Get the Most out of GemPages Dashboard - A Comprehensive Guide

Get the Most out of GemPages Dashboard - A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. GemPages Dashboard Overview
  3. Topbar
    1. Search Bar
    2. Support Resources
    3. Help Center
    4. Tutorial Section
    5. Feature Request
    6. Notifications
    7. Settings
  4. Left Sidebar
    1. Shopify Admin
    2. Current Dashboard
    3. Pages
    4. Analytics
    5. Third Party Apps
    6. Plan
  5. Main Dashboard
    1. Customizing the Dashboard
    2. Creating Page Types
    3. Recent Pages
    4. Latest Templates
    5. Quick Start Guide
    6. Integrations and Support
    7. GemPages Improvements
    8. Access to FAQs
  6. Conclusion

GemPages Dashboard: A Complete Guide to Maximizing its Features

GemPages is a powerful tool that allows users to create and customize pages on their Shopify stores. The GemPages dashboard serves as the central hub for accessing all the key features and functionalities that the platform offers. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through each section of the GemPages dashboard, highlighting its significance and demonstrating how to make the most of its capabilities.


The topbar of the GemPages dashboard contains essential navigation options and settings that provide quick access to important areas of the platform. Let's explore each of these features:

Search Bar

The search bar in the topbar enables users to quickly locate and access specific pages by entering their names or page IDs. It also displays a list of the most recent templates, making it convenient to find and work on recent projects.

Support Resources

The left side of the topbar provides various support resources to assist users. The live chat feature allows direct communication with the dedicated Customer Success team. Additionally, users can seek assistance by sending a message through the support button located at the bottom right of the app. For new users, the Get Started Guide is available to provide a comprehensive walkthrough of GemPages' features and functionalities.

Help Center

The Help Center is a valuable resource for users to explore and gain in-depth knowledge about various topics related to GemPages. It contains detailed articles that assist users in troubleshooting issues and understanding different aspects of the platform. The Help Center can also be accessed through the left sidebar.

Tutorial Section

GemPages recognizes that different users have different learning preferences. To cater to visual and auditory learners, the Tutorial section offers helpful video tutorials explaining various features and functionalities of GemPages. These tutorials provide step-by-step guidance on using different tools and achieving desired outcomes.

Feature Request

At GemPages, user feedback is highly valued. The Feature Request section allows users to voice their suggestions for new features they would like to see implemented on the platform. This feature emphasizes GemPages' commitment to continually improving and meeting the evolving needs of its users.


GemPages keeps users updated with the latest news and announcements through the Notifications feature. By clicking on this section, users can stay informed about new releases, enhancements, and important updates. Users also have the option to pin important messages to the top for quick access and reference.


The Settings section allows users to configure and personalize their GemPages account and store settings. This includes managing account information, store details, and other settings that will be covered in more detail in a separate video.

Left Sidebar

The left sidebar of the GemPages dashboard provides easy navigation to different sections and features. Let's explore each of these sections:

Shopify Admin

By clicking on this option, users can access the Shopify Admin interface directly from the GemPages dashboard. This provides a seamless experience for managing various aspects of their online store.

Current Dashboard

The button below the Shopify Admin option redirects users to their current dashboard. This ensures easy navigation back to the main GemPages dashboard from any other section of the platform.


Under the Pages section, users can create, access, and edit different page types as per their requirements. This feature empowers users to design and customize various pages such as product pages, landing pages, and blog pages.


The Analytics section provides access to GemPages' powerful A/B testing feature. This feature allows users to perform split testing to optimize their page designs and improve conversion rates. It is important to note that this feature is only available on the Business and Advanced plans.

Third Party Apps

GemPages seamlessly integrates with various essential apps through the Third Party Apps section. This integration expands the functionality of the platform by connecting with popular apps that enhance the overall user experience. A dedicated video is available to provide more information about the integrated apps.


The Plan section displays the current plan that the user is subscribed to and provides access to the pricing page for easy plan switching. Users can upgrade or downgrade their plans as per their needs and preferences.

Main Dashboard

The main dashboard of GemPages is where users can customize and manage their overall dashboard experience. Let's explore its key components:

Customizing the Dashboard

By clicking on the settings icon, users can customize the layout and arrangement of the dashboard sections according to their preferences. This allows for a personalized user experience by showing or hiding specific sections.

Creating Page Types

Next to the settings icon, users can quickly create different page types. This feature streamlines the process of creating new pages without having to navigate through multiple menus.

Recent Pages

The left section of the main dashboard displays a list of recently accessed pages. This enables users to easily pick up where they left off and continue working on ongoing projects.

Latest Templates

The Latest Templates section provides inspiration for users to enhance the design of their store. By exploring a variety of pre-designed templates, users can quickly find ideas to revamp their pages and improve their overall website aesthetics.

Quick Start Guide

The GemPages Quick Start Guide is designed to equip users with the fundamental knowledge needed to effectively use the platform. This section offers a step-by-step walkthrough, ensuring that users have a solid foundation to begin creating and customizing their pages.

Integrations and Support

Conveniently located at the bottom of the main dashboard, the Integrations and Support sections provide quick access to essential resources. Users can explore integrations with various third-party apps to further enhance their store's functionality. Additionally, support resources are readily available to offer assistance and address any queries or concerns.

GemPages Improvements

The right section of the main dashboard provides users with updates on all major and minor improvements being made to the GemPages platform. This ensures that users stay informed about the latest enhancements and features introduced, allowing them to take full advantage of the platform's capabilities.

Access to FAQs

At the bottom of the main dashboard, users can quickly access frequently asked questions (FAQs). This resource serves as a handy reference to find answers to common inquiries, providing immediate assistance to users.


The GemPages dashboard offers a comprehensive set of features and functionalities to empower Shopify store owners in creating and customizing their pages. By understanding each section of the dashboard and utilizing its capabilities effectively, users can maximize their use of GemPages and create stunning, high-converting pages for their online stores. As you navigate the GemPages dashboard, refer back to this guide for a complete overview of its key components and features. Happy designing!


  • The GemPages dashboard is the central hub for accessing all key features and functionalities.
  • The topbar provides quick access to navigation options, support resources, and settings.
  • The left sidebar offers easy navigation to different sections, including pages, analytics, and integrations.
  • The main dashboard allows users to personalize their experience and provides quick access to recent pages, templates, and support resources.
  • The GemPages dashboard empowers users to create stunning and high-converting pages for their Shopify stores.


Q: Can I access the GemPages Help Center from within the dashboard? A: Yes, the GemPages Help Center can be accessed through the left sidebar of the dashboard. It provides comprehensive articles to assist users in understanding and troubleshooting different aspects of the platform.

Q: Is A/B testing available on all GemPages plans? A: No, A/B testing is available only on the Business and Advanced plans. Users on these plans can leverage this powerful feature to optimize their page designs and improve conversion rates.

Q: Can I customize the layout of the GemPages dashboard? A: Yes, by clicking on the settings icon in the main dashboard, users can customize the layout and arrangement of dashboard sections according to their preferences. This allows for a personalized user experience.

Q: How can I access GemPages' integrated third-party apps? A: The Third Party Apps section in the left sidebar provides access to all the essential apps that GemPages has integrated with. This allows users to enhance their store's functionality by connecting with popular apps.

Q: Where can I find information about GemPages' pricing plans? A: The Plan section in the left sidebar displays the current plan that the user is subscribed to and provides access to the pricing page. Users can easily switch between plans as per their needs and preferences.

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