How Tom Went from $0 to $10,000 in Just 2 Months with Dropshipping

How Tom Went from $0 to $10,000 in Just 2 Months with Dropshipping

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding the Right Product
    1. Using a Paid Product Research Method
    2. Using Google Trends for Product Research
  3. Sourcing the Product
    1. Supplier vs Private Agent
    2. Criteria for Choosing a Supplier
  4. Building the Website
    1. High Conversion Rate Formula
    2. Tips for Building a Website
  5. Creating Effective Ads
    1. Three-Step Formula for Ad Creation
  6. Business Performance
    1. The Journey to $10,000 in Sales
    2. The Importance of Optimization
  7. Future Growth and Sustainability
    1. Setting Goals and Aspirations
    2. Establishing a Sustainable Brand
    3. Exploring Additional Opportunities
  8. Conclusion

How Tom Built a Successful Ecommerce Business in Just Two Months

Two months ago, a student named Tom approached us looking to start his own ecommerce business. He was intrigued by the concept of drop shipping but felt that starting an entire business from scratch was too risky and time-consuming. That's when he discovered our Ecom brand in a box program, which offers a done-for-you solution for building and scaling a Shopify drop shipping business. With our help, Tom was able to achieve impressive results, generating $10,000 in sales within just two and a half months. In this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step process we used to help Tom achieve his success.


Before we dive into the details, let's provide a brief overview of Tom's journey. We'll discuss how he found the right product, sourced it from a reliable supplier, built an effective website, created compelling ads, and ultimately witnessed the growth of his business. We'll also explore the future plans and aspirations for Tom's brand.

Finding the Right Product

The first step in building a successful ecommerce business is finding the right product to sell. We employed a two-pronged approach to product research: a paid method using a tool called Mania and a free method using Google Trends.

Using a Paid Product Research Method

Mania proved to be an invaluable tool for finding winning products. Its features and consistent track record of delivering successful results made it our go-to tool for product research. We found a product that, despite not having many sales at the time, possessed all the criteria of a winning product: it solved a problem, had a wow factor, and had limited competition. While sales were not visible through Mania, our experience and the combination of other criteria made us confident in its potential.

Using Google Trends for Product Research

In addition to Mania, we used Google Trends to gauge the popularity and potential of the product. Google Trends allows users to search for keywords or phrases and provides data on search volume over time. Through our research, we observed a significant increase in the search volume for the product, indicating a growing market demand. This reinforced our belief in the product's potential as a winning product.

Sourcing the Product

Once we identified the product, the next step was to source it from a reliable supplier. We evaluated two options: a supplier company or a private agent. Our primary consideration when selecting a supplier was fast shipping times, reliability, and competitive pricing. We opted for USA drop as the supplier for Tom's product due to their superior product quality, shipping efficiency, and reliability.

Building the Website

When it came to building the website for Tom's ecommerce business, we utilized our custom in-house created high conversion rate formula. This formula, developed through extensive testing and optimization, offered a proven approach to maximizing conversion rates. To ensure a professional brand image, we incorporated custom content, logos, and branding elements. Our three key tips for website building were to keep it concise, guide visitors towards the checkout, and make the product easy to understand.

Creating Effective Ads

Effective advertising plays a vital role in driving sales and growing an ecommerce business. We used our in-house user-generated content (UGC) content creator to produce custom ads that set Tom's brand apart from the competition. We followed a three-step formula for ad creation: creating a captivating hook, providing informative content, and concluding with a compelling call to action. By incorporating these elements, we ensured that our ads engaged viewers and motivated them to visit Tom's website and make a purchase.

Business Performance

Once the website and ads were set up, Tom's business began generating sales. However, it is essential to acknowledge that his success is not the norm for every business. While Tom experienced initial sales shortly after launching ads, this level of immediate success is not guaranteed. The journey to building a profitable ecommerce business often requires optimization, experimentation, and perseverance.

Future Growth and Sustainability

To ensure long-term success and growth, we advised Tom to set ambitious goals and aspirations for his business. By aiming for a monthly revenue target of $30,000, he can achieve a net income of $100,000 to $125,000 per year. Building a sustainable brand involves branding elements such as custom packaging, exploring opportunities for third-party logistics (3PL), and maintaining consistent product quality. While obstacles may arise along the way, Tom's diligence and dedication promise a bright future for his ecommerce business.


Tom's success story exemplifies the potential of ecommerce businesses and the positive impact of our Ecom brand in a box program. By finding the right product, sourcing it from a reliable supplier, building an effective website, and creating compelling ads, Tom achieved impressive sales within a short period. With strategic planning, continuous optimization, and adherence to best practices, Tom's business has the potential to grow and thrive in the ever-expanding ecommerce landscape.


  • Tom achieved $10,000 in sales within two and a half months with the help of our Ecom brand in a box program.
  • Effective product research and evaluation played a crucial role in finding the right product for Tom's business.
  • Sourcing from a reliable supplier and focusing on fast shipping times and product quality ensured customer satisfaction.
  • Building a compelling website using our high conversion rate formula maximized user engagement and conversions.
  • Custom ads, created with a captivating hook, informative content, and a strong call to action, drove traffic and sales.
  • Optimization and perseverance are key to building a profitable ecommerce business.
  • Setting ambitious goals and prioritizing sustainability are crucial for long-term success.
  • Tom's achievements demonstrate the potential of ecommerce businesses and the effectiveness of our program.


Q: How long did it take for Tom to achieve $10,000 in sales? A: Tom achieved $10,000 in sales within two and a half months of starting his ecommerce business.

Q: Did Tom have any prior experience in drop shipping? A: No, Tom had no prior experience in drop shipping. He chose our Ecom brand in a box program as a way to mitigate risk and receive guidance throughout the process.

Q: What criteria did Tom consider when selecting a supplier? A: Tom focused on fast shipping times, reliability, and competitive pricing when choosing a supplier for his product.

Q: How were the ads created for Tom's business? A: We used our in-house user-generated content (UGC) content creator to produce custom ads that were unique and engaging.

Q: Is Tom's success typical for all ecommerce businesses? A: No, Tom's immediate success is not typical for every ecommerce business. Building a profitable business often requires optimization, experimentation, and perseverance.

Q: What are the future goals for Tom's business? A: Tom aims to achieve a monthly revenue of $30,000 and a net income of $100,000 to $125,000 per year, providing him with financial freedom.

Q: How can others replicate Tom's success? A: Replicating Tom's success requires strategic product research, reliable sourcing, an effective website, compelling ads, and ongoing optimization. It also necessitates setting ambitious goals and prioritizing sustainability.

Q: Can I learn more about the Ecom brand in a box program? A: Yes, you can find more information about our Ecom brand in a box program in the provided link.

Q: Are there any other tips for building a successful ecommerce business? A: Yes, in addition to the steps outlined in this article, it is essential to prioritize customer satisfaction, maintain product quality, and leverage branding and marketing strategies to stand out in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

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