Customize Your Shopify Website with Empire Theme

Customize Your Shopify Website with Empire Theme

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Customizing the Empire Theme
  3. Adding the Announcement Bar and Logo
  4. Customizing the Header Section
  5. Adding the Main Image Section
  6. Adding a Text Section
  7. Adding the Featured Product Section
  8. Adding the Collection List Section
  9. Adding the Newsletter Section
  10. Adding the Highlight Banner Section
  11. Customizing the Footer Section
  12. Conclusion


Welcome to Ecom Ranks! In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to customize the latest Empire theme for your Shopify website. We will show you examples of websites built using the Empire theme and walk you through the process of customizing each section step by step. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a beautifully customized website that showcases your products effectively.

Customizing the Empire Theme

Before we dive into the customization process, let's take a look at the various sections we will be working on:

  1. Adding the Announcement Bar and Logo
  2. Customizing the Header Section
  3. Adding the Main Image Section
  4. Adding a Text Section
  5. Adding the Featured Product Section
  6. Adding the Collection List Section
  7. Adding the Newsletter Section
  8. Adding the Highlight Banner Section
  9. Customizing the Footer Section

Now, let's begin customizing the Empire theme and make your website truly stand out!

Adding the Announcement Bar and Logo

The first section we will customize is the announcement bar and logo. The announcement bar is a great way to display important messages or promotions to your visitors. To add the announcement bar text, simply copy the desired text and paste it in the announcement bar settings. You can also customize the background color and text color to match your branding.

Next, let's focus on the logo section. You can upload your logo image in the logo settings and adjust the width to your preference. Additionally, you can enable or disable the display of the logo on mobile devices and choose whether to show the search bar on mobile.

Pros: The announcement bar grabs the attention of visitors and allows you to showcase important messages or promotions. The logo section helps establish your brand identity and enhances the overall visual appeal of your website.

Cons: None identified.

Customizing the Header Section

Now, let's move on to the header section customization. The header section includes the main navigation menu and the secondary menu (utility bar). In the header settings, you can adjust the width of the header section and customize its appearance for both desktop and mobile devices.

You also have the option to enable or disable the secondary menu. The secondary menu is ideal for adding links to important pages like privacy policies, about us, or contact us. However, if you already have a large menu, you can skip this option.

Furthermore, you can choose whether the header scrolls along with the page or remains fixed at the top. It's recommended to disable the scrolling option to provide a better user experience.

Pros: Customizing the header section allows you to create a well-structured and user-friendly navigation system. It enhances the overall navigation experience for your website visitors.

Cons: None identified.

Adding the Main Image Section

The main image section, also known as the slider image, is essential for showcasing your products or brand. However, using a slideshow with multiple images can decrease your website's speed. Therefore, it's recommended to use a single featured image instead.

To add the main image, select the "Image with Text Overlay" section and choose the desired image. You can adjust the opacity to enhance the image's visibility. Additionally, you can customize the button text or remove it if necessary.

Pros: The main image section visually engages visitors and allows you to showcase your featured products effectively. Using a single image instead of a slideshow helps improve website speed.

Cons: None identified.

Adding a Text Section

A text section is a great way to provide information about your brand or specific products. To add a text section, select the "Text" option and input the desired heading and description. You can customize the section's width to create a visually appealing layout. It's recommended to position the text section below the main image section for better visibility.

Pros: The text section allows you to communicate important information or product details to your visitors. It enhances the overall storytelling aspect of your website.

Cons: None identified.

Adding the Featured Product Section

The featured product section is crucial for highlighting your best-selling or new products. You can add multiple featured product sections to showcase a variety of products. To do so, copy the product title and add the featured product section. Paste the product title and select the corresponding product. Repeat this process to add all your desired featured products.

Pros: The featured product section helps you promote your top products and increase sales. It allows visitors to easily discover and explore the products you want to highlight.

Cons: None identified.

Adding the Collection List Section

The collection list section displays all your product collections in a visually appealing manner. To add the collection list section, select the "Collection List" option and input the collection list title. Then, click on "Collections" and select the collections you want to include. This section provides easy navigation for users to browse specific product categories.

Pros: The collection list section makes it convenient for visitors to explore various product categories on your website. It helps them find products of interest more efficiently.

Cons: None identified.

Adding the Newsletter Section

The newsletter section enables you to capture visitor's email addresses and engage them with your marketing campaigns. To add the newsletter section, choose the "Newsletter" option and customize the heading as desired. The newsletter section provides an opportunity to offer discounts or share the latest product updates with your subscribers.

Pros: The newsletter section helps you build a subscriber list and develop long-term relationships with your customers. It allows you to share exclusive promotions and valuable content directly with interested visitors.

Cons: None identified.

Adding the Highlight Banner Section

The highlight banner section, also known as the trust or guarantee banner, is an essential component to build customer trust. You can customize the icon color and text color to match your branding. Additionally, you can add text that highlights the benefits or guarantees associated with shopping on your website.

Pros: The highlight banner section instills trust and confidence in visitors, increasing the likelihood of conversion. It helps establish your brand's credibility and reassures customers about their purchase decision.

Cons: None identified.

Customizing the Footer Section

In the footer section, you can add various elements like the "About Us" description, menus, and social media links. The "About Us" section allows you to provide a brief overview of your brand or company. You can customize the menus according to your website's structure, and add social media links so visitors can connect with you on different platforms.

Pros: The footer section provides important information about your brand and improves website navigation. It also allows visitors to connect with you on social media platforms.

Cons: None identified.


By following this step-by-step customization guide for the Empire theme, you can create a visually appealing and user-friendly Shopify website that effectively showcases your products. Remember to use this tutorial as a starting point and tailor it to your specific branding and content needs. Enjoy customizing your website and witnessing it thrive!


  • Learn how to customize the Empire theme for your Shopify website
  • Add an announcement bar and logo to grab visitors' attention
  • Customize the header section for better navigation
  • Showcase your products effectively with the main image and text sections
  • Highlight your best-selling or new products using the featured product section
  • Make it easier for visitors to explore specific product categories with the collection list section
  • Capture visitor emails with the newsletter section and build a subscriber list
  • Enhance customer trust with the highlight banner section
  • Provide important information and easy navigation in the footer section
  • Tailor the customization according to your branding and content needs


Q: Can I customize the Empire theme even further to suit my specific needs? A: Yes, you can always customize the theme further by editing the code or using Shopify apps to add additional features and functionalities.

Q: How can I ensure a responsive design for my customized Empire theme? A: Shopify themes, including Empire, are designed to be responsive by default. However, when customizing, make sure to preview your changes on different devices to ensure a consistent and optimized user experience.

Q: Can I change the color scheme of the Empire theme? A: Yes, you can easily change the color scheme of the Empire theme by accessing the theme settings and selecting different colors for various elements.

Q: Can I add more sections to my homepage using the Empire theme? A: Yes, you can add additional sections to your homepage by using the available options in the Shopify theme editor or by modifying the theme code.

Q: How can I modify the fonts used in the Empire theme? A: The Empire theme allows you to customize the fonts used by accessing the theme settings and choosing different font options. You can also install additional fonts using Shopify apps or by editing the theme code.

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