Simplify Your Shopify Store Management with Boardroom

Simplify Your Shopify Store Management with Boardroom

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Challenge of Managing Multiple Shopify Stores
  3. Introducing the Boardroom App
  4. Syncing Multiple Stores with Boardroom
  5. Seamlessly Managing Sales and Analytics
  6. Streamlining Advertising Accounts
  7. Monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  8. Getting Insights on Inventory and Expenses
  9. Comparing Advertising Platforms
  10. AI Integration for Advanced Insights
  11. Conclusion


Managing Multiple Shopify Stores Made Easy with the Boardroom App

Running multiple Shopify stores can be a game-changer for online sellers looking to expand their reach and boost sales. However, keeping track of multiple accounts and juggling between them can be both time-consuming and frustrating. If you find yourself logging into several Shopify and advertising accounts just to manage your business, there's a better solution available – the Boardroom app.

The Challenge of Managing Multiple Shopify Stores

As your online business grows, having multiple Shopify stores can be a smart move to increase your online footprint. However, it also means having to constantly switch between different accounts to monitor sales and performance. Additionally, if you're running Google and meta-ads accounts, the number of logins can quickly become overwhelming. This not only wastes valuable time but also adds unnecessary complexity to your daily operations.

Introducing the Boardroom App

The Boardroom app is here to streamline the management of multiple Shopify stores. Developed by a team of experts, this user-friendly app offers a convenient way to monitor and manage all your shops from one centralized dashboard. With Boardroom, you can say goodbye to the hassle of endless logins and gain full control over your business.

Syncing Multiple Stores with Boardroom

One of the standout features of the Boardroom app is its seamless integration with Shopify. Connecting your shops to Boardroom is a breeze. Simply go to the app's dashboard, select "Sync a store," followed by "Shopify sync." Paste your Shopify URL, add a brand name for easy filtering, and click the next button. You'll be redirected to your Shopify admin, where you can quickly install the app for the newly connected store. Once the installation is complete, you'll be brought back to Boardroom, where your sales data will start syncing.

Seamlessly Managing Sales and Analytics

Once your stores are connected to Boardroom, managing your sales and analytics becomes effortless. The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your total sales, as well as the breakdown of individual stores. You no longer need to navigate between different accounts to monitor your sales performance. Everything is conveniently displayed in one place, allowing you to save valuable time and make data-driven decisions with ease.

Streamlining Advertising Accounts

In addition to Shopify stores, Boardroom also offers seamless integration with advertising accounts. Whether you're running Google ads or using other platforms, you can easily sync them to your Boardroom dashboard. Simply go to the settings page, open the "My Data Sources" tab, and click "Sync new ad account." Choose your Google ads account and specify the store to filter the data effectively. Boardroom will handle the rest, syncing all the relevant advertising account data for you.

Monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial for assessing the success of your online business. With Boardroom, you can monitor KPIs across all your connected accounts from a single page. Whether it's tracking website traffic, conversion rates, or customer engagement, Boardroom provides valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and optimize your strategies.

Getting Insights on Inventory and Expenses

Managing inventory and expenses is essential for any online business owner. With Boardroom, you can easily keep track of your inventory levels and expenses across all your connected stores. This feature ensures that you never run out of stock and accurately analyze your expenses to identify areas for improvement.

Comparing Advertising Platforms

Are you wondering which advertising platform is bringing in the most value for your business? Boardroom allows you to compare the performance of different advertising platforms, such as Google and Facebook. Easily monitor your advertising spend, click-through rates, and conversion rates to make data-driven decisions on where to allocate your marketing budget for maximum ROI.

AI Integration for Advanced Insights

Boardroom goes beyond basic analytics by offering integration with AI tools, such as Chat GPT. This powerful integration allows you to leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence to gain advanced insights into your data. Unlock valuable patterns and trends, anticipate customer behavior, and take your business strategies to the next level with the help of AI-powered analytics.


Managing multiple Shopify stores doesn't have to be a daunting task anymore. With the Boardroom app, you can seamlessly monitor and manage all your shops from one dashboard, saving time and streamlining your operations. From syncing stores and advertising accounts to monitoring sales, analytics, and expenses, Boardroom offers a comprehensive solution for online sellers. Try Boardroom today and experience the convenience of centralized management for your multiple Shopify stores.


  • Seamlessly monitor and manage multiple Shopify stores from one dashboard with the Boardroom app.
  • Easily sync Shopify stores and advertising accounts to access all data in one centralized dashboard.
  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) across all connected accounts for data-driven decision making.
  • Gain insights on inventory levels and expenses to optimize your online business operations.
  • Compare advertising platforms and allocate your marketing budget effectively for maximum return on investment.
  • Utilize AI integration for advanced insights and predictive analytics.
  • Streamline your business operations and save time with centralized management of multiple Shopify stores using Boardroom.


Q: Can I sync an unlimited number of Shopify stores with Boardroom? A: Yes, Boardroom allows you to seamlessly sync multiple Shopify stores, regardless of the number. Manage all your stores from one convenient dashboard.

Q: Is Boardroom compatible with other advertising platforms besides Google ads and Facebook? A: Yes, Boardroom provides integration with various advertising platforms, giving you the flexibility to sync and monitor multiple advertising accounts.

Q: Can I try Boardroom before committing to a subscription? A: Absolutely! Boardroom offers a free two-week trial, allowing you to experience the convenience and benefits of the app before making a decision.

Q: Can I access Boardroom from different devices and locations? A: Yes, Boardroom is a cloud-based app, meaning you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. Simply log in to your account and manage your Shopify stores with ease.

Q: Is Boardroom suitable for businesses of all sizes? A: Whether you're a small independent seller or a larger e-commerce business, Boardroom caters to businesses of all sizes. The app's intuitive interface and comprehensive features make it suitable for any online seller managing multiple Shopify stores.

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