Discover the Exciting UX Updates in GemPages Version 7

Discover the Exciting UX Updates in GemPages Version 7

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Vertical Alignment
  3. Smart Upgrade for Responsiveness
  4. Column Width Upgrade
  5. Theme Header and Footer Improvement
  6. Customizing Header and Footer
  7. Adding Sections from Library
  8. Third-Party Integration
  9. Search Element Settings
  10. Image Format Options
  11. Conclusion

Article: Key UX Improvements in GemPages Version 7

GemPages, one of the leading page builder apps, has recently launched its latest version, GemPages Version 7, with several exciting UX improvements. These enhancements aim to provide users with a seamless and enhanced building experience while also boosting conversion rates. Let's explore some of the key updates in GemPages Version 7.

1. Introduction

GemPages Version 7 introduces a range of new features that will take your building experience to the next level. In this article, we will discuss the most highlighted UX updates in GemPages Version 7 and how they can benefit your website.

2. Vertical Alignment

One of the standout improvements in GemPages Version 7 is the vertical alignment feature. This feature allows you to align content in sections, rows, and products for a better appearance and increased conversion rate. The vertical alignment feature is particularly useful for rows with more than two columns, providing greater flexibility in content arrangement.

3. Smart Upgrade for Responsiveness

GemPages Version 7 brings a smart upgrade for responsiveness, focusing on optimizing the display across different devices. The new version now supports three screen types: desktop, tablet, and mobile. This reduction in screen types allows for better resource management while creating responsive designs. Additionally, the upgraded row element settings enable more flexible arrangement of columns on different devices, enhancing the overall user experience.

4. Column Width Upgrade

Version 7 introduces a significant upgrade in column width with a new feature called fit content. This feature enables flexible display of multiple contents on the same row, depending on the width of the column within the rows. It also allows for better control of spacing between elements, especially for rows with more than two columns.

5. Theme Header and Footer Improvement

GemPages Version 7 brings notable improvements to the theme header and footer customization options. Users now have the flexibility to customize the display of the header and footer based on their customers' needs. This feature enables a more personalized and branded website experience.

6. Customizing Header and Footer

In Version 7, users have two ways to change header and footer settings. They can either make changes in the publish settings, specifically the header and footer section, or directly switch within the frame by hovering the mouse over the header or footer area and clicking the settings icon. Moreover, it is now possible to hide or show the header and footer components together or individually, providing greater control over the website's design.

7. Adding Sections from the Library

GemPages Version 7 allows users to add new sections from the library and position them anywhere on the page. Unlike in Version 6, where new sections were automatically rendered at the bottom of the page, this enhancement provides users with more flexibility and freedom in designing their web pages.

8. Third-Party Integration

The latest version of GemPages makes third-party integration easier than ever. Users can now drag and drop multiple third-party widgets directly from the left sidebar. In previous versions, users had to add elements in the library and individually turn separate apps on or off. This streamlined process saves time and effort in integrating various third-party tools and functionalities.

9. Search Element Settings

GemPages Version 7 introduces a convenient search feature for element settings that was not available in Version 6. Users can now easily search for specific settings within an element, making it faster and more efficient to customize and fine-tune their web pages.

10. Image Format Options

GemPages Version 7 now offers additional image format options, including the popular webp format. Webp is known for its high quality and low file size, which can significantly improve website loading speed and contribute to higher conversion rates. This addition enhances the overall visual appeal and performance of websites built with GemPages.

11. Conclusion

GemPages Version 7 incorporates a range of UX improvements to elevate your page-building experience. From vertical alignment to smart responsiveness and improved customization options, GemPages continues to evolve to meet the needs of its users. By leveraging the latest technologies, including AI, GemPages Version 7 provides an optimal solution for creating stunning and high-performing web pages. Experience the power of GemPages Version 7 today and take your website to new heights.


  • GemPages Version 7 introduces several UX improvements for a better page-building experience.
  • Vertical alignment allows for better content arrangement in sections, rows, and products.
  • The smart upgrade for responsiveness optimizes display across different devices.
  • Column width upgrade with the fit content feature provides flexibility and better spacing control.
  • Theme header and footer improvement enables customized display options.
  • Adding sections from the library offers greater freedom in page design.
  • Improved third-party integration simplifies the process of adding widgets from the left sidebar.
  • Search element settings feature allows for quick and convenient customization.
  • Additional image format options, such as webp, enhance website loading speed and performance.
  • GemPages Version 7 combines AI technology with user feedback to deliver an optimal page-building solution.


  1. How can I align content vertically in GemPages Version 7?

    • To align content vertically, use the vertical alignment feature available for rows with more than two columns.
  2. Can I customize the header and footer in GemPages Version 7?

    • Yes, GemPages Version 7 provides options to customize the display of the header and footer based on your needs.
  3. How can I add new sections to my page in GemPages Version 7?

    • You can add new sections from the library and position them anywhere on the page.
  4. Does GemPages Version 7 support third-party integration?

    • Yes, GemPages Version 7 offers easy drag and drop functionality for integrating multiple third-party widgets.
  5. What image format options are available in GemPages Version 7?

    • GemPages Version 7 provides additional image format options, including webp, known for its high quality and low file size.

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