Fixing Add to Cart But No Sales in Drop Shipping & TikTok Ads

Fixing Add to Cart But No Sales in Drop Shipping & TikTok Ads

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding the False Question
  3. The Signifier of a Winning Product
  4. Potential Causes for Add to Carts with No Sales
    • Low-Quality Traffic
    • Distractions in the Sales Process
    • High Prices or Shipping Charges
    • Broken Checkout Button
    • Saturated Product
    • Targeting the Wrong Audience
    • Insufficient Ad Spend
    • Poor Website Design
    • Ineffective Ad Strategy
    • Lack of Social Proof
    • Currency Mismatch
    • Incongruent Messaging
  5. Following a Proven Strategy
  6. Trusting the Process
  7. Conclusion

Debunking the Myth: Add to Carts vs. Sales


Welcome back, everyone! Today, we're going to tackle a common question that I've been receiving from many YouTube content creators and viewers alike. It's a query that revolves around an issue that numerous e-commerce entrepreneurs face: "I'm getting a ton of add to carts, but no sales. What's wrong?" In this video, I'll debunk this false question and provide you with the answers you're seeking. So, let's dive right in!

Understanding the False Question

To begin, it's essential to realize that this question itself is flawed. It's akin to calling your doctor and describing a series of seemingly unrelated symptoms, expecting them to pinpoint the exact cause of your ailment. The truth is, there could be countless factors at play, ranging from something as trivial as a ticklish nose hair to a life-threatening disease. Similarly, attributing the lack of sales solely to the abundance of add to carts is a misguided approach.

The Signifier of a Winning Product

Before we delve into the potential causes, it's crucial to understand the key indicator of a winning product—purchases. Contrary to popular belief, the number of add to carts, click-through rates, or cost per thousand impressions (CPMs) are not definitive markers of a successful product. Only the revenue it generates signifies its viability. Remember, if a product isn't making money, it's unlikely to be a winner. So, let's explore the plethora of reasons that could be hindering your conversions.

Potential Causes for Add to Carts with No Sales

  1. Low-Quality Traffic: The first culprit could be the quality of the traffic you're driving to your website. Ensure that your targeting and audience selection accurately align with your product.
  2. Distractions in the Sales Process: Analyze your sales process to identify any distractions or obstacles that may deter potential customers from completing their purchase.
  3. High Prices or Shipping Charges: Exorbitant prices or unexpected shipping charges can quickly drive customers away and prevent conversions.
  4. Broken Checkout Button: Something as simple as a broken checkout button can sabotage your entire sales funnel. Double-check its functionality regularly.
  5. Saturated Product: If you're testing a product that is already oversaturated in the market, it may struggle to attract buyers.
  6. Targeting the Wrong Audience: Ensure that your ads are being served to the correct target audience. Avoid focusing solely on a particular age group, as this may limit your potential customer base.
  7. Insufficient Ad Spend: Adequate investment in advertising is crucial to gauge the potential of a product. Merely spending a minimal amount may not yield accurate results.
  8. Poor Website Design: A poorly designed website can discourage trust and credibility. Make sure your website is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.
  9. Ineffective Ad Strategy: Review your ad creation and targeting strategy. The quality and relevance of your ads can significantly impact your conversion rates.
  10. Lack of Social Proof: Customer reviews and testimonials play a vital role in building trust. Insufficient social proof on your website may hinder sales.
  11. Currency Mismatch: Ensure consistency between your product page and checkout currency. Currency mismatch can confuse customers and discourage them from completing their purchase.
  12. Incongruent Messaging: Make sure your marketing messages align with the actual product. Inconsistent messaging can confuse potential customers and deter them from buying.

Please be aware that this list only scratches the surface of potential causes, but it serves as a starting point to identify probable issues.

Following a Proven Strategy

Rather than meticulously dissecting each potential factor contributing to the add to cart without sales dilemma, a better approach is to embrace a proven strategy. By adhering to a set method, you can isolate the variable responsible for impeding sales—the product itself. Optimize every step of the process, from product research to pricing structure, following a well-defined strategy. This way, when a product fails to generate sales, you can confidently attribute it to the product itself, rather than questioning your entire approach.

Trusting the Process

Regardless of the strategy you choose to adopt, it's crucial to place trust in the process. If you've chosen to follow my methods faithfully, you must have faith in their efficacy. Remember, my strategies are based on my own experiences, having tested hundreds of products on various platforms. Thus, they might differ from other approaches you have encountered. Trusting the process requires commitment and discipline. Avoid deviating from the proven methods and, instead, fully embrace them.


In conclusion, the add to carts versus sales conundrum is complex, with innumerable potential causes. However, if you wholeheartedly follow a proven strategy and comprehend that the ultimate gauge of success is revenue, not add to carts, you will unlock the true potential of your e-commerce venture. Remember, the resources are readily available through my YouTube channel and ebook. Alternatively, consider working closely with me and my team to implement my strategies directly into your store. Trust the process, and watch your results soar!

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