From Dropshipping to a Thriving Brand: My Journey to $100k/Month

From Dropshipping to a Thriving Brand: My Journey to $100k/Month

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding the Winning Product
    1. Using the Hybrid Storage Strategy
    2. Scanning Social Media for Viral Products
  3. Transitioning to a Brand
    1. Building a Branded Website
    2. Creating Custom Content for Ads
    3. Improving Product Quality and Shipping Time
  4. Scaling the Product
    1. Building a Team
    2. Optimizing Profits
    3. Diversifying Traffic Sources
  5. Challenges and Solutions
    1. Personal Challenges and Overcoming Burnout
    2. Decrease in Profit Margins
    3. Dealing with Copycats and Competition
    4. Reaching a Scaling Cap
  6. Conclusion

How I Created a Successful Shopify Brand and Sustained a Winning Product for One Year


It has been an eventful and exciting journey since I started my Shopify brand a year ago. Throughout this time, I have faced countless challenges and experienced both highs and lows. Despite the hurdles, I have successfully built the biggest brand in my industry, consistently generating around a hundred thousand dollars a month from just one main product. In this article, I will share with you the exact steps I took to sustain and scale this product over the course of a year, as well as my plan to take it to the next level.

Finding the Winning Product

To begin, let's talk about how I found the winning product that has been the driving force behind my brand's success. I utilized a hybrid storage strategy, which involved scanning my Facebook and Instagram feeds daily for viral products. My key criteria for product selection were high engagement and room for improvement. I looked for opportunities to create better advertisements, websites, and offers for these products. After testing multiple products using Facebook ads on my hybrid store, I finally found the one that resonated with my target audience and has been consistently selling for over a year.

Transitioning to a Brand

Once I identified the winning product, it was time to transition from a testing phase to building a full-on brand. The first step I took was creating a branded website focused entirely on showcasing and selling this product. This approach positioned me as one of the top sellers in the market from the start, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased customer trust. Additionally, I created custom content for my ads instead of relying on videos found on various platforms. By filming simple and clean ads modeled after what was already working, I was able to differentiate myself from others in the market and increase profitability.

Improving product quality and shipping time was crucial to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat purchases. Since I was dropshipping the product from AliExpress initially, I encountered issues with long shipping times and subpar product quality. To overcome these challenges, I collaborated with a sourcing company called Ecom Ops in China. They helped me find the highest quality version of my product and provided access to a faster shipping line, significantly enhancing the overall customer experience.

Scaling the Product

With a solid foundation in place, the next step was scaling the product to new heights. This involved building a team to manage various aspects of the business. I brought on important individuals such as the Ecom Ops team to handle fulfillment and product development. Additionally, I hired a project manager and customer service expert to ensure smooth operations and top-notch customer support. Having a reliable team in place instilled confidence in me to push the brand further.

Maximizing profits became a priority as the product matured in the market. Ad fatigue and declining profit margins are common challenges when scaling a product for the long term. To combat this, I implemented email and SMS marketing to maximize every visitor to my website. Furthermore, I launched a new product as an upsell, complementing the existing one. This not only increased profitability but also allowed me to be more aggressive with Facebook ads by outbidding competitors.

To diversify my traffic sources and expand my reach, I started investing in influencers, Google ads, and YouTube ads. By leveraging the foundation I had built in terms of custom content and a quality product, I quickly achieved success on these new platforms. Ultimately, positioning myself as the number one seller in the market was key to maintaining and scaling the product in the long term.

Challenges and Solutions

While the journey has been rewarding, it has also presented its fair share of challenges. Burnout and feeling overwhelmed were personal obstacles I faced while managing multiple businesses simultaneously. However, I quickly realized the importance of regaining focus and motivation to continue scaling and growing my brand.

Decreasing profit margins, copycats, competition, and reaching a scaling cap were business-related challenges that demanded attention. To address decreasing profit margins, I am launching two new products - a physical product that pairs with the existing one and a digital product with high profit margins. These offerings will not only cater to my existing customer base but also attract new customers, maximizing revenue per visitor.

Combatting copycats and competition is a constant battle. To set myself apart, I have focused on creating an abundance of custom content that showcases the uniqueness of my brand. Additionally, continuously improving product quality has positioned me as a leader in the market, ensuring long-term success.

Reaching a cap on scalability prompted me to explore new avenues, such as TikTok ads. By cracking this platform, I aim to unlock new opportunities for growth and take my brand to new heights.


Sustaining and scaling a winning product over the course of a year has been a journey filled with challenges and triumphs. By adopting a strategic approach and constantly improving, I have been able to build the biggest brand in my industry. While setbacks are inevitable, it's essential to tackle them head-on and adapt swiftly to maintain growth. By focusing on building a team, optimizing profits, diversifying traffic sources, and continuously innovating, I have been able to surpass expectations and create a thriving business.

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