How to Create a Shopify Account That Never Expires

How to Create a Shopify Account That Never Expires

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. How Shopify accounts normally expire after 14 days
  3. Solution: Creating a Shopify account that does not expire 3.1. Creating a partner account 3.2. Creating a Shopify account
  4. Step-by-step guide to creating a Shopify account 4.1. Accessing the Shopify partners landing page 4.2. Joining Shopify partners 4.3. Creating a Shopify ID 4.4. Setting up the account details 4.5. Providing business information 4.6. Sharing a bit about yourself 4.7. Confirming partner account creation 4.8. Creating a store from the partner dashboard 4.9. Choosing a store name and URL 4.10. Selecting the store setup options
  5. Showcasing your portfolio and sending store links to clients
  6. Conclusion

How to Create a Shopify Account That Will Not Expire


Creating a Shopify account is a great way for entrepreneurs to establish their online presence and start selling products or services. However, there is one limitation that often frustrates Shopify users - the expiration of accounts after 14 days. In this article, we'll explore how you can create a Shopify account that will not expire, allowing you to have unlimited time to set up and manage your online store.

How Shopify Accounts Normally Expire After 14 Days

By default, when users create a Shopify account, they are given a 14-day trial period to explore the platform and decide if it meets their needs. After this trial period, users are required to purchase a premium plan to continue using their Shopify account. This limitation can be a hindrance, especially for those who need more time to set up their store or who want to showcase their work to potential clients.

Solution: Creating a Shopify Account That Does Not Expire

To overcome the expiration limitation, you need to follow a two-step process. First, you need to create a partner account, and then you can create your Shopify account. By using this method, you can have an account that remains active indefinitely.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Shopify Account

Here is a detailed guide to help you create a Shopify account that will not expire:

  1. Accessing the Shopify Partners Landing Page To begin, visit the Shopify Partners landing page and click on the "Join Now" button.

  2. Joining Shopify Partners Fill in the required details to create a Shopify ID. You can use your email or continue with Apple, Facebook, or Google.

  3. Creating a Shopify ID Choose your preferred method to create a Shopify ID (email, Apple, Facebook, or Google) and provide the necessary information.

  4. Setting Up the Account Details Enter your business name, primary business email, and choose whether to enable email signing. Website details are optional.

  5. Providing Business Information Enter your address details, including city, region, postal code, and country.

  6. Sharing a Bit About Yourself Take a moment to share a brief description of yourself, such as building a new Shopify store for clients or your experience with e-commerce platforms.

  7. Confirming Partner Account Creation Review your details and click on the "View Your Dashboard" button. Provide your ZIP code if prompted.

  8. Creating a Store from the Partner Dashboard Once in the partner dashboard, click on the "Create Store" button to proceed.

  9. Choosing a Store Name and URL Select a unique store name and check for availability. Your store URL will be fashioned as "".

  10. Selecting the Store Setup Options Choose whether you want to test the developer preview or let Shopify build the store for you. The developer preview allows you to showcase your work to clients.

Showcasing Your Portfolio and Sending Store Links to Clients

One of the advantages of having a Shopify account that does not expire is the ability to use it as part of your portfolio. You can create multiple stores and showcase them to potential clients. Simply share the store links to demonstrate your skills and attract clients.


Creating a Shopify account that does not expire is possible by following the steps outlined in this article. By utilizing the Shopify Partners program, you can have unlimited active stores to manage and showcase your work. Don't let the 14-day trial limitation restrict your online business growth - create your Shopify account today and start building your successful online store.


  • Overcome the 14-day trial limitation by creating a partner account.
  • Create a Shopify account that remains active indefinitely.
  • Showcase your portfolio by creating multiple stores.
  • Attract clients by sharing store links.


Q: Can I create multiple stores with a Shopify account that does not expire? A: Yes, you can create multiple stores and manage them without any time restrictions.

Q: How long does the trial period last for a regular Shopify account? A: The trial period for a regular Shopify account is 14 days.

Q: Do I need to purchase a premium plan to continue using my Shopify account? A: Yes, after the 14-day trial period, a premium plan purchase is required for regular Shopify accounts.

Q: Can I showcase my work to potential clients using my Shopify account? A: Absolutely! With a Shopify account that does not expire, you can create multiple stores and share the store links as part of your portfolio.

Q: Will clients be able to access and view my stores created with a Shopify account that does not expire? A: Yes, clients will be able to visit and view the stores you create using your Shopify account.

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