Discover the Power of Print on Demand

Discover the Power of Print on Demand

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Print on Demand: An Overview
  3. Accessing the Print on Demand Feature
  4. Customizing Products
    • 4.1. Browsing Different Categories
    • 4.2. Selecting a T-Shirt
    • 4.3. Adding Your Own Design
    • 4.4. Using Saved Templates
    • 4.5. Uploading Your Own Design
  5. Reviewing Product Information
    • 5.1. Reviewing the Front and Back Design
    • 5.2. Checking Variants, Colors, and Sizes
    • 5.3. Reviewing the Product Cost
    • 5.4. Setting the Retail Price
  6. Creating the Product
    • 6.1. Automatic Product Creation
    • 6.2. Product Visibility
  7. Managing Created Products
    • 7.1. Viewing the Product
    • 7.2. Shipping and Cost Details
    • 7.3. Reviewing Vine Divine
  8. Importing the Product
    • 8.1. Adding to Import List
    • 8.2. Reviewing Import List Details
  9. Selling the Product
    • 9.1. Importing to Store
    • 9.2. Receiving Orders
  10. Conclusion

Print on Demand: A Simplified Way to Customize Products

In this article, we will explore the world of print on demand and how it works. Print on demand is a revolutionary approach that allows you to create customized products easily. Whether it's apparel, accessories, or drinkware, print on demand offers endless possibilities for customization.


Before we dive into the details, let's understand what print on demand is all about. Print on demand refers to a business model where products are created only when an order is received. This means that you don't need to have inventory or worry about storage. The product is printed, packed, and shipped directly to the customer, saving you time and money.

Print on Demand: An Overview

Print on demand is a game-changer for entrepreneurs and online store owners. It eliminates the need for upfront investments in inventory and allows you to offer a wide range of customized products to your customers. With print on demand, you can create unique designs and print them on various items, including clothing, accessories, and more. This article will guide you through the process of utilizing the print on demand feature effectively.

Accessing the Print on Demand Feature

To access the print on demand feature, simply navigate to the product catalog under the print on demand section. Here, you will find the Pearl catalog, which showcases the wide variety of products available for customization. Click on the different categories to explore the options and choose the one that aligns with your desired product.

Customizing Products

Once you have selected a category, let's say men's clothing, you can further narrow down your choice by selecting a specific item like a t-shirt. The website offers different styles and colors of t-shirts to choose from. To customize the product, you can either add your own design or modify an existing one. There are multiple ways to personalize the product, including adding text, using saved templates, or uploading your own design.

Adding Your Own Design

Adding your own design is a popular choice among customers. You can simply upload your logo or artwork and adjust its position and size to create a unique design. The website provides an easy-to-use interface where you can resize, align, and center your design on the product. You can also add multiple elements or text to enhance your design. Once you are satisfied with the customization, you can move on to the next step.

Using Saved Templates

If you have previously created designs that you would like to reuse, the website allows you to save templates. These templates can be accessed and applied to your chosen product with just a few clicks. This feature saves time and effort, especially if you have a consistent branding or design style.

Uploading Your Own Design

For complete creative control, you can upload your own design. This is perfect for those who have specific artwork or logos they want to showcase on the product. Once uploaded, you can resize and position the design to your liking. This flexibility allows you to create truly unique and eye-catching products.

Reviewing Product Information

Before finalizing your customization, it's important to review the product information to ensure accuracy and satisfaction. This includes checking the design for the front and back of the product, reviewing the available colors and sizes, and confirming the product cost. Additionally, you have the freedom to set the retail price based on your desired profit margin.

Creating the Product

Once you are confident in your design and product information, you can proceed to create the product. With just a click of a button, the website will automatically generate the product in your Zen Drop account. It's important to note that the product you create through the print on demand feature is only visible to you. This ensures that your designs and products remain exclusive to your store.

Managing Created Products

After the product is created, you can easily access and manage it in your Zen Drop account. You can review the product, view its details, and check the shipping and cost information. It's essential to have a clear understanding of the product's availability, shipping duration, and associated costs.

Importing the Product

If you are satisfied with the created product, you can add it to your import list. This allows you to review the product information once again before importing it to your store. In the import list, you can modify the product name, description, variants, pricing, and profit margins. This step ensures that the product meets your requirements and aligns with your store's branding.

Selling the Product

Once the product is imported into your store, you can start selling it to your customers. The product will be displayed on your website with all the customization options you have chosen. When a customer places an order, Zen Drop handles the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping processes on your behalf. You can track the order's status and provide timely updates to your customers.


Print on demand is a valuable tool that empowers sellers to offer personalized products without the hassle of inventory management. By utilizing the print on demand feature offered by Zen Drop, you can create, customize, and sell unique products with ease. Take advantage of this innovative approach to expand your product offerings and captivate your customers with one-of-a-kind designs.


  • Print on Demand eliminates the need for inventory management.
  • Customize products easily with your own designs or saved templates.
  • Upload your own artwork or logo for complete creative control.
  • Review and modify product information before finalizing.
  • Create exclusive products visible only to you in your Zen Drop account.
  • Easily manage and track your created products.
  • Import products to your store and start selling immediately.
  • Zen Drop handles manufacturing, packaging, and shipping on your behalf.
  • Expand your product offerings and captivate customers with unique designs.
  • Enjoy a simplified and seamless print on demand experience.


Q: Can I upload multiple designs for the front and back of a product? A: Yes, you can upload different designs for the front and back of a product. Simply navigate to the appropriate section during the customization process.

Q: Can I set different prices for different variants of the same product? A: Yes, you have the flexibility to set different prices for various product variants. This allows you to cater to different customer preferences and maximize your profit margins.

Q: How long does it take for the product to be shipped to the customer? A: The shipping duration for the product varies depending on the location of the customer. Typically, it takes five to eight days for shipment within the USA. International shipping may take longer.

Q: Are there any volume discounts available for larger orders? A: Yes, Zen Drop offers volume discounts for larger orders. The pricing will automatically adjust based on the quantity of units ordered. You can check the specific discount rates in the help article provided.

Q: Can I modify the imported product's details after it has been added to my store? A: Yes, you can modify the product's details even after it has been imported to your store. Simply access the import list and make the necessary changes before publishing the product.

Q: How can I track the status of an order placed by a customer? A: Zen Drop provides a comprehensive order tracking system. You can easily monitor the status of each order in your Zen Drop account and provide updates to your customers accordingly.

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