Maximize Conversions with Reconvert's New Features

Maximize Conversions with Reconvert's New Features

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. New Features in the Reconvert Dashboard
  3. Navigating the Reconvert Dashboard
  4. Understanding Funnel Sections
    • 4.1 Funnels vs. Thank You Pages
    • 4.2 Editing Funnels
  5. Customizing Thank You Pages
    • 5.1 The New Look and Feel
    • 5.2 Editing Elements in the Thank You Page Builder
  6. Introducing Post Purchase Upsells
    • 6.1 Adding Upsells in Funnel
    • 6.2 Creating Offers in the Offer Builder
    • 6.3 Setting Up Downsell and Fallback Thank You Pages
  7. Creating Multiple Funnels
  8. Exploring Funnel and Thank You Page Templates
  9. Leveraging the Conversion Monster Funnel Template
  10. Conclusion


Welcome to the new Reconvert dashboard! We are excited to introduce a range of new features and enhancements that will take your post-purchase marketing to the next level. In this article, we will guide you through the changes in the Reconvert dashboard and demonstrate how you can utilize the new features to maximize conversions and revenue. So, let's dive in and explore the exciting updates!

New Features in the Reconvert Dashboard

With the latest update, the Reconvert dashboard has undergone significant improvements. As you log in, the first thing you'll notice is the analytics section, which now appears immediately upon landing. This enhancement was made based on your feedback, as we understand the importance of quick access to analytics data for tracking and optimizing your performance.

Scrolling down, you'll find two main sections: "Funnels" and "Activity Report." The Funnels section replaces the previous Thank You Page section. Here, you can create and manage your post-purchase funnels, which offer a more comprehensive approach to engaging customers and driving additional sales.

The Activity Report section, located at the bottom, provides valuable insights into customer activity. While the layout may appear different, rest assured that your customers' activity data is still easily accessible.

Navigating the Reconvert Dashboard

The menu at the top of the dashboard provides easy navigation to different sections such as Funnels, Templates, and more. We have integrated the familiar triggers into the funnels, making it more convenient to set up your post-purchase flow. Additionally, you can edit existing funnels to customize triggers and thank you pages according to your preferences.

Understanding Funnel Sections

In the new Reconvert dashboard, the concept of funnels takes center stage. Funnels replace the traditional setup of individual thank-you pages, allowing for a more streamlined and cohesive post-purchase experience. Let's explore the key aspects of funnels and how these changes benefit your marketing efforts.

4.1 Funnels vs. Thank You Pages

Previously, triggers were associated with thank-you pages. However, in the updated Reconvert dashboard, triggers and thank-you pages are seamlessly integrated into funnels. This means you will now create and manage funnels, which include triggers and various steps, including thank-you pages. This shift enables a more structured and strategic approach to post-purchase marketing.

4.2 Editing Funnels

Editing funnels is straightforward and allows you to fine-tune your post-purchase flow. When editing a funnel, you can customize triggers, thank-you pages, and additional steps such as upsells. Let's explore the steps involved in editing a funnel:

  1. Select the desired funnel to edit.
  2. Adjust the triggers based on your targeting criteria. For example, you can set triggers for specific products or order values.
  3. Determine the thank-you page that follows the trigger. This page provides an opportunity to deliver customized messages or offers to your customers.
  4. If desired, you can add upsell offers within the funnel. These post-purchase upsells allow you to present enticing offers to customers after they complete their purchase, increasing the average order value.
  5. Finally, you can add a fallback thank-you page for customers whose payment providers do not support post-purchase upsells. This ensures a seamless experience for all customers, regardless of their payment provider's capabilities.

By leveraging the power of funnels, you can create a dynamic and engaging post-purchase flow that maximizes conversions and drives revenue.

Customizing Thank You Pages

Thank you pages play a crucial role in post-purchase marketing, where you have the opportunity to engage customers further and encourage repeat purchases. With the Reconvert dashboard update, customizing thank you pages has become even more straightforward and user-friendly. Let's explore the customization options and the new look and feel.

5.1 The New Look and Feel

The thank you page builder now features a refreshed look and feel, aligned with the modern design aesthetics of Shopify. This update ensures a cohesive brand experience throughout the post-purchase flow. The builder interface is divided into left and right areas, with the general settings section conveniently located at the bottom for easy access.

5.2 Editing Elements in the Thank You Page Builder

Within the thank you page builder, you can edit various elements to create impactful thank you pages. The conversion monster template, known for its high conversion rates, is still available for use. You can leverage this template to generate engagement and drive additional sales.

The editing options include customizing the layout, product options, discounts, and a countdown timer. The layout options now include the new extra-large and large formats, offering an improved visual presentation for your upsells. Additionally, you can easily set up discounts to entice customers and create urgency with the countdown timer feature.

By utilizing the thank you page builder, you can design highly effective pages that resonate with your customers and generate post-purchase revenue.

Introducing Post Purchase Upsells

One of the most impactful enhancements in the Reconvert dashboard update is the introduction of post-purchase upsells. You now have the ability to present one-click upsells to customers after they complete their purchase, providing additional product recommendations and upselling opportunities. Let's dive into the process of adding upsells to your post-purchase funnels.

6.1 Adding Upsells in Funnels

To add upsells within a funnel, you can choose to either add a new offer or select from existing offers. By clicking "add an upsell," you can create a new offer using the offer builder. This intuitive tool allows you to craft compelling product offers that seamlessly integrate into the post-purchase flow.

Each offer's pay now button takes customers to the next offer or the thank you page automatically upon clicking. This frictionless experience ensures a seamless transition between offers, maximizing the chances of conversion.

6.2 Creating Offers in the Offer Builder

The offer builder empowers you to create persuasive offers that captivate customers and drive additional purchases. Within the builder, you can customize the offer's title, product options, layout, and discount parameters. You can choose from various layout options, including the new extra-large and large formats. These layouts provide an enhanced visual appeal, optimizing the upselling potential.

Furthermore, the discount feature enables you to showcase attractive offers to entice customers further. By setting discounts and implementing countdown timers, you can create a sense of urgency and drive conversion rates.

6.3 Setting Up Downsell and Fallback Thank You Pages

Within the funnel, you can also establish downsell offers, which are presented to customers who decline the initial upsell. These downsell offers provide an alternative offer, presenting customers with compelling options to consider.

Additionally, for customers whose payment providers do not support post-purchase upsells, you can set up a fallback thank you page. This ensures that every customer, regardless of payment provider limitations, receives a smooth and enjoyable post-purchase experience.

By leveraging the power of post-purchase upsells, you can significantly boost your average order value and maximize revenue opportunities.

Creating Multiple Funnels

The Reconvert dashboard update allows you to create multiple funnels, striving for a more targeted and personalized post-purchase experience. You can create funnels based on different triggers such as specific products, order values, or any other criteria.

By leveraging multiple funnels, you can tailor your upsell offers, triggers, and thank you pages to specific customer segments, optimizing your post-purchase marketing strategy for maximum effectiveness.

Exploring Funnel and Thank You Page Templates

To make the transition to the new Reconvert dashboard seamless, we have provided funnel and thank you page templates. These templates serve as starting points, helping you quickly set up your post-purchase funnels and thank-you pages. Let's take a closer look at the available templates.

The Conversion Monster Funnel Template is a powerful pre-built funnel that includes multiple steps, including upsells, a downsell, and a conversion monster thank you page. This template enables you to leverage a proven upselling strategy with minimal effort.

Additionally, you can explore different thank you page templates to find the one that best aligns with your brand and marketing objectives. The thank you page templates offer a range of layout options and customization features to ensure your post-purchase pages are engaging and effective.

Leveraging the Conversion Monster Funnel Template

If you're looking to get started quickly with a high-converting funnel, the Conversion Monster Funnel Template is an excellent choice. This template includes pre-designed upsells, a downsell, and a conversion monster thank you page. With just a few clicks, you can enable this template and specify the discount percentage you want to offer customers.

This template serves as a convenient starting point, allowing you to test and refine your post-purchase marketing strategy without the need to create from scratch. You can easily modify and customize elements within the template to align with your brand and specific objectives.

By leveraging the Conversion Monster Funnel Template, you can kickstart your post-purchase upselling efforts and achieve impressive results.


The Reconvert dashboard update introduces a range of powerful features and enhancements designed to elevate your post-purchase marketing strategy. With the ability to create funnels, add post-purchase upsells, and customize thank you pages, you can maximize conversions, drive revenue, and enrich the overall customer experience.

We encourage you to explore the new features and experiment with different funnel setups to find the approach that best suits your business goals. Whether you're new to Reconvert or a long-time user, we are excited to see the results you achieve with these updates.

If you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated support team is always available to help you navigate the new Reconvert dashboard and maximize your success. Start utilizing the new features today and unlock the full potential of your post-purchase marketing efforts.

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