Create custom orders with ease

Create custom orders with ease

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Draft Order?
  3. Creating a Draft Order
    • Duplicating an Existing Order
    • Creating a New Draft Order
  4. Adding Products to a Draft Order
    • Existing Products
    • Custom Items
  5. Adjusting Products and Reserving Items
  6. Adding Customers to a Draft Order
  7. Organizing Orders with Tags
  8. Applying Discounts to Draft Orders
  9. Adding Shipping to Draft Orders
  10. Including Taxes in Draft Orders
  11. Saving and Sending Draft Orders
  12. Conclusion

What is a Draft Order and How to Create One

Welcome to our guide on draft orders in Shopify! In this article, we will explain what a draft order is and walk you through the process of creating one from your Shopify admin.


Occasionally, you may receive a request from a customer to create an order for them manually. Draft orders in Shopify allow you to do exactly that. They function like saved carts for your customers, allowing you to add products, choose shipping options, apply taxes, and even set payment terms. Once the customer has paid, the draft order is converted into a regular order.

What is a Draft Order?

A draft order is a manually created order for a customer that can be sent as an invoice directly from your admin. It is a convenient way to accommodate specific requests or unique pricing situations. Duplicating an existing order or creating a new draft order are the two methods to create a draft order in Shopify.

Creating a Draft Order

Duplicating an Existing Order

To duplicate an existing order, start by accessing your Shopify admin and navigate to the "Orders" section. Choose the order you wish to duplicate, then click on the "More Actions" menu in the top right corner. From the dropdown menu, select "Duplicate". If you want to duplicate an existing draft order, go to "Orders" and click on "Drafts" instead of selecting a specific order. The duplicated order will contain the same product and customer information, but discounts and shipping rates will not be duplicated.

Creating a New Draft Order

To create a new draft order, access your Shopify admin and click on "Orders". In the top right corner, locate and click on "Create Order". A new draft order will open, and you can start adding products to it.

Adding Products to a Draft Order

To add products to your draft order, you can either choose existing products or create custom items.

Existing Products

You can use the search bar or the "browse" button to find existing products and add them to the draft order. It is important to check the inventory levels of the products to ensure availability. If a product has an inventory of 0, the draft order will create a negative inventory.

Custom Items

If you need to add custom items to the draft order, click on "Add Custom Item". Provide the name, price, and quantity of the custom item. Additionally, you can specify if the item is taxable and requires shipping. If shipping is required, enter the weight of the product to calculate accurate shipping rates.

Once you have made your selections, click "Done" to add the custom item to your draft order.

Adjusting Products and Reserving Items

On the draft order page, you have the ability to adjust the quantity of any products or remove them if needed. Additionally, you can reserve the items by clicking "Reserve Items". This action temporarily holds the items but does not affect their actual inventory levels in your Shopify admin.

Adding Customers to a Draft Order

To use location-based shipping rates for the order, you need to add an existing customer or create a new customer for the draft order. Use the search bar to find existing customers or click on the "Add Customer" button to create a new one. If you accidentally add the wrong customer, you can easily remove them and try again.

Organizing Orders with Tags

Tags are a useful way to organize your orders. You can add tags to your draft orders to categorize and filter them according to your preferences. You can either select from previously created tags or create new ones by typing the name of the tag in the text box and then selecting them.

Applying Discounts to Draft Orders

Draft orders allow you to apply discounts to individual products or the entire order. To add discounts to individual items, click on the price of the product beneath its title. You can offer discounts as an amount off or a percentage off the selling price. You can also provide a reason for the discount. To add a discount to the entire order, click on "Add discount" under the "Payment" section. This discount is applied in addition to any item-specific discounts that have already been added.

Adding Shipping to Draft Orders

If the order requires shipping, you can add it by clicking on "Add Shipping". You will have the options to choose from any location-based shipping rates your store offers, provide free shipping, or create a custom shipping rate. After selecting the appropriate option, click "Apply" to add shipping to the draft order.

Including Taxes in Draft Orders

Draft orders automatically calculate taxes based on your store's tax settings and the customer's shipping address. If a shipping address is not on file, taxes are based on the customer's billing address. If you do not want to charge taxes on the order, you can uncheck the tax option in the draft order settings.

Saving and Sending Draft Orders

Once you have finished creating the draft order, you can either save it for later or send it to the customer via email. To save the draft order, simply click on "Save". If you are ready to finalize the order, you can send it to the customer for payment collection by clicking the appropriate option.


In conclusion, draft orders in Shopify provide a convenient way to manually create orders for customers. They allow customization of products, shipping, taxes, and payments. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily create and manage draft orders to meet your customers' specific needs. Thank you for reading and happy selling!


  • Draft orders in Shopify allow you to manually create orders for customers.
  • You can duplicate existing orders or create new draft orders.
  • Products can be added from existing ones or custom items can be created.
  • Adjustments, reservations, and discounts can be applied to products in draft orders.
  • Customers can be added to draft orders, and orders can be organized using tags.
  • Draft orders can include shipping options and taxes as per store settings.
  • Draft orders can be saved for later or sent to customers for payment collection.

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