Gorgias vs Zendesk: Which Help Desk Tool Is Right for You?

Gorgias vs Zendesk: Which Help Desk Tool Is Right for You?

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of Gorgeous and Zendesk
  3. Ticket Management
  4. Automation Features
  5. Integrations with E-commerce Platforms
  6. Customer Support and Response Times
  7. Pricing Models
  8. Self-Service Options
  9. Order Management and Shopify Integrations
  10. Analytics and Performance Measurement

Gorgeous vs Zendesk: Choosing the Right Help Desk Tool for Your E-commerce Store

If you're in the market for a new help desk tool or looking to streamline your customer service operations, this article is for you. We'll compare two popular help desk tools - Gorgeous and Zendesk - and break down their major features, pricing models, and suitability for e-commerce businesses. Making the right decision for your online store can have a significant impact on your support team's performance and your brand's growth. Let's dive in!


In this article, we will explore the differences between Gorgeous and Zendesk, two leading help desk tools. While both tools offer ticket management, automation, and integrations, they cater to different industries. Gorgeous is primarily built for e-commerce businesses, offering features specific to the industry, such as one-click order refunds and access to customer data from Shopify. On the other hand, Zendesk is designed for various industries beyond e-commerce, such as airlines, banks, and hospitals.

Overview of Gorgeous and Zendesk

Gorgeous is a customer service platform designed exclusively for e-commerce businesses. It offers a range of features, including ticket management across all channels, automation capabilities, and seamless integrations with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. One of Gorgeous' standout advantages is its superior customer support, with quick response times and dedicated customer success managers with deep e-commerce knowledge.

Zendesk, on the other hand, is the oldest cloud-based customer service software. It caters to industries beyond e-commerce, making it a suitable choice for companies in airlines, banks, hospitals, and more. Zendesk offers ticketing and automation features to manage customer conversations efficiently. However, compared to Gorgeous, the tool may lack certain e-commerce-specific functionalities.

Ticket Management

Both Gorgeous and Zendesk offer comprehensive ticket management systems. These systems consolidate customer conversations from various channels, including email, live chat, social media, and more, into a single inbox. In both tools, customer service teams can view and respond to messages from multiple channels, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

However, Gorgeous has a slight edge when it comes to social media integration. With Gorgeous, you can easily manage comments on your brand's posts or ads on Facebook and Instagram, responding, hiding, or liking comments directly from within the tool. This feature is included in Gorgeous' base price, while in Zendesk, it comes at an additional cost.

Zendesk, on the other hand, supports iMessage, which is not available in Gorgeous. This feature allows Zendesk users to handle customer conversations via iMessage, providing added convenience.

Automation Features

Both Gorgeous and Zendesk offer automation features to enhance the efficiency of customer service teams. Templates, macros (Gorgeous's version of templates), and tags are available in both tools to streamline responses to frequently asked questions and common issues.

However, Gorgeous takes automation a step further by allowing users to create customized templates that pull variables directly from e-commerce apps like Shopify. This means that customer information, such as order numbers, subscription renewal dates, and tracking numbers, can be automatically inserted into responses, saving time and ensuring accurate information. Zendesk, unfortunately, lacks this level of integration with Shopify.

Another automation feature worth noting is Gorgeous's ability to auto-assign or sort tickets based on channel, urgency, and ticket topic. This functionality enables customer service teams to prioritize and route tickets efficiently. Zendesk offers similar capabilities but may require additional setup or third-party integrations.

Integrations with E-commerce Platforms

Both Gorgeous and Zendesk offer integrations with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. However, Gorgeous's native integrations with these platforms provide a more seamless and comprehensive experience.

With Gorgeous, you can manage orders directly within the ticket view, cancel or refund orders with a single click, and even generate unique discount codes. This tight connection to Shopify enables customer service teams to drive sales and provide efficient order management. Zendesk, on the other hand, requires additional steps and app installations to perform similar actions.

When it comes to integrations beyond e-commerce platforms, Zendesk offers a wider range of options, including Salesforce, Zoom, and Jira. While Gorgeous has fewer integrations, it focuses on providing deep integrations with the e-commerce apps that are most commonly used by online brands, such as Klaviyo, Attentive, Recharge, Yappa, and ShipBob.

Customer Support and Response Times

Gorgeous prides itself on providing superior customer support, with fast response times often within minutes. The company offers dedicated customer success managers who possess extensive knowledge of the e-commerce industry. As Gorgeous exclusively serves online stores, its team understands the unique challenges and requirements of e-commerce businesses.

On the other hand, Zendesk offers customer support across industries, catering to a broader customer base. While Zendesk provides responsive support, the level of expertise in e-commerce-specific issues may differ. Customer support is a crucial aspect to consider when selecting a help desk tool, as it can greatly impact your team's efficiency and problem-solving abilities.

Pricing Models

Gorgeous and Zendesk have different pricing models that cater to distinct business needs. Gorgeous charges based on ticket volume, offering unlimited users at every pricing tier. This is particularly advantageous for e-commerce businesses as it allows easy access for marketing teams, product teams, and temporary agents to review customer conversations and gain valuable insights. Moreover, Gorgeous's pricing starts at a affordable price of $10 per month for small brands, scaling up to Enterprise pricing.

Zendesk, on the other hand, employs a per-agent pricing model. While this can work well for industries beyond e-commerce, it may present challenges for sharing customer insights and perspectives with the entire support team. As more users are added to the software, the cost of Zendesk increases. It is important to carefully consider the requirements of your team and budget when choosing a pricing model.

Self-Service Options

Both Gorgeous and Zendesk offer self-service features that empower customers to find answers to simple questions on their own, reducing the workload on customer service teams. Both tools provide knowledge bases, which are known as help centers in Gorgeous, where businesses can create libraries of articles to educate customers about products, policies, and common queries.

The main difference lies in the self-service automation features offered by each tool. Zendesk adopts an AI chatbot approach for customer self-service. Although it provides flexibility to handle a wide variety of questions, chatbots are often perceived as unhelpful and frustrating for customers.

Gorgeous takes a different approach by focusing on automations specific to common e-commerce questions. Shoppers can click a button to initiate a return or view the latest updates on their orders directly within the chat widget. Furthermore, Gorgeous allows businesses to turn commonly asked questions into clickable buttons for instant answers. This more tailored approach is often preferred by customers, offering a faster resolution and positive experience.

Order Management and Shopify Integrations

Order management and seamless integration with Shopify are crucial factors for e-commerce businesses. Both Gorgeous and Zendesk integrate with Shopify, but Gorgeous provides more comprehensive functionalities in this area.

Gorgeous allows users to cancel and refund orders, as well as create new orders directly within the ticket view. This streamlined process saves time compared to Zendesk, where additional steps are required to perform these actions. Moreover, Gorgeous offers features to help customer service teams drive sales, such as generating unique discount codes within the tool or sending visually engaging links to products in the store. These features enhance the overall customer experience and streamline the support process.

Analytics and Performance Measurement

Both Gorgeous and Zendesk offer analytics features to measure the performance of customer service teams. Real-time statistics, including response times, resolution times, CSAT scores, and one-touch tickets, are available in both tools. These metrics can be filtered by channel, time period, or agent, providing valuable insights into team performance.

Zendesk's analytics capabilities are highly customizable, allowing businesses to create reports based on their specific needs and metrics. On the other hand, Gorgeous stands out by providing revenue statistics within the tool itself. This feature enables e-commerce brands to understand the revenue generated through customer service conversations, track conversion rates, identify top-selling agents, and leverage automated FAQs for sales.

Having revenue statistics readily available is a game-changer for e-commerce brands, as it helps them understand, prove, and improve the impact of their customer service efforts.


Choosing the right help desk tool is crucial for effectively managing customer support and enhancing the growth of an e-commerce business. While Zendesk serves various industries and offers a wide range of integrations, Gorgeous stands out as the better choice for e-commerce brands due to its e-commerce-specific features, superior customer support, seamless Shopify integration, and revenue-focused analytics. By selecting the tool that aligns with your specific needs, you can optimize your customer service operations and drive the growth of your online store.


  • Gorgeous and Zendesk are popular help desk tools, each with unique features and suitability for different industries.
  • While Gorgeous is designed exclusively for e-commerce businesses, Zendesk caters to a broader range of industries.
  • Gorgeous offers superior customer support, with fast response times and dedicated e-commerce experts.
  • Zendesk supports iMessage integration, which is not available in Gorgeous.
  • Both tools provide comprehensive ticket management systems, but Gorgeous has stronger social media integration.
  • Gorgeous excels in order management and Shopify integration, with features like one-click order refunds and generating discount codes.
  • Automation features in Gorgeous, such as customizable templates and automated responses, enhance efficiency.
  • Zendesk offers more extensive integrations with various apps and services, while Gorgeous focuses on deep integrations with popular e-commerce apps.
  • Revenue statistics are available in Gorgeous, enabling e-commerce businesses to measure the direct impact of customer service on sales.
  • Pricing models differ, with Gorgeous charging based on ticket volume and offering unlimited users, while Zendesk charges per user seat.


Q: Can Zendesk be used by e-commerce businesses? A: Yes, Zendesk can be used by e-commerce businesses. However, it may lack certain e-commerce-specific features and integrations that Gorgeous provides.

Q: Can Gorgeous be used for industries other than e-commerce? A: Gorgeous is primarily designed for e-commerce businesses, offering features tailored to their needs. While it may work for other industries, Zendesk may be a better fit due to its broader range of functionalities and industry-specific features.

Q: Does Zendesk offer social media integration? A: Yes, Zendesk offers social media integration, allowing businesses to manage customer conversations on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, social media features are included in the base price of Gorgeous, while they may come at an additional cost in Zendesk.

Q: Which tool offers better order management capabilities? A: Gorgeous provides seamless order management capabilities, allowing users to cancel, refund, and create orders directly within the ticket view. Zendesk requires additional steps and app installations for these actions.

Q: Can both tools integrate with Shopify? A: Yes, both Gorgeous and Zendesk integrate with Shopify. However, Gorgeous offers deeper and more comprehensive Shopify integrations, providing a more streamlined experience for e-commerce businesses.

Q: Do both tools offer revenue statistics? A: No, revenue statistics are only available in Gorgeous. This feature helps e-commerce brands understand the direct impact of customer service on sales and make data-driven decisions.

Q: Which tool offers more customizable analytics? A: Zendesk offers highly customizable analytics features, allowing businesses to create reports based on specific metrics. While Gorgeous provides valuable customer service metrics, its focus is on revenue statistics for e-commerce businesses.

Q: Which pricing model is more suitable for e-commerce businesses? A: Gorgeous's pricing model, which is based on ticket volume and offers unlimited users, is particularly beneficial for e-commerce businesses. It allows easy access for marketing teams, product teams, and temporary agents to review customer conversations and gain valuable insights. Zendesk's per-agent pricing model may not be as cost-effective for e-commerce businesses with larger support teams.

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