The Ultimate Guide to American Tall Clothing: Pros, Cons & Review

The Ultimate Guide to American Tall Clothing: Pros, Cons & Review

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. About Americans Tall
  3. Clothing for Tall Men and Women
    • 3.1 Sizing Options
    • 3.2 Tall Sizes
    • 3.3 Extra Tall Sizes
  4. Review of American Tall Clothing
    • 4.1 Long Sleeve Shirt (Slub Henley Shirt)
    • 4.2 Blue Jeans (Straight Leg New Fade Jeans)
    • 4.3 Men's Knit Athletic Shorts
  5. Pros and Cons of American Tall Clothing
  6. Conclusion


Reviewing American Tall Clothing for the Tall and Husky: A Comprehensive Guide


Welcome back to another video! In this review, we will be taking a closer look at American Tall clothing - a company that specializes in providing clothing options for tall men and women. If you struggle to find clothes that fit your tall and husky frame, then this review is for you. I recently received a shipment from American Tall, and I'm excited to share my thoughts on their products. So, let's dive in and see if American Tall lives up to its reputation!

About American Tall

American Tall is a renowned clothing brand that focuses on catering to the needs of tall individuals. Whether you're a tall man or woman, they have a wide range of clothing options designed specifically for your height. Their men's sizes range from 6'3" to 7'1", while women's sizes go from 5'9" to 6'6". With a unique sizing system that includes "tall" and "extra tall" options, American Tall aims to provide a comfortable and stylish fit for all tall individuals.

Clothing for Tall Men and Women

3.1 Sizing Options

When it comes to sizing, American Tall offers a diverse range of options to cater to different heights and body types. Their sizing system includes both "tall" and "extra tall" sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for various proportions. For individuals between 6'3" and 6'7", the "tall" sizes are recommended. However, for those who stand at 6'8" and above, the "extra tall" sizes are ideal.

3.2 Tall Sizes

Let's start our review by taking a closer look at American Tall's long sleeve shirt, known as the Slub Henley Shirt. This shirt is perfect for those chilly days and has an impressive fit. The length of the shirt is excellent, providing ample coverage for tall individuals. The sleeves are also an appropriate length, even for someone with an above-average height like myself (6'10"). The quality of the material is exceptional, offering both durability and comfort. The Slub Henley Shirt is available for purchase at a price of $39, and considering its quality and fit, it's definitely worth the investment.

3.3 Extra Tall Sizes

Moving on to the bottom wear, American Tall's Straight Leg New Fade Jeans are an instant favorite. These jeans are incredibly comfortable, thanks to their stretchy material. They provide excellent mobility and are the go-to option for anyone in need of a reliable pair of jeans. With a waist size of 42 inches and an inseam of 38 inches, the fit is spot-on for tall and husky individuals. The length of the jeans is exceptional, going all the way down to the ground and maintaining a proportional look. Priced at $79, these jeans offer exceptional quality and longevity.

Pros and Cons of American Tall Clothing

As with any review, it is important to highlight both the pros and cons of the products. Here's a quick rundown of the positives and negatives of American Tall clothing:


  • High-quality construction and durable materials
  • Extensive size options, including "tall" and "extra tall"
  • Excellent fit for tall and husky individuals
  • Comfortable and stretchy fabrics
  • Stylish designs and color options


  • Limited options for women's clothing compared to men's
  • Some improvements needed for shirt lengths


In conclusion, American Tall lives up to its reputation as a go-to brand for tall and husky individuals. Their clothing offers exceptional quality, fit, and style. While there may be some room for improvement in specific areas, such as women's clothing options and shirt lengths, overall, the pros far outweigh the cons. If you struggle to find well-fitting clothes for your tall and husky frame, I highly recommend giving American Tall a try. With their commitment to providing comfortable and stylish clothing, you can't go wrong.

So why wait? Check out American Tall's website and start updating your wardrobe with clothes tailored to your height and build. Remember, finding the right fit is essential for confidence and comfort. Embrace your height and rock your style with American Tall!

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