entities or migrate everything altogether. Additionally, Cart2Cart allows you to map order statuses and customer groups from the source cart to the target cart, giving you more control over the migration process.

Additional Options for Migration Cart2Cart offers additional options to enhance your migration possibilities. You can choose to broaden your migration by selecting additional options such as preserving product IDs, migrating images, or transferring SEO URLs. These options ensure a seamless transition from your source cart to the target cart.

Demo Migration Before initiating the full migration, Cart2Cart allows you to perform a free demo migration. This gives you a chance to see the service in action and move a limited number of entities to your target cart. The demo migration provides a preview of how your data will be transferred.

Checking Migration Results After the demo migration, you can check the migration results by visiting your target store. This allows you to verify the accuracy and completeness of the migrated data before proceeding with the full migration.

Initiating Full Migration Once you're satisfied with the demo migration results, you can proceed with initiating the full migration. Cart2Cart will start transferring all the selected entities from your source cart to the target cart. The full migration ensures a comprehensive transfer of your store's data.

Remigration Service Cart2Cart also offers a remigration service that allows you to perform the same migration again at a fraction of the initial migration price. This service is useful if you need to update or make changes to your migrated data in the future.

Tracking the Migration Process During the migration process, Cart2Cart provides a tracking system that allows you to monitor the progress of your migration. You can track the transfer of data in real-time and receive email notifications when the full data transfer is completed.

Conclusion In conclusion, Cart2Cart is an efficient and user-friendly shopping cart migration service that simplifies the process of moving your store from Big Cartel to Shopify. With easy setup, entity selection options, and additional migration features, Cart2Cart ensures a seamless and accurate transfer of your store's data. Take advantage of the free demo migration and experience the benefits of Cart2Cart for yourself.


  • Automated shopping cart migration service
  • Easy setup and user-friendly interface
  • Migration from Big Cartel to Shopify
  • No programming skills required
  • Free demo migration available
  • Additional options for customization
  • Tracking system for monitoring the migration process
  • Remigration service for future updates or changes

FAQ: Q: Can I migrate my store from Big Cartel to Shopify without programming skills? A: Yes, Cart2Cart provides an automated shopping cart migration service that requires no programming skills.

Q: How can I ensure the accuracy of the migrat

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